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The Carnival Faster to the Fun (FTTF) package provides you and your cabinmates with priority access, including priority reservations, check-in, luggage delivery, and first access to your stateroom.

If you’re wondering if FTTF is for you, read below for everything you need to know.

What is Carnival Faster to the Fun?

When you purchase Faster to the Fun, you and your cabinmates become eligible for priority status throughout the cruise.

On most cruise lines, priority status is reserved for their most loyal guests. However, Carnival Cruise Line’s FTTF program allows you to receive priority status without spending thousands of dollars and years of cruising, accumulating VIFP club points.

Your boarding pass and luggage tags will be marked to show crew members your FTTF status when you have the package.

What Does Faster to the Fun Include

Carnival Valor and Carnival Conquest docked at port
Photo by Stephanie Klepacki on Unsplash

When you purchase FTTF, you and your cabinmates receive:

  • Priority Security, Check-in and Boarding
  • First Access to Your Stateroom
  • Priority Luggage Delivered to Your Cabin
  • Dedicated Guest Services Support
  • Priority Dining Reservations
  • Priority Tendering at Ports
  • Selection of Debarkation Time

Priority Security Screening, Check-In, and Boarding

Carnival Cruise Ship Docked at PortMiami Terminal D
(Photo Credit: PortMiami)

When you wake up on the day of your cruise, you might be excited to board the ship and hit the ground running. Unfortunately, it is very common to arrive at the port only to be greeted by long lines of passengers waiting for their chance to embark.

Waiting in line to board the cruise ship isn’t how anyone envisions their vacation. And it definitely puts a damper on the pre-cruise excitement.

So, having priority boarding means you get to skip to the front of the line and explore the ship before anyone else, right? Almost.

Faster to the Fun passengers have a dedicated check-in lane and security set aside for all Priority guests. FTTF guests board after VIFP Diamond, Platinum, and guests who book deluxe suite accommodations on embarkation day.

While you may not be at the front of the line, the priority embarkation will get you on the ship faster than the regular check-in lines.

First Access to Your Stateroom

Carnival’s Mardi Gras’ Excel Presidential Suite (Render Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

When you first arrive on the ship, you may not have access to your room for several hours.

A few thousand cabins onboard the cruise ship can mean a long wait before the stateroom attendants get your room ready.

If you can’t already tell, we LOVE this perk.

When you purchase the FTTF package, your room will be ready for you as soon as you board the cruise ship.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can visit the buffet or hang out by the pool. But you’ll be stuck carrying all your belongings around the ship.

Of course, you can avoid the wait by checking in at a later time. But this perk allows us to drop off your bags and explore the ship from the minute you step on deck.

Priority Luggage Delivered to Your Cabin

By now, you know that regular passengers have to wait to access their rooms. But, it can take several hours longer to receive your luggage.

While we recommend packing a carry-on with essentials, you may be left without your luggage until well into the evening. And you won’t have access to all those items that are packed away.

Faster to the Fun guests are the first in line for luggage delivery with this perk. While you may still have to wait a few hours to receive them, you can rest assured that your checked bags will be one of the first to be delivered.

Dedicated Phone Extension and Line at Guest Services Desk

You’ll no doubt have to visit Guest Services at least once during your cruise.

Whether you want to book dinner reservations, need directions, clarification on billing, or anything else cruise-related, Guest Services is there to help.

You can expect to find long lines at Guest Services as thousands of passengers look to get their issues resolved. Having a dedicated line helps you quickly get the answers you need without wasting your vacation waiting in line.

In addition to the special line at the desk, you’ll also receive a dedicated phone line.

It’s important to note that you will share this benefit with VIFP Diamond and Platinum guests.

TIP: If you want to avoid long lines without purchasing FTTF, visit Guest Services in the early morning or late at night when lines are shorter – or non-existent.

Priority Dining Reservations

If you have a preferred dinner time, you might be disappointed when you receive your assigned dining time in the main dining room.

With the Faster to the Fun package, you get priority dining reservations for the main dining room and specialty restaurants.

VIFP Diamond guests and passengers traveling in a suite stateroom have priority when it comes to dining reservations.

But that shouldn’t matter.

In our experience, we’ve always received our preferred dining times with FTTF.

TIP: If you’re not one for set dinner times, you can select “Your Time Dining.” This way you can dine on your time, though you may need to wait for a table to become available.

Priority Tendering at Ports

Priority tendering is a great perk if your ship has a stop in a tender port.

Most of the time, your ship will dock at a physical dock where you can simply walk off the ship. But, there are some ports where it is impossible due to the shallow water.

At these “tender ports,” the ship will anchor offshore and ferry passengers by water shuttle.

As you can imagine, tendering thousands of passengers two and from the port can result in line ups. Having priority tendering is a significant benefit if your itinerary contains one or more tender ports.

When you purchase the Faster to the Fun package, simply visit the Guest Services Desk when you are ready to visit the port.

Here is a complete list of tender ports where you can use this perk.

Choice of Debarkation Time

Cruising is funny. We can’t wait to board the ship, and by the end of the cruise… we can’t wait to get off the boat and return home.

For this reason, the process of debarkation is a long one as thousands of passengers try to leave the ship simultaneously.

Purchasing Faster to the Fun allows you to choose your preferred debarkation time. If you decide to debark early, you might find some lines, but FTTF definitely helps you get off the boat quicker.

If you have an early flight and don’t want to purchase FTTF, you can visit Guest Services. They will assign you one of the earlier Zone numbers to help you debark earlier in the morning.

Carnival Cruise FTTF Important Notes

Carnival Radience Sailing in Open Ocean
(Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Line)

Before purchasing FTTF, there are a few things you should know.

Here are some important considerations before you decide to purchase Carnival Cruise Line’s Faster to the Fun:

  • The FTTF price is per stateroom. One ticket per stateroom covers all occupants of the stateroom. In other words, only one guest needs to purchase FTTF, and all occupants receive the benefits. 
  • For guests sailing on multiple cruises back to back, you must purchase FTTF for each voyage to receive the benefits on every sailing.
  • Guests can only purchase FTTF before the cruise.
  • There is a limit to the number of FTTF packages sold on each sailing. The number of people who may purchase the FTTF package varies based on the number of VIFP Diamond and Platinum members booked on the sailing and the passenger capacity of the cruise ship.
  • Guests who completed their Online Check-in before purchasing the FTTF package will need to re-print their boarding pass and luggage tags, so the FTTF stamp reflects on the documents.
  • All guests, including FTTF guests, must select an Arrival Appointment during online check-in. 
  • VIFP Diamond and Platinum members and guests traveling in suite accommodations are the only guests to have access to the Captain’s Lounge at embarkation.   
  • During embarkation, VIFP Club Diamond guests will board first, followed by VIFP Club Platinum guests, guests traveling in suites, and then Faster to the Fun guests.

Visit here to get all the information on Carnival’s Faster to the Fun.

Faster to the Fun Price

Faster to the Fun’s pricing varies based on the length of the sailing and the cruise ship. Unfortunately, the pricing model is a bit confusing as it’s split into fourteen different categories.

The below prices are accurate as of April 2022:

Price Per StateroomCruises
$39.95Two-day and three-day cruises, excluding Carnival Liberty
$49.95Four-day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration, or Carnival Sensation
$59.95Three-day cruises on Carnival Liberty
$59.95Five-day cruises on Carnival Sensation
$59.95Four-day cruises on Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Fantasy, or Carnival Conquest
$69.95Four-day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Valor, or Carnival Vista
$79.95Five-day cruises, excluding Carnival Sensation
$89.95Six-day cruises, excluding Carnival Horizon, or Carnival Panorama
$89.95Seven-day cruises, excluding Carnival Horizon or Carnival Panorama
$99.95Eight-day or longer cruises, excluding Carnival Journeys or Carnival Horizon
$109.95Six-day cruises on Carnival Horizon or Carnival Panorama
$109.95Seven-day cruises on Carnival Horizon or Carnival Panorama
$119.95Eight-day cruises on Carnival Horizon

Who shouldn’t purchase FTTF?

View of the Panama Canal from the top deck of Carnival Elation with view of waterslides

It’s no question that FTTF guests receive incredible benefits that make cruising fun and straightforward. But, despite all the benefits, some cruisers don’t need to purchase it!

Some guests receive most of the FTTF perks without needing to purchase the pass. Here’s a list of passengers who already receive many of the benefits without paying for the package;

Guests booked in a full suite: Suite guests already receive all the Faster to the Fun perks, except for priority room access on embarkation day. If you’ve booked your stay in a full suite, the FTTF package may not be worth the cost unless you really want early access to your cabin.

Guests Traveling With a Platinum or Diamond Member: Diamond and Platinum guests of Carnival’s VIFP Club already receive many of the benefits that FTTF offers. Additionally, the priority boarding benefits extend to everyone booked in the same cabin. So, if you’re staying in the same stateroom as a Platinum or Diamond member, you’ll be able to board with them at no extra cost.

Guests With Disabilities: Carnival unofficially gives priority access to guests with disabilities. To ensure you receive the proper accommodations, you should call or email Guest Services to discuss what accommodations the cruise line can offer. You may not get all of the FTTF benefits, but you will usually receive priority boarding, disembarkation, and port tendering.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Carnival Cruise Line Conquest docked at port Willemstad on sunset.

Carnival passengers love the Faster to the Fun package.

The wide range of benefits is hard to pass up. With the package, you receive priority status without waiting years to accumulate enough VIFP points.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of FTTF is the priority check-in, early room access, and priority delivery of luggage. These three benefits allow you to start your cruise as soon as possible without spending your first day waiting in line.

Faster to the Fun is definitely worth the price if you are like me and can’t stand waiting in line. By reducing the amount of time spent waiting in lines, you’ll save several hours of your vacation.

But, if you have Platinum or Diamond VIFP status, or don’t mind a little waiting, then FTTF isn’t worth it for you.


Does Everyone in your Group Need to Buy Faster to the Fun?

Faster to the Fun is sold on a per stateroom basis. In other words, if one person decides to purchase FTTF, everyone in the cabin will receive the benefits.

If your group stays in more than one stateroom, one person from each cabin will need to purchase FTTF to receive the benefits.

How to Purchase Faster to the Fun?

You can purchase Carnival’s Faster to the Fun from Carnival’s Cruise Manager.
To purchase from the Cruise Manager, sign in and navigate to the Shore Excursions page for your booked cruise.
If passes are available, you’ll be able to buy an FTTF pass from the list. After purchasing FTTF, everyone in your cabin will automatically receive the package

What Do You Get With Faster to the Fun?

When you get faster to the Fun, you and everyone in your stateroom get a priority check-in and boarding pass, first access to your stateroom, priority luggage delivery, a dedicated guest services line, priority dining reservations, priority water shuttle, and your choice of debarkation time.

Is Faster to the Fun Per Person?

Faster to the Fun is per stateroom, not per person.
One FTTF ticket covers all of the occupants in a stateroom. So, only one person must purchase FTTF for everyone in that cabin to receive the benefits.

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  1. I reached out to Carnival about FTTF via FB messenger on 24-AUG-2022 and quickly got this response: “It is still paused until further notice”.

  2. I am happy to read your article that was put out last week. Sadly, I have a cruise for August and do not see FTTF available. I was told was discontinued due to COVID restrictions, but guess my cruise didn’t reinstate. I will keep checking or may call (though calling has a horrible hold time).

    • From my understanding, it was removed temporarily and should be reinstated sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, it may not be reinstated until closer to the end of the year.


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