MSC Cruises Adding Fleetwide Starlink Internet by May 2024

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The cruise ship MSC Magnifica moored at the Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal in the port of Copenhagen
  • MSC Cruises is implementing SpaceX's Starlink internet across its fleet, aiming to complete the rollout by May 2024.
  • Two-thirds of the MSC Cruises fleet are already equipped with Starlink, offering faster internet speeds and lower operational costs​.
  • MSC Cruises offers two Wi-Fi packages for guests: a basic "Browse Internet Cruise Package" and a more comprehensive "Browse & Stream Cruise Package."

MSC Cruises announced plans to add Starlink internet service on every cruise ship in the fleet. The cruise lines’ initiative marks a notable shift towards providing high-speed, reliable internet access, which is becoming an increasingly important factor for passengers.

Currently, two-thirds of MSC Cruises’ vessels have been equipped with Starlink. The company began implementing the satellite internet service for trials in 2022. MSC Magnifica was the first MSC cruise ship to receive the upgrade WiFi in December 2022.

The company plans to complete the Starlink rollout across all MSC cruise ships by May 2024.

MSC cruises has already added Starlink to 15 out of the 22 ships currently in the MSC Cruises fleet. MSC Opera and MSC World Europa are scheduled for the immediate upgrade and five additional ships set to be upgraded by the summer of 2024 season.

MSC Grandiosa docked in port of Marseille at FrancePin

The incorporation of Starlink’s technology enhances the guest experience by providing faster internet speeds, reducing WiFi interruptions, and reducing latency levels. MSC Cruises’ partnership with Starlink also lowers their operation costs compared to their previous internet provider and caters to the growing demands for onboard connectivity.

MSC Cruises offers two Wi-Fi packages to accommodate different user needs: the “Browse Internet Cruise Package” for basic internet usage and the “Browse & Stream Cruise Package” for more data-intensive activities. These packages are designed to offer unlimited data and 24-hour access, with options for advanced booking discounts.

Prices for MSC internet packages vary but are typically less than $20 per device per day.

This upgrade positions MSC Cruises alongside other major cruise operators that have recognized the value of providing guests and crew with internet access that rivals onshore experiences. The industry-wide adoption of Starlink reflects a significant advancement in maritime travel, narrowing the divide between sea-based and land-based vacations and making cruises a more attractive option for those looking to work or stay connected while exploring the globe.

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