Lisbon Imposes Tourist Tax on Cruise Ship Passengers

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A cruise ship docked at lisbon portugal cruise port
  • Lisbon will impose a €2 tourist tax on each cruise passenger starting January 2024.
  • The tax is expected to generate an estimated €1.2 million annually for the city.
  • Cruise lines are responsible for the tax collection, managed through the Janela Única Logística platform.

In a significant move aimed at increasing municipal revenue, Lisbon has announced the implementation of a new tourist tax targeting cruise ship passengers. Starting January 2024, each cruise visitor disembarking in Lisbon, Portugal, will be subjected to a €2 (approximately $2.20 USD) tax.

The new tax policy is expected to contribute an additional €1.2 million annually to the city’s finances.

The decision, formalized through a protocol between the Port of Lisbon Authority (APL) and the City Council, is a response to the increasing number of tourists arriving via cruise ships.

Side view of a cruise ship docked at lisbon cruise port in portugal

A few months ago, the APL informed the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) of a plan to add a passenger tax for cruise ship tourists.

The tax will bring additional revenue to the popular cruise port, but not everyone is happy about the change. Cruise lines and cruise passengers have expressed frustration as Lisbon joins a growing number of cruise ports, adding taxes or raising existing port fees.

Lisbon’s mayor, Mayor Carlos Moedas, fought back against opposition to the tax proposal stating, “It is truly shameful that there is such great resistance on the part of operators to pay this.” Moedas threatened to restrict cruise ship operations if they resisted paying the fee, stating, “I will make entry somewhat difficult. I can hinder the mobility of buses (at the port), and I will do so if they don’t pay.

Cruise lines will be responsible for collecting and paying the tax to the city. The Port of Lisbon Authority has indicated that the payment process will be managed through the Janela Única Logística platform, ensuring a streamlined and efficient collection mechanism.

This move by Lisbon follows a growing trend among popular tourist destinations to levy additional charges on visitors, especially those arriving on cruise ships, to manage tourism’s impact and generate additional revenue for urban maintenance and development.

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