Lifestyle and Swingers Cruises: What You Need to Know

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Young romantic couple on a swingers cruises

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There are dozens of themed cruises.

So it’s no surprise that swinger cruises are some of the most popular themed vacations.

To understand what swinger cruises are really about, I scoured the internet and spoke with several swingers who were happy to share their experiences.

Young romantic couple on a swingers cruisesPin

Whether you’re looking to take your first swingers cruise or interested to learn what it’s all about, here’s what you need to know about lifestyle and swingers cruises.

What are Swingers Cruises?

Swingers Cruises are specialty cruises that cater to swingers.

Organizers such as Bliss Cruise provide a safe space for passengers to pursue their lifestyles.

Lifestyle cruises, such as those offered by Bliss Cruise, provide sex-positive sailings for adult couples, singers, and nudists.

Who Offers Swingers Cruises?

Bliss Cruise and Couples Cruise are the most popular choices for swingers cruises.

Additionally, you can book a swingers cruise through swinger-specialized travel agents such as:

Some are clothing-optional cruises, while others have clothing-optional areas on the ship.

Do You Have to be Swingers?


While most of the passengers on these adult-themed cruises are swingers, many people book these special cruises for the safe, judgment-free environment.

And others sail for the kid-free atmosphere.

Passengers come from all around the world. You’ll find various ages, body types, professions, and backgrounds.

When you’re onboard, you can always decline unwanted advances. A simple “no thanks” is enough.

What Events Take Place on a Swingers Cruise?

View from the pool deck of the Norwegian Cruise ship Pearl with live dj in the backgroundPin

Despite what you might think, it’s not all about sex.

The ship will host some traditional events, along with special adult-themed events.

Some special events include theme nights, dark room parties, pool deck competitions, seminars, tantric workshops, and sex trivia.

Most cruises have a playroom for couples, groups, and single women to explore each other. The playrooms provide a safe, sensual space where all parties can feel comfortable.

Single women are allowed to enter a playroom, but single men are not. Men must be accompanied by a woman to access the playrooms on the cruise ship.

While in port, some cruise operators provide private, clothing-optional shore excursions such as beach parties, catamaran tours, and zip-lining.

Some swinger cruises allow guests to have sex on the cruise ship balcony on sea days.

Do Lifestyle Cruises Allow Public Nudity?

The dress code varies depending on the time, location, and event.

Some cruises allow full nudity while sailing, while others only allow topless sunbathing. But even though the cruise might allow nudity, you may be required to wear clothing when the ship is docked.

You will need clothing while leaving the ship and for most shore excursions. But, most lifestyle cruises offer special activities where clothing is optional.

Do The Crew Participate?

No. Crew members are strictly prohibited from having relations with guests.

Crew members remain fully clothed and typically receive training to keep a professional manner while interacting with passengers.

Is a Sex Cruise the Same as a Nude Cruise?

Despite sharing many similarities, a sex cruise is not the same as a nude cruise.

Sex cruises provide a sexually charged atmosphere for couples to explore each other and other couples. These cruises may allow nudity on the top deck or be limited to topless sunbathing.

On the other hand, a nude cruise promotes nudism throughout the ship without emphasis on sex.

With nudism, there is less emphasis on the sexual aspect. Instead, it’s about celebrating people of all shapes and sizes in their natural state.

To learn more, check out our article on nude cruises.

Is Sex Permitted in Public Areas?

For the most part, sex is not permitted in public areas. Sex is limited to the playrooms and guests’ staterooms.

However, several guests tell us that some sexual activity may be allowed in public spaces (light touching, kissing, cuddling).

But, sexual intercourse is restricted to playrooms and cabins.

Which Cruise Lines Host Swinger Cruises?

Celebrity Eclipse embarking on a summer cruise from Southampton, UKPin

Any cruise line can hold a swinger cruise, even the family-friendly brands you’re used to sailing.

Travel operators book sex cruises as full charters. A third party will book an entire ship and sell cabins to interested passengers.

They can choose to book with any cruise line that allows them.

Surprisingly, most cruise lines are on board with the idea.

That’s because sex cruises guarantee an entire ship of drinking-age and gambling-age passengers ready to party. This demographic means money in the eyes of the cruise lines.

Some cruise lines used for past swingers’ cruises include prominent brands such as Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, MSC Cruises, Princess, and Holland America.

The tour groups have staff that ensures the ship remains clean and sanitized for guests during and after the sex cruise.

That includes draining the hot tubs every night.

Can I Accidentally Find Myself on a Sex Cruise?

Because tour operators book cruise ships as full charters, you won’t need to worry about accidentally finding yourself on a sex cruise.

The only way to get on a swingers cruise is to book through a lifestyle-focused travel agent or tour group.

Of course, some groups of swingers sail without booking the entire ship. But, they will obey the usual cruise ship rules and common courtesy.

Can You Swing on a Regular Cruise?

Upside down pineapple on a blue background with sunglassesPin

But what about partner swapping on a regular cruise?

Cruise ships attract a diverse group of individuals.

And you can count swingers to be one of them.

While on a regular or “vanilla” cruise, swingers will use secret codes to display their intentions to other swingers around the ship.

If you don’t already know, that’s the meaning of an upside-down pineapple.

What to Bring

Before embarking on a sex cruise, you’ll want to pack:

  • Condoms: The ship may provide them, but it’s better to be safe
  • Lube
  • A dry erase board and photo for your cabin door: So couples can find you
  • Couples cruise card with contact info: If you want to stay in touch with couples after the cruise
  • Robes: They make it easier to grab your belongings while leaving the playroom

Is a Lifestyle Cruise for Couples or Solo Travelers?

Most Lifestyle cruises are limited to couples.

The couples-only cruises aim to create a friendly and positive atmosphere for all passengers.

What is the Minimum Age to Sail on a Swingers Cruise?

Swingers cruises require passengers to be aged 21 or older to sail.

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