Harmony of the Seas’ Heroic Rescue of Six Fishermen and Dog

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Harmony of the Seas docked at Labadee Haiti
  • Harmony of the Seas rescued six fishermen and their dog after engine failure left them stranded.
  • The rescue occurred near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula during a Western Caribbean cruise.
  • The incident highlights the critical role of emergency protocols and equipment at sea.

Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas successfully rescued six fishermen and their dog, Canelo, on January 16, 2024. The fishermen’s small vessel, Aris, experienced an engine failure and lost communication on January 14 near Cape Catoche, Mexico. Despite local search efforts, the boat remained missing for nearly two days.

Harmony of the Seas was sailing on a 7-night Western Caribbean sailing when crew members spotted Aris and dispatched a rescue craft. The fisherman and dog, Canelo, were found in good health.

We inform that our lost Cozumeleño fishermen are safe.” Governor Mara Lezama posted on social media.

A passenger uploaded footage of Harmony of the Seas’ crew members rescuing the small fishing boat:

Harmony of the Seas assisting boat 1/16/2024

The rescued fishermen were transferred to the Mexican Navy and will be reunited with their families in Cozumel, Mexico.

The frightening incident underscores the importance of emergency equipment on all sea vessels and the maritime law requiring ships to assist in emergencies​​.

Marcello De Lio
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