Icon of the Seas Reveals The Pearl: Art Meets Engineering

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Thumbnail from Royal Caribbean’s Icon Extra Behind the Pearl
  • The Pearl, an artistic and structural marvel, is the centerpiece of Icon of the Seas.
  • It comprises 3,000 kinetic tiles and is a load-bearing structure, bringing light and space to the ship.
  • The Royal Promenade offers various entertainment and dining options, making it a vibrant hub on the ship.

Royal Caribbean International recently showcased “The Pearl,” a groundbreaking feature on its newest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. The Pearl is a fusion of art, architecture, and engineering designed to elevate the cruise experience to new heights.

The Pearl has been the subject of much anticipation since it was first revealed on Icon of the Seas. Little was known about the unique centerpiece, except its location on the Royal Promenade.

But in a recent look, Royal Caribbean shows us what we can expect from The Pearl.

Icon Extra | Behind The Pearl on Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas

This architectural marvel is not just a structure but an experience, changing its ambiance throughout the day and night and during different activities on the ship.

The Pearl is a 52.5 feet (16 meters) in diameter sphere. It is a load-bearing superstructure that allows Royal Caribbean to open the side of the ship, providing sweeping views of the sea and brining natural light into The Promenade.

“The Pearl is a fundamental piece of the ship’s structure,” said Jay Rosser, Manager of Product Development for Royal Caribbean International. “It is supporting all of the staterooms above it, Central Park which is on Deck 8 – that 16 meter sphere of steel is taller than the Hollywood Sign in California.”

Rendering of Royal Caribbean's Star of the Seas sailing beside sister ship Icon of the seasPin
(Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean International)

The Pearl comprises 3,000 kinetic tiles, creating a “multisensory experience” with LED lights and music. This kinetic art installation, the largest of its kind worldwide, was pre-outfitted before installation to meet construction timelines efficiently. The artwork in The Pearl is meticulously designed, with every aspect, from the tile’s base color to shimmer effects crafted to ensure a seamless flow​​​​.

“The Pearl has a lot of different purposes,” said Jay Schneider, Chief Product Innovation Officer for Royal Caribbean International. “It’s a bit art, a bit sculpture, a bit experience, a bit wow – but all in an architectural marvel.”

The Royal Promenade itself is a hub of activity, stretching over 362 feet and hosting a variety of entertainment, dining, and relaxation areas.

Icon of the Seas features new spaces and traditional Royal Caribbean venues, with areas blending into each other for a seamless experience. Key venues on the Royal Promenade include Sorrento’s, Spotlight Karaoke, 1400 Lobby Bar, Point & Feather English Pub, Boleros, Pearl Cafe, Schooner Bar, Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, and more​​​​.

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