Carnival Magic Cruise Ship Hits PierDuring Strong Winds

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Damage on the starboard side of Carnival Magic after collission with a pier
  • During strong winds, Carnival Magic collided with a pier in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, causing significant damage to the pier structure and the cruise ship.
  • Captain La Farina informed passengers about the incident and moved the ship out to sea for safety, leaving some guests ashore. Efforts are underway to return these passengers to the ship.
  • A full investigation is underway, and the ship and pier will be inspected. Carnival Magic is expected to continue its itinerary, pending weather adjustments.

The cruise ship Carnival Magic collided with a pier in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on the morning of February 6, 2024. The incident occurred during strong winds.

The collision significantly damaged the pier structure and forced the captain to move the ship to open waters for safety. Some cruise ship passengers were onshore when the collision occurred and were left stranded.

Carnival Magic Hits Pier During Strong Winds

Carnival Magic hit a pier in Ocho Rios, Jamacia, as a result of strong winds. The cruise ship visited Ocho Rios cruise port as a change in its original itinerary prompted by a severe weather system moving across the region.

Videos and reports circulating online highlighted the extent of the damage, showcasing the structural shift and extensive concrete breakage at the docking site.

While the pier suffered noticeable damage, the impact on the Carnival Magic itself has yet to be fully assessed. Photos taken by passengers show some damage to the side of the vessel. However, the cruise ship remains seaworthy.

No injuries have been reported among passengers or crew members​​​​.

Following the collision, the ship’s master, Captain La Farina, informed the passengers about the incident and the decision to move the vessel out to sea for safety reasons. This necessary action unfortunately resulted in some guests, who were ashore enjoying Ocho Rios, being temporarily left behind.

The captain assured that efforts were being coordinated with local partners and the Fleet Operations Center to safely return these guests to the ship as soon as possible​​​​.

The 130,000-gross-ton, Dream-class Carnival Magic was scheduled to continue its journey with upcoming stops in Grand Cayman, a day at sea, and a visit to Bimini, pending further weather-related adjustments or necessary changes due to the incident.

A full investigation into the collision has been initiated, and both the ship and the damaged pier will undergo thorough inspections to assess their structural soundness and operational capability​​​​.

The incident has raised concerns about the ability to accommodate future ships scheduled to visit Ocho Rios during the busy cruise season. With ships from various cruise lines expected throughout February, the ability to safely dock vessels could be challenged if the pier damage is extensive and repairs are not swiftly completed​​.

Carnival Cruise Line has yet to release a formal statement regarding the long-term impact of the incident on Carnival Magic’s operations and the Ocho Rios pier’s repair timeline. However, the safety of passengers and crew remains the top priority as they work to manage the aftermath of this unfortunate event.

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