Cozumel Nude Beaches and Bars

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Sun hat and bikini top laying on a beach in Cozumel

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You might be disappointed to learn that going topless in Mexico is illegal. And there aren’t any legal nude beaches in Cozumel.

Luckily, police generally turn a blind eye toward topless sunbathers. And there are a few spots where you can go topless or nude without anyone noticing.

Personally, I’ve never sunbathed topless on a cruise. But I have plenty of friends who have.

Here’s what you need to know about Cozumel’s nude beaches and bars.

Is Topless Sunbathing Legal in Mexico?

Sun hat and bikini top laying on a beach in CozumelPin

Topless sunbathing is technically illegal in Mexico. However, police rarely enforce the law. And you’ll find people going topless at the beach.

If you decide to go topless at the beach, you’ll probably be fine. But remember that you are technically breaking the law and can face consequences.

Playa Zipolite is the first legal nude beach in Mexico. But it’s located on the Pacific Coast, and you won’t visit the naked beach on a Caribbean cruise.

Can You Sunbathe Topless in Cozumel?

A beautiful woman sunbathing topless in Cozumel with the ocean in the backgroundPin

While going topless or nude is technically illegal, there are some secluded beaches and bars where you can get away with it.

Tanning topless is frowned upon in most places on the island. Your best bet is to visit the island’s east side, where the beaches are more secluded and you’re less likely to be seen.

A couple of bars along the beach encourage people to take their clothes off. They are going as far as offering free tequila shots to topless women.

It’s worth noting again that topless sunbathing is illegal in Mexico. And there aren’t any legal topless beaches on the island.

While unlikely to face any consequences, you should be aware of the risks.

Cozumel Nude Beaches

Playa Mezcalitos

Playa Mezcalitos famouse naked beach sign on Cozumel Island with the ocean in the backgroundPin

You’ve probably seen Cozumel’s famous “nude beach” sign.

You can find the sign at Playa Mezcalitos, located on the island’s east side. It’s a short cab ride from the cruise terminal and a popular beach for cruise tourists.

Although it’s more of a novelty sign than official, you’ll often find a couple of people sunbathing topless.

Mezcalitos attracts a good number of visitors, including families. The novelty sign makes for a great photo, but it’s not a beach. I would recommend going topless.

Playa Palancar

Cozumel island Playa Palancar beach is a popular spot for sunbathing toplessPin

Palancar is a secluded beach on the southwest side of the island. It’s around 15 minutes from the cruise terminal.

Although not a nude beach per se, it is very secluded and a popular spot for nude sunbathing.

Without any nearby bars and restaurants, not many tourists visit the beach. You can usually sunbathe nude without any interruption.

Coconuts Bar and Grill

Coconuts Bar and Grill is on the east side of Cozumel. The bar has relaxed rules, with bras and thongs hanging from the ceiling and adult-themed signs decorating the walls.

It’s about a 12-minute cab ride from the cruise terminal. But the carefree attitude might not be for everyone.

Visitors can get a free tequila shot in exchange for taking a topless photo. And yes, the image goes into an album that’s passed around for guests to see.

The bar staff love to show off the album filled with photos of previous bar patrons.

Not many people go topless at Coconuts. But, you can take your top off on the beach.

Freedom in Paradise

Freedom in Paradise is another beachfront bar along the southeast coast of Cozumel island. It’s about a 15-minute cab ride from Cozumel cruise port and down the road from Rastas.

Like at Coconuts, you’ll get a free tequila shot if you take your top off. And the staff keeps an album with photos of previous clothing-optional guests.

Final Thoughts

It’s technically illegal to sunbathe topless in Mexico.

But if you really must bare all, the police rarely enforce the law. A good option for nude sunbathing is to visit one of the secluded bars or restaurants on the east coast of Cozumel.

Although Playa Mezcalitos is famous for its “nude beach” sign, it’s not an official or legal nude beach. Since it’s a popular beach for families, it’s best to avoid going topless at Mezcalitos.

There are a couple of bars that encourage women to go topless.

Both bars provide a free tequila shot to topless women as long as you don’t mind having your photo taken.

Check out clothing-optional cruises like Bare Necessities if you want to go topless on your cruise without breaking the law.

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