AI Designed 10 Futuristic Cruise Ships: See The Results

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A futuristic luxury cruise ship in alaska designed by Midjourney AI

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Every year dozens of new cruise ships are launched with new, innovative features.

With the fast-paced innovation in the cruise industry, it’s exciting to look to the future to see what’s coming next.

Are you curious to know what the future of cruise ships could look like?

We challenged artificial intelligence to design innovative cruise ships that could transform the cruise industry. The results are 10 futuristic cruise ship concepts. And the results are surprisingly good.

In this post, we’ll share with you the results of this exciting experiment and explore some designs that could shape the next generation of cruise ships.

10 Futuristic Cruise Ships Designed By AI

1. Bringing Greenery to the High Seas

A photorealistic futuristic cruise ship designed by Midjourney AIPin

A large cruise ship full of trees, flowers, and other plant life. Following the recent trend of bringing live plants to sea, this ship doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. The horn-shaped bridge is impractical but gives the ship a sleek and striking design, complementing the multiple viewing platforms, large panoramic windows, and curved exterior.

2. A Ship With Striking Similarities to Virgin Voyages

A futuristic cruise ship that looks similar to virgin voyages designed by Midjourney AIPin

This ship would fit right in with the Virgin Voyages fleet, thanks to the red neon lights and overhanging aft. The vessel has a sleek, metallic exterior and blue accents. The unique and dynamic design with multiple levels and viewing platforms gives the futuristic cruise ship an open-air feel. While we can’t see the vessel’s interior, we imagine a contemporary and luxurious design with spacious cabins, elegant public areas, and cutting-edge amenities.

3. An Impractical But Beautiful Vessel

A futuristic cruise ship with lots of deck space on the top deck designed by Midjourney AIPin

The open-air deck on the first floor might not be practical, but it provides guests with the best opportunity to get up close to the environment. The sleek design doesn’t seem that far fetch. The ship showcases plenty of balcony cabins and large panoramic windows, and there’s plenty of open-air space on the top deck.

4. The Future’s Not So Far Away

A futuristic cruise ship sailing at night designed by Midjourney AIPin

This is by far the most practical design on our list. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if we saw a cruiseline showcase a similar design in the near future.

5. The Future Of Luxury Sailing

A futuristic ultra luxury cruise ship at night designed by Midjourney AIPin

Small ship luxury has always been a place for innovation. The sleek design, gorgeous paint job, and neon lighting provide one of my favorite concepts on this list.

6. The Future Of Luxury Sailing

A multi tiered futuristic cruise ship docked in the Bahamas designed by Midjourney AIPin

Don’t expect to see this cruise ship on the high seas anytime soon. The ultra-futuristic design is awe-inspiring for sure, but it’s largely impractical. I can’t see this ship making it across a small lake, never mind sailing in the open ocean. Nevertheless, the rendering does provide us with one of the most inspirational designs we’ve ever seen. And who wouldn’t want to vacation on this mega-ship?

7. A Royal Cruise Ship

A large futuristic cruise ship at night with blue neon lights designed by Midjourney AIPin

Here’s a ship reminiscent of what we’ve come to expect from Royal Caribbean. The ship’s exterior isn’t crazy, but you just know that this cruise ship offers plenty of groundbreaking activities and entertainment. And the neon lighting at the waterline is a beautiful touch.

8. One With Nature

A futuristic cruise ship at night designed by Midjourney AIPin

This cruise ship embraces nature like no other. Each deck is lined with flora, and the low viewing platforms bring guests as close to the water as they can get.

9. The Best Cruise Ship to Visit Alaska

A futuristic large cruise ship in Alaska with large windows designed by Midjourney AIPin

This cruise ship looks as if it was purpose-built for Alaskan sailings. The large panoramic windows make for perfect viewing of the mountain landscapes as you sail through the inside passage. Unfortunately, the ship doesn’t provide much open air space, but that shouldn’t cause too much concern when sailing in colder climates.

10. A Luxury Exploration Ship

A futuristic luxury cruise ship in alaska designed by Midjourney AIPin

This luxury exploration ship brings guests further inland than larger vessels, providing guests with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The ultra-luxury cruise ship looks purpose-built for sailing remote destinations like Alaska, the Norwegian Fjords, or the Galapagos.

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