Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship? Cruise Line Smoking Policies

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Woman smoking a cigarette on a cruise ship leaning over the balcony

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Cruising is a popular vacation choice attracting a broad demographic of travelers.

But what if you want to smoke while on your cruise? Can you smoke on a cruise ship?

Most cruise lines allow passengers to smoke on a cruise ship, but only in designated areas. Since cruise ship smoking policies are always changing, checking with your cruise line before you sail is best.

Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship?

Yes. You can smoke on a cruise ship, but only in designated smoking areas. The permitted areas vary by cruise line but typically include:

  • The casino.
  • A cigar lounge (if there is one).
  • One or two bars.
  • Designated outdoor spaces.
Woman smoking a cigarette on a cruise ship leaning over the balcony

The designated outdoor smoking area is typically a small section on one of the ship’s upper decks. The location is different on every vessel, but you can find the policy on the cruise line’s website.

Most of the smoking areas are hidden away so as not to disturb non-smokers.

If you’re unsure where you can find the designated smoking areas, it’s best to check with guest services.

European cruise lines typically have looser restrictions regarding smoking on a cruise ship. But, even they are cutting back on the areas where smoking is permitted.

Cruise Line Smoking Policies

Smoking policies vary by cruise line and are constantly changing. Below you’ll find the cruise line smoking policies of some of the most popular cruise lines:

Azamara smoking policy

Azamara cruise ships have one designated smoking area on the portside forward section of the pool deck. The section is clearly marked to indicate that smoking is permitted.

The non-smoking policy extends to all other areas of the vessel and Azamara Cruisetours unless stated otherwise by the tour operator.

Read Azamara’s smoking policy.

Carnival Cruise Line’s smoking policy

Carnival Magic docked at a Caribbean port in crystal blue water
(Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line)

The designated smoking areas vary by ship but include:

  • Designated outdoor spaces.
  • A small casino section (when playing).
  • Room balconies.
  • Designated areas in select nightclubs.

Cigar and pipe smoking are restricted to the designated smoking areas on open decks.

Check out the Carnival Cruise Line smoking policy for a breakdown by ship.

Celebrity Cruises smoking policy

Celebrity Apex Docked at Port
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

According to Celebrity Cruises’ smoking policy, smoking is permitted in designated outdoor spaces.

The number and location of designated smoking areas vary by ship. You’ll often find the smoking areas on the outside promenade, sun deck, and a corner of the Sunset Bar or Mast Bar.

Unlike many cruise line smoking policies, Celebrity Cruises doesn’t allow smoking in the ship’s casino.

Celestyal Cruises smoking policy

Celestial Cruises only permits smoking in designated outdoor areas. The cruise line doesn’t allow indoor smoking.

Read Celestyal Cruises smoking policy.

Costa Cruises smoking policy

Costa Toscana sailing in open water
Photo Credit (Costa Cruises)

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas, private balconies, and the Cigar Lounge.

Smoking cigarettes is not allowed in cabins but is permitted on cabin balconies.

The use of electronic cigarettes is limited to indoor cabins and Cigar lounges.

Costa Cruises smoking policy

Cunard Line smoking policy

Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas. Cunard Line’s smoking policy prohibits indoor smoking, except at the Churchill’s Cigar Lounge, where cigar and pipe smoking is permitted.

Disney Cruise Line smoking policy

Disney Wish docked at Port Canaveral, Florida before Christening ceremony
(Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line)

Smoking on Disney Cruise ships is limited to outdoor designated smoking areas.

On Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, you’ll find the designated smoking areas on Deck 4 (starboard side from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am) and Deck 9 (forward, portside).

On Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, smoking areas include Deck 4 (port side, aft, from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am), Deck 21 (port side, aft), and Deck 13 (port side, forward, near Currents Bar).

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines smoking policy

Passengers can smoke on designated outdoor areas, open-air decks, and cruise ship balconies (excluding Terrace Balconies on Bolette and Borealis).

Fred. Olsen Cruise Line’s smoking policy also allows for vaporless e-cigarettes in staterooms.

Holland America Line smoking policy

Guests may smoke cigarettes in designated outdoor smoking areas and cabin verandahs. Some Holland America ships offer special smoking nights in the casino, but only while playing.

Holland America Line’s policy prohibits smoking in most indoor areas, including in staterooms.

MSC Cruises smoking policy

Smoking is not allowed in cabins, on cabin balconies, and in most indoor settings.

MSC Cruises designated outdoor smoking areas. Some ships offer a cigar and pipe smoking lounge.

Norwegian Cruise Line smoking policy

Norwegian Cruise Line Ship the Escape docked at Harvest Caye Belize

Guests are permitted to smoke in designated areas on open decks. Some of Norwegian’s larger cruise ships offer smoking sections in the casino.

While smoking is not allowed in cabins or balconies, guests booked in Garden Villas may smoke in their private garden and on the private sun decks.

Cigar and pipe smoking are permitted in designated cigar bars on select ships.

Read the Norwegian Cruise Line smoking policies.

Oceania Cruises smoking policy

Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas. Smoking areas include the forward starboard corner of the Pool Deck on Deck 9 and the aft port corner of Horizon’s Deck 10.

According to Oceania Cruises smoking policy, smoking is not permitted at any indoor venues, casinos, cabins, or balconies.

P&O Cruises smoking policy

Passengers can smoke regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes in designated open deck areas. The designated smoking areas vary by ship and may change throughout the cruise due to the cleaning schedule or weather.

See P&O Cruises smoking policy.

Princess Cruises smoking policy

Royal Princess ship in Grenada

Smoking is permitted in designated areas, including cigar lounges, sections of the nightclub, and designated outdoor areas.

Smoking in the casino is limited to designated slot machines, except on non-smoking nights.

Princess Cruises prohibits smoking in staterooms and balconies

Read Princess Cruises smoking policy.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises smoking policy

Guests may smoke at designated pool deck areas and in the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge.

Other designated smoking venues include a designated outdoor area of Horizon Lounge on Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Voyager, and Galileo’s on Seven Seas Navigator.

Pipe smoking is only permitted in the Connoisseur club Seven Seas VoyagerMariner, and Navigator. Cigar smoking is allowed in the designated areas on the pool deck and Connoisseur club.

Check out Regent Seven Seas’ smoking policy.

Royal Caribbean International smoking policy

Exterior photo of Wonder of the Seas
(Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean International)

Royal Caribbean permits smoking in designated outdoor smoking areas of the open decks. The smoking area is usually located on the starboard side, except on Oasis-class ships where it is on the port side.

Casino Royale permits smoking with a small non-smoking section (except on cruises departing China and Hong Kong, which remove the non-smoking area). The Casino Royale is designated non-smoking on voyages departing the UK and Australia.

Cigars and pipes are not allowed in the casing. But, cigar and pipe smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas and the cigar bars found on Freedom-class and Voyager-class ships.

Read Royal Caribbean’s policies.

Seabourn Cruise Line smoking policy

Fira, Greece – July 16 2019: The American luxury cruise ship Seabourn Odyssey anchored in the Aegean Sea just off Fira in Santorini

On Seabourn ships, smoking is permitted in a designated area of the Sky bar and open terrace aft of The Club on Deck 5.

Cigar and pipe smoking are limited to the open terrace aft of Seabourn Square on Deck 7.

Additionally, Seabourn’s policy permits electronic cigarettes in all suites.

Notably, Seabourn Cruises expedition ships Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit do not permit smoking.

SeaDream Yacht Club smoking policy

SeaDeam Yacht Club offers designated outdoor smoking areas for cigarettes, vapes, and cigars.

The cruise ship smoking policies do not permit any indoor smoking.

Silversea Cruises smoking policy

Sea trials of the Silver Dawn.
(Photo Credit: Silversea Cruises)

Guests are permitted to smoke outdoors at select tables outside the Panorama Lounge, the Pool Bar, and designated areas on the open deck.

The Connoisseurs Corner is the only venue on Silversea cruise ships that allows indoor smoking.

Read Silversea’s policy.

Viking Ocean Cruises smoking policy

Viking Ocean Cruises smoking policy limits smoking to just one area on the starboard side of Deck 8.

Virgin Voyages smoking policy

Virgin Voyages provides designated areas around the ship.

According to their policy, guests caught smoking outside of designated areas will face a $500 fee and may be disembarked at the next port of call. Guests caught smoking will not be entitled to a refund if they are disembarked for breaking the cruise line’s policies.

Cruise Ship Smoking FAQs

Can You Smoke in Mexico?

In 2023, Mexico introduced a new law banning smoking in public spaces, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana, and other tobacco products. Punishment for those caught smoking in public spaces includes steep fines and up to 36 hours of detainment.

It should be noted that the smoking ban is for public spaces only. You may be allowed to smoke on private resorts and private beaches.

Can I Smoke in my Cabin?

You cannot smoke in your cabin. No major cruise line allows smoking in the cabin as it is a fire hazard.

Can You Smoke on a Cruise Ship Balcony?

Only Costa Cruises and Fred Olsen Cruise Line allow you to smoke on your cruise ship balcony. On all other cruise lines, smoking is not permitted on stateroom balconies.

Can You Smoke in the Cruise Ship Casinos?

Many, but not all, cruise ships permit smoking in the casino (or at least a designated section of the casino.)

It’s important to note that many cruise lines are moving towards non-smoking casinos. Celebrity Cruises, Azamara, and Regent Seven Seas are among a growing list of cruise lines prohibiting smoking in the onboard casino.

Can You Smoke Cigars on a Cruise Ship?

Cigar smoking is even more restricted than cigarettes. On most cruise lines, you can only smoke cigars at a cigar bar (if your ship has one) or one designated outdoor area.

None of the cruise lines allow cigar smoking on balconies.

Are e-cigarettes Allowed on Cruise Ships?

For the most part, cruise lines treat e-cigarettes and vaping as regular cigarettes. Vaping and electronic cigarette smoking are only permitted where cigarette smoking is allowed.

The three exceptions are Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, and Seabourn Cruises, which allow passengers to vape and smoke e-cigarettes in the cabin, but not on cabin balconies.

It’s important to note that electronic cigarettes are illegal in some countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Inda, and many South American and Southeast Asian countries. Each country has different laws, and if electronic cigarettes are illegal, you should leave them on the ship. The punishment for possession of electronic cigarettes ranges from confiscation and fines to ten years in prison.

Can You Smoke Weed on a Cruise Ship?

Can You Bring Cigarettes on a Cruise?

Yes, you can bring regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (vapes) on a cruise ship.

Before packing cigarettes or lighters in your luggage or carry-on, we recommend following TSA packing rules.

Can You Bring Cigars on a Cruise?

Yes, you can bring cigars on cruise ships.

Can You Bring a Lighter on a Cruise Ship?

You are allowed to bring regular lighters on a cruise ship. Similarly, many cruise lines allow passengers to bring matches on board the vessel.
However, “torch lighters,” which emit powerful flames, are not allowed on cruise ships. Neither are novelty lighters in the shape of guns, knives, or other weapons.
Further, many cruise lines only allow one lighter per passenger or cabin.

What Happens if I am Caught Smoking on a Cruise?

If you are caught smoking in a non-smoking area, the crew member may ask you to move to one of the designated smoking areas and charge a fine to your onboard account(usually between $200 to $500).

Repeat offenders may be held in the cruise ship’s jail until crew members can disembark them from the vessel at the next port of call.

Fire is one of the biggest threats to the security and safety of the vessel, passengers, and crew. Therefore, cruise lines take smoking policies very seriously.

And no, you won’t get a refund if you’re disembarked for breaking the cruise line’s policy.

What Should You Do if You See Someone Smoking on a Cruise?

If you see someone smoking in a non-designated smoking area, you can ask them to move to a designated smoking area or tell a crew member.

No one likes a tattletale, but smoking poses a severe fire risk for everyone on board.

Some passengers might not realize that they are breaking the smoking policy, and they will be thankful that you warned them before a crew member. But, there’s also the chance that they are knowingly breaking the rule.

To avoid a confrontation, we recommend speaking with a crew member about the smoking passenger or phoning guest services.

Can You Buy Cigarettes on a Cruise Ship?

Yes, you can buy cigarettes on a cruise ship.

You can purchase cigarettes by the carton from the ship’s duty-free shop. However, if you plan to smoke, it’s best to bring your own cigarettes. Some cruise lines hold all duty-free purchases until disembarkation.

Additionally, you may have to pay customs fees on the purchases when returning to your home country.

Can You Buy Cigars on a Cruise Ship?

Yes, you can purchase cigars on a cruise ship.

You can purchase cigars from the duty-free shop on the vessel.

It’s important to note that you may have to pay customs fees on the purchases when returning to your home country.

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