Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises Overview

Princess Cruises first became a household name when its ships were featured in the 1977 hit TV series “The Love Boat.” In the decades since, the cruise line has made a name for itself with technology focused cruise ships, great specialty dining restaurants, and outstanding customer service.

Princess Cruises have around one crew member per two or three passengers, one of the lowest ratios among cruise lines. This means you can always count on professional and personalized service when you sail with Princess.

The cruise line offers sailings around the globe including popular destinations such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Their fleet contains a range of medium and large sized cruise ships, with a ship for every type of traveler. Their cruise ships are equipped with the award-winning Ocean Medallion technology – a wearable device and accompanying app that create personalized experiences and faster service. Passengers can easily order drinks, book shore excursions, make specialty dining reservations, and stay connected with fellow travelers.

Pros of a Princess Cruises

  • Ocean Medallion technology provides a more personalized, smoother, and high tech experience on board the ship. The technology allows passengers to stay connected, order food from anywhere on the ship, and provides quicker embarkation and disembarkation.
  • Flexible dining times and a wide range of culinary choices. Quick Tip: Alfredo’s offers some of the best pizza, not just at sea, but anywhere we’ve tried.
  • The Enclave thermal suite is one of the best spots on the ship to relax away from the hustle and bustle around the ship. The Tropical Rain aromatherapy shower and heated tile lounger are well worth the price.

Cons of Princess Cruises

  • It’s common to find crowds on some of their larger cruise ships – especially on sea days
  • The menu items at the complimentary buffet are hit or miss.

Who It’s For

Princess Cruises is for older travelers, couples, and laid back travelers who prefer quieter ships without the bells and whistles.

Who It’s Not For

Princess Cruises is not for families, young couples, or adventurous passengers who prefer ships with plenty of activities.

Before You Cruise With Princess Cruises