Celebrity Cruises Ships by Size, Age, and Class

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Celebrity Apex sailing during dusk

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Celebrity Cruises has a fleet of 16 cruise ships that offer passengers large-vessel luxury vacations.

Celebrity’s fleet has one of the biggest ranges in ship sizes. Their largest ships have accommodations for over 3,000 passengers, while their smallest has a guest capacity of only 16.

In this article, we’ll compare Celebrity Cruises ships by size, age, and class to help you decide which one is right for your next cruise vacation.

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Size: Biggest to Smallest

Celebrity Apex sailing during duskPin
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

When comparing cruise ships, size is the most popular choice. Cruise ships are typically measured using gross tonnage(GT), a measure of a vessel’s internal volume.

Although size isn’t everything, it is a quick way to assess the number of facilities, restaurants, activities, and entertainment options available on a ship.

Below is a comparison of Celebrity Cruises’ ships by size, arranged from largest to smallest:

ShipClassGross TonnageLengthPassengers (Double Occupancy)Crew Members
Celebrity AscentEdge140,600 GT306 ft3,2761,400
Celebrity BeyondEdge140,600 GT306 ft3,2761,400
Celebrity ApexEdge129,500 GT306 ft2,9181,320
Celebrity EdgeEdge129,500 GT306 ft2,9181,377
Celebrity ReflectionSolstice125,366 GT319 ft3,0461,000
Celebrity SilhouetteSolstice122,210 GT315 ft2,9021,000
Celebrity EclipseSolstice121,878 GT317 ft2,8501,000
Celebrity EquinoxSolstice121,878 GT317 ft2,8501,000
Celebrity SolsticeSolstice121,878 GT317 ft2,8501,000
Celebrity MillenniumMillennium90,963 GT294 ft2,158997
Celebrity ConstellationMillennium90,940 GT294 ft2,130997
Celebrity InfinityMillennium90,940 GT294 ft2,170997
Celebrity SummitMillennium90,940 GT294 ft2,158997
Celebrity FloraGalapagos Islands expedition ship5,739 GT101 ft12050
Celebrity XpeditionGalapagos Islands expedition ship2,842 GT88 ft9848
Celebrity XplorationGalapagos Islands expedition ship320 GT30 ft1910

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Age: Newest to Oldest

(Photo Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises)

If you want to experience the latest and greatest cruise ships, you might want to sail on a newer vessel.

Newer cruise ships often have better amenities, updated decor, and more activities.

Below is a comparison of Celebrity Cruises’ ships by age, from newest to oldest:

Celebrity AscentEdge2023Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, France)
Celebrity BeyondEdge2022Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, France)
Celebrity ApexEdge2021Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Celebrity FloraGalapagos Islands expedition ship2019Shipyard De Hoop BV (Lobith, Holland)
Celebrity EdgeEdge2018Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Celebrity ReflectionSolstice2012Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Celebrity SilhouetteSolstice2011Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Celebrity EclipseSolstice2010Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Celebrity EquinoxSolstice2009Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Celebrity SolsticeSolstice2008Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Celebrity XplorationGalapagos Islands expedition ship2007Botto Astilleros y Marina (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
Celebrity ConstellationMillennium2002Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Celebrity InfinityMillennium2001Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Celebrity SummitMillennium2001Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)
Celebrity XpeditionGalapagos Islands expedition ship2001Cassens Schiffswerft (Emden, Germany)
Celebrity MillenniumMillennium2000Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Saint-Nazaire, STX France)

Celebrity Cruises Ships by Class

Celebrity Century cruise ship tendered next to the shore of Grand Cayman, Grand Cayman IslandsPin

Celebrity Cruises currently offers four classes of cruise ships.

Each class features similar designs, features, and amenities, with slight differences between sister ships.

The largest is Celebrity’s Edge-class ships. Edge-class vessels feature a unique style with their Parabolic Ultra-Bow, which offers up to 20% greater energy efficiency.

Here are Celebrity Cruises ships by class:

EdgeCelebrity Beyond
Celebrity Edge
Celebrity Apex
SolsticeCelebrity Solstice
Celebrity Equinox
Celebrity Eclipse
Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Reflection
MilleniumCelebrity Millennium
Celebrity Infinity
Celebrity Summit
Celebrity Constellation
XpeditionCelebrity Xpedition
Celebrity Xploration
Celebrity Flora

Celebrity Cruises Ships on Order

Celebrity Eclipse embarking on a summer cruise from Southampton, UKPin

Celebrity Cruises currently has two Edge-class ships on order (Celebrity Ascent and another unnamed vessel).

Celebrity Ascent is the fourth Edge-class vessel set to debut on December 3, 2023. The new cruise ship will make round-trip sailings from Port Everglades, Florida, and feature the Edge-class’ signature Parabolic Ultra-Bow.

“We’re so excited to debut the spectacular Celebrity Ascent in the serene setting of the Caribbean where she and all of her guests will have their moment in the sun,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO and President of Celebrity Cruises.

A fifth unnamed Edge-class ship is scheduled to debut in 2025.


What is the Biggest Celebrity Ship?

Celebrity Cruises’ largest ship is Celebrity Beyond. The 140,600 GT vessel has a length of 1,004 ft, with accommodations for 3,260 guests.

What is the Smallest Celebrity Ship?

Celebrity Xploration is the smallest cruise ship in the Celebrity Cruises fleet at 320 GT and has a passenger capacity of 16. The vessel is part of Celebrity’s Xpedition class which offers yacht-style sailings to the Galapagos.

What is the Newest Celebrity Cruise Ship

Celebrity Beyond is the newest Celebrity cruise ship. The Edge-class vessel joined the fleet in April 2022.

What is the Oldest Celebrity Cruise Ship?

Celebrity Millenium is the oldest cruise ship in Celebrity’s fleet. The cruise ship was built in 2000.

What Was the First Celebrity Cruise Ship?

Celebrity’s first cruise ship was the S.S. Meridian, which launched in 1990.

How Many Cruise Ships Does Celebrity Cruises Have?

Celebrity Cruises currently has 16 cruise ships in operation. Their fleet includes 13 large-sized cruise ships and three smaller yacht-sized vessels.

Why are Celebrity Xpedition Class Ships so Small?

Distinguished guests arriving to the Celebrity Flora Naming Ceremony on board one of the ship's custom-designed Novuranian Yacht TendersPin

Celebrity’s Xpedition ships (Celebrity Xploration, Celebrity Xpedition, and Celebrity Flora) accommodate 16, 48, and 100 guests, respectively. The Xpedition-class ships offer luxury yacht-style voyages to the Galapagos, off the coast of Ecuador. These ships are tiny because the ports they visit can only accommodate small ships.

Who Owns Celebrity Cruises?

Royal Caribbean Group owns Celebrity Cruises. The parent company also operates sister cruise lines Royal Caribbean International and Silversea Cruises.

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