Best Month to Cruise to the Bahamas: Your Ultimate Guide

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Allure of the Seas in Nassau

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Not sure when is the best month to cruise to the Bahamas? With year-round sailings available, selecting the right month for your cruise can make all the difference.

When is the best time to cruise to the Bahamas?

April, May, November, and October are the best times to cruise to the Bahamas. This time of year provides the best mix of low prices, good weather, and minimal crowds, making it the best time to book your cruise vacation.

But the best time to go on a cruise depends on what you’re looking to experience. Whether you’re looking for good weather, low prices, or parties, we’ll help you find the best time to sail to the Bahamas.

Best Month to Cruise to the Bahamas

Junkanoo performers dressed in traditional costumes at a festival in December, the best month to cruise to the BahamasPin

Weather Considerations

The Bahamas have a warm climate all year, but the best time to sail is April, May, November, and October. During these months, the temperatures are mild, with less rainfall.

You can expect daytime temperatures around 75-85°F, perfect for enjoying the beautiful beaches and outdoor activities.

We often see bloggers recommending the months of January and February.

While there’s nothing wrong with cruising during winter, the Bahamas experience occasional cold fronts during January and February.

We’ve had several cruises in the winter months where we wished we brought a sweater.

Worse, we found the water a bit too chilly to take a swim. Talk about disappointing.

You might be surprised to hear that, but the Bamahas are located in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean. The short distance geographically creates a different climate, where the temperatures can drop into the 60s.

The months of November to April are the driest in the Bahamas. While you may find a few chilly days, you’ll also minimize the chance of rain ruining a shore excursion. 


As a general rule, prices are highest when school is in session.

Peak travel times like spring break, summer vacations, and holidays have the highest prices of the year. Cruising during the off-peak months allows you to take advantage of lower prices on cabins, excursions, and flights.

Booking your cruise during the off-season, or “shoulder season,” is a great way to save money. Look for cruises in late January, February, September, and October to stretch your vacation budget while enjoying stunning Bahamian weather and attractions.

March, April, June, July, August, November, and December have the highest prices.


Passengers enjoying a day at the beach at Beach Club at Bimini with the Scarlet Lady Cruise ship in the backgroundPin

The busiest times of the year also coincide with the higher priced time of the year.

Peak travel season in the Bahamas coincides with school holidays, so if you prefer fewer crowds, avoid cruising during spring break, summer vacations, and major holidays.

Crowds typically increase during winter as travelers look to escape the cold.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, the best time to visit the Bahamas is during the off-season. January, February, September, and October tend to have lower crowds and fewer kids.


Passengers on the Pool deck of Virgin Voyages Scarlet lady cruise ship in the BahamasPin

Bahamas cruises are known to be party cruises. A visit to the Bahamas is cheaper than a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise and is one of the best vacation choices for young adults.

If you’re looking for a party at sea, follow the college students.

The biggest parties are during spring break and fall break. That’s when students look to blow off steam and escape the pressures of school. You’ll find the biggest parties at sea if you don’t mind a ship full of spring breakers.

Summer is also a good month for party cruises if you want to avoid paying the high cruise fares during spring break.

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the cruise, the bigger the party. That’s because the large party demographic, college students and young adults, prefer shorter cruises which are cheaper.

Hurricane Season

Nassau, BahamasPin
Scenic view of the Nassau, Bahamas, the cruise port and Paradise Island

Hurricane season for the Bahamas and the Caribbean lasts from June to November.

Many travelers worry about potential storms, but it’s important to remember that the likelihood of encountering a significant storm during your cruise is relatively low.

Additionally, cruise lines do their best to avoid all storms for passenger safety and comfort. The captain, and cruise ship, aren’t going to put passengers in harm’s way.

If there’s a tropical storm or hurricane, the cruise ship will re-route to avoid the storm.

But it’s important to remember that these months are also the rainy season. You can still enjoy plenty of sun but be prepared for a little rain.

While the chances of encountering a hurricane during your cruise are low, you might want to avoid these months if you want more peace of mind during your vacation.

Festivals and Cultural Celebrations

Junkanoo performers dressed in traditional costumes at a festivaPin

Junkanoo is a popular Bahamian festival and street parade. The celebration takes on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year’s Day (January 1).

Prepare to be immersed in a world of music, dancing, and magnificent costumes, in an event showcasing the Bahamas’ rich cultural heritage. 

The festival draws huge crowds in large towns and cities. The cruise ports of Nassau and Freeport become particularly busy as vacationers and locals celebrate Junkanoo.

There’s also the Junkanoo Summer Festival if you can’t make the winter event.

The summer celebration offers an equally incredible experience every Saturday throughout July, providing plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere.

Bottom Line

Mainstream cruise lines provide year-round sailings to the Bahamas. The cruise destination has plenty to offer, and you can’t go wrong no matter what time of year you head to the Bahamas.

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