MSC Crew Member Helps Rescue Woman At Ocean Cay

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msc meraviglia near land
  • A 36-year-old woman fell overboard from the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship at Ocean Cay. The incident occurred during the ship's Thanksgiving Day visit.
  • MSC Officer Giuseppe Ruocco quickly jumped into the water, rescuing her in a challenging space.
  • Ruocco's actions were praised by MSC Cruises, highlighting his bravery and quick response in saving the woman's life.

In a recent incident at MSC Cruises’ Ocean Cay, a woman was saved from a potentially tragic situation.

The incident occurred during the disembarkation from the cruise ship MSC Meraviglia, which had departed from New York on November 19 for an 8-night cruise. The cruise ship visited Ocean Cay on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2023.

According to Crew Center, a 36-year-old female passenger accidentally fell between the ship and the dock while debarking.

An MSC officer, Giuseppe Ruocco, reacted swiftly by jumping into the water to rescue the distressed woman. Ruocco managed to calm the passenger and keep her head above water—the limited space made for a tricky rescue situation.

The woman’s family, including her husband and children, witnessed the ordeal in distress. The cruise ship quickly activated their man overboard signal, and rescue teams sprang into action.

Ruocco helped the woman swim to the vessel’s aft, where there was more space for the rescue team to deploy lifesaving gear.

Fortunately, the woman was successfully recovered within minutes, thanks to the selfless and daring act of Officer Ruocco, who risked his own life to save her. His heroic efforts were recognized with lengthy applause from the ship’s Master, Captain Stefano Aiello, and the crew.

The recent lifesaving actions of Officer Giuseppe Ruocco aboard MSC Cruises have resonated deeply within the cruise line. Ruocco has received widespread recognition for his selfless actions.

MSC Cruises sent a memo that read, “Today at Meraviglia’s port of call at Ocean Cay, a guest accidentally fell into water between the ship and dock and without a second thought, our Training Officer Giuseppe Ruocco jumped into the water to help the distressed guest. Man overboard signal was given and our fully trained team was present in no time to help the guest out of water,” the statement read.

The cruise line continued, “We wish our guest a speedy recovery as the incident was controlled in just a couple of minutes because of Giuseppe’s brave reaction in no time. He risked his life to save a life. Giuseppe proudly resonates the MSC Value’ We CARE for our people.'”

Article by

Marcello De Lio