Margaritaville at Sea Expands Fleet With Second Cruise Ship

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Rendering of Margaritaville at Seas’ second cruise ship the Margaritaville at Sea Islander sailing in the open ocean
  • Margaritaville at Sea announced the expansion of their fleet with their newest cruise ship, Margaritaville at Sea Islander.
  • Margarita at Sea Islander will start sailing from Tampa, Florida, on June 14, 2024, offering four five-night cruises​​.
  • Carnival Corporation sold the 23-year-old Costa Atlantica, now renamed Margaritaville at Sea Islander, to an undisclosed buyer who will charter it to Margaritaville at Sea/Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line​.

Margaritaville at Sea is set to significantly expand its fleet by introducing its second cruise ship, the Margaritaville at Sea Islander. The new cruise ship will homeport in Tampa, Florida, offering four and five-night cruises beginning in June 2024.

Acquisition of the New Ship

Margaritaville at Seas is a small but popular cruise line known for its short, two-night sailings out of Palm Beach, Florida.

However, the cruise line announced an expansion of its fleet with the news that they’ve acquired a second cruise ship, Margaritaville, at Sea Islander.

On October 16, 2023, Carnival Corporation confirmed the sale of the Costa Atlantica, a 23-year-old vessel, through Adora Cruises Ltd to an undisclosed buyer​​. With the announcement, we now know the ship is set to embark on a new journey as the Margaritaville at Sea Islander.

The Margaritaville at Sea Islander, previously known as the Costa Atlantica, represents a significant addition to the Margaritaville at Sea fleet, aligning with the brand’s vision of offering a distinctive and immersive cruising experience. The new cruise ship will sail on her maiden voyage on 14, 2024, offering five-night itineraries in the Gulf of Mexico.​

“Since we launched our first ship, Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, last year, we’ve been working to expand what our guests have been asking for; more amazing views, longer itineraries, and new ports of call,” said Christopher Ivy, CEO of Margaritaville at Sea.

“The addition of the Islander is an exciting moment for Margaritaville at Sea and marks the next chapter of growth for our business. We are also pleased to add Tampa as a new homeport – the perfect location to provide access to our adventurous new itineraries in and around the Gulf of Mexico.”

The Margaritaville at Sea Islander, with a gross tonnage of 85,619, can accommodate up to 2,650 guests. Renovation work is currently in progress to prepare the ship for its maiden voyage. The vessel will receive a fresh exterior design and comprehensive Margaritaville-inspired interior decor.

New Homeport in Tampa, Florida

In a strategic move, Margaritaville at Sea has chosen Tampa, Florida, as the new homeport for the Margaritaville at Sea Islander.

The decision to homeport in Tampa was made because of the vessel’s size. Margaritaville at Sea Islander is larger than Margaritaville at Seas Paradise and is too large for the Port of Palm Beach.

“We’re honored Margaritaville at Sea has chosen Port Tampa Bay to homeport this new addition to their fleet and we welcome them to the Gulf Coast,” said Paul Anderson, President and CEO of Port Tampa Bay. 

“Our port’s cruise terminals are easy to navigate and provide a variety of unique and interesting activities just steps from the Margaritaville at Sea Islander. The ship will be a great addition to our portfolio of cruise lines and a fantastic new option for cruisers from Florida’s west coast.”

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