Disney Cruise Cruise Ships by Size and Age

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Disney Cruise line is a top choice among family cruisers. Their ships offer an authentic Disney experience with fun for the whole family.

Disney currently operates five cruise ships, with two more on the way.

Below, we’ll look at Disney’s fleet of ships, from the smallest to the oldest and the youngest to the newest.

List of Disney Cruise Ships by Size

Disney Wish docked at Port Canaveral, Florida before Christening ceremony
(Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line)

Disney’s cruise ships aren’t the behemoth vessels you’ll find sailing for Royal Caribbean or Carnival.

But don’t let that stop you.

Disney’s cruise ships have a lot to offer. In addition to meeting Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and other Disney characters, their ships feature fireworks at sea, spacious cabins, adult-only spaces, elegant decor, incredible dining options, and more.

Below you’ll find a list of Disney’s cruise ships by size:

ShipClassGross TonnageLengthPassengers (Max)Crew

Disney Wish

Triton144,000 GT1,119 ft5,0001,555

Disney Fantasy

Dream129,750 GT1,115 ft4,0001,458

Disney Dream

Dream129,690 GT1,115 ft4,0001,458

Disney Magic

Magic83,338 GT984 ft2,713945

Disney Wonder

Magic83,000 GT964 ft2,713945

List of Disney Cruise Ships by Age

Disney Magic at Port of Valetta Malta

It might surprise you to learn that Disney’s ships are much older than you think.

Disney’s first vessel, Disney Magic, launched in 1998, shortly followed by Disney Wonder in 1999.

Though most cruise lines strive to innovate with new cruise ships released yearly, Disney seems to have taken a more traditional route. Their ships have a strong focus on classic fun for the whole family, with the familiar splash of Disney magic you expect to find from the “House of Mouse”.

Disney Wish sailing in open water rendering
(Rendering Credit: Disney Cruise Line)

However, that is changing with the addition of Disney Wish in 2022. Wish became the first new cruise ship for the line in ten years. The new ship introduced many new thrills, including Cinderella’s Castle at Sea, Worlds of Marvel’s cinematic dining experience, Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, A reimagined kids club, and clever new uses of technology to bring magic to “passengers.”

Below, you’ll find a list of Disney’s cruise ships, from the newest to the oldest:

Disney WishTriton2022
Disney FantasyDream2012
Disney DreamDream2011
Disney WonderMagic1999
Disney MagicMagic1998

Disney Cruise Ship Classes

Disney Cruise Line currently has three ship classes:

TritonDisney Wish144,000 GT
DreamDisney Dream, Disney Fantasy129,690 – 129,750 GT
MagicDisney Magic, Disney Wonder83,000 – 83,338 GT

Disney Cruise Ships on Order

Disney Cruise Line currently has two Triton-class ships on order. The two new vessels are expected to arrive in July 2024 and August 2025.

While we don’t know much about these vessels, they will feature nearly identical designs to Disney Wonder and be powered by liquified natural gas (LNG).


What is Disney’s Largest Ship?

The largest Disney cruise ship is the Disney Wish at 144,000 GT.

The vessel’s design is both spacious and accommodating, with more space for passengers than previous Disney ships. Although Disney Wish is 12% larger than the preceding Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the new ship carries the same passenger capacity of 4,000.

What is Disney’s Smallest Ship?

At 83,000 GT, Disney Magic is the smallest and oldest Disney cruise ship.
The 964-foot Magic carries only 2,713. The cruise ship is also the shortest, with only 11 decks, compared to 15 on Disney Wish.

Despite her small size, the ship is a favorite among guests, often receiving outstanding reviews from satisfied passengers.

How Many Ships Does Disney Cruise Line Have?

Disney Cruise Line currently has five cruise ships in operation, with two more under construction.

Disney’s cruise ship fleet consists of Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wish. Two more Triton-class ships are currently under construction, with expected delivery in July 2024 and August 2025.

What is the Newest Disney Cruise Ship?

The newest Disney cruise ship is Disney Wish, which debuted in July 2022.

Disney Wish is the first Triton-class vessel with two sister ships on order.

What is the Oldest Disney Cruise Ship?

The oldest Disney cruise ship is the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic was the first vessel in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet and entered service in 1998. Although the ship is more than 20 years old, it receives regular updates and refurbishments to keep it fresh for passengers.

Are New Disney Cruise Ships Better?

Newer Disney cruise ships feature better technology, more activities, modern facilities, and updated decor. While old vessels are refreshed every three to five years, they simply don’t compare to the range of amenities and features offered by newer cruise ships.

Besides technology, the most significant difference between old and new Disney cruise ships is the vast number of Disney properties represented on the ship. While all Disney cruise ships feature Mickey Mouse, only the latest vessels feature themed amenities and characters from Frozen, Marvel, and Star Wars.

What Was the First Disney Cruise Ship?

The first Disney cruise ship was Disney Magic, which launched in 1998.
Disney spent several years trying to strike a deal with Royal Caribbean or Carnival. However, the talks didn’t lead to any partnerships, so the company formed Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Magic was the first cruise ship to enter service for the new cruise line, with Disney Wonder following in 1999.

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