US Coast Guard Medivacs Pregnant Woman from Disney Fantasy

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In a daring rescue operation on Monday, April 15, 2024, a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter successfully airlifted a 35-year-old pregnant woman from the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. The vessel was sailing approximately 180 miles Northwest of Puerto Rico.

The Coast Guard transported the woman to Centro Médico Hospital in San Juan for urgent medical attention. When she arrived, her condition was stable.

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The operation highlighted the readiness and skill of the Coast Guard crews in handling medical emergencies at sea.

Disney Fantasy’s captain alerted the Guard Sector Charleston to the medical situation in the late hours of Wednesday as the woman was experiencing complications with her pregnancy. The cruise ship, which was on its way to the Eastern Caribbean, requested immediate medical evacuation for the woman.

The woman’s name and health complications have not been revealed to safeguard her privacy and that of her traveling companions.

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The Coast Guard promptly dispatched an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Clearwater, Florida. An HC-130 Hercules airplane supported the helicopter crew, providing aerial coverage and communication support during the operation.

“Our crew was able to quickly, safely, and efficiently execute a long-range MEDEVAC for the patient to receive the higher level of care she required,” Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Todd Stephens said about the rescue.

Video footage released by the Coast Guard shows the helicopter hovering over the cruise ship as the woman was hoisted aboard in a stretcher. The skilled maneuvers of the helicopter crew ensured that the operation was carried out smoothly despite the challenges posed by operating at such a long distance from land.

This incident reminds us of the unpredictable nature of health issues that can arise at sea and the importance of the Coast Guard’s rapid response capabilities.

The Disney Fantasy, part of the Disney Cruise Line fleet, resumed its journey shortly after the operation. Disney Fantasy has medical facilities and trained medical staff, but certain conditions require hospital-level care that only a shore-based facility can provide.

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The Disney Cruise Line has not released a statement regarding the incident but maintains that the safety and well-being of their passengers are their top priorities. The Coast Guard’s prompt response and successful evacuation underscore their vital role in maritime safety and emergency medical services.

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