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If you’ve booked a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line, you might be wondering what you can expect from their Wi-Fi packages. How fast is the internet? And is it worth it?

We’ll share our firsthand experience using the Norwegian Cruise Line internet packages and answer some questions you might have. We even conducted several speed tests to answer the question, “How fast is Norwegian’s internet service?”

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Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages

Norwegian Cruise Line offers two ways to purchase and use the internet.

First, there are unlimited internet packages that allow you to access the ship’s Wi-Fi throughout the length of the cruise. The second option is the “250 Minutes Anytime Internet” package that grants you 250 minutes of Internet.

Woman on her phone using Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages

Unlimited Wi-Fi Package

The Unlimited Wi-Fi Package provides passengers with full internet access, except for streaming services.

The unlimited internet package includes unlimited web browsing, email access, social media sites, and apps.

This internet package will benefit most passengers who want basic surfing, email access, and social media access. Guests who want to stream movies and music will need to upgrade to the Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Plan.


PackageOnboard PricePurchased In Advance
Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device$29.99$25.50
Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – 2 Devices$52.99$44.99
Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – 4 Devices$99.99$84.99
*Prices in USD

Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package

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The Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package is the highest-tier internet plan on Norwegian Cruise Line. The plan allows web browsing, email service, social media access, and streaming.

Guests can access YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Audible, Hulu, and Tik Tok with the premium plan. If you like streaming movies and music on your cruise vacation, you will need to purchase this plan. 

PackageOnboard PricePurchased In Advance
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device$39.99$34.99
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – 2 Devices$67.99$57.99
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – 4 Devices$129.99$109.99
*Prices in USD

250 Minutes Anytime Internet

As the name implies, this package provides guests with 250 minutes of internet access.

With the package, you get 250 minutes of internet connectivity that you can use at any time during your cruise. This plan allows you can quickly connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi to check your emails or browse the web. Once you finish using the Wi-Fi, simply disconnect your device to save your minutes for another day.

This plan is the most affordable for passengers who only need to connect for a few minutes a day.

Cost: $125.00 per day or $105.00 per day when purchased in advance

How Fast is WiFi on Norwegian

Man on the balcony of a cruise ship using his red laptop

We recently tested the internet speed aboard Norwegian Bliss. We purchased the Unlimited Wi-Fi Package on our last Norwegian cruise, which is their mid-tier internet service. The package does not allow for streaming, but we were comfortable with the unlimited web browsing and email service.

So how fast is Norwegian Cruise Line’s Internet?

We conducted speed tests throughout the cruise to get an accurate measure of the internet speed. We conducted multiple speed tests because internet speeds at sea can vary depending on the time of day and the ship’s location.

Most of our speed tests ran download speeds between 3-5 Mbps and upload speeds between 0.1-0.25 Mbps. These speeds are slower than you might be used to but fast enough for basic web surfing and on par for similar cruise ship internet packages.

We noticed a few days on the cruise where the Wi-Fi would continually go in and out. And speaking with other passengers, many mentioned the same issue. However, on most days on the ship, the internet connection was consistent and reliable.

Bottom line: Web pages may take a little longer to load than you are used to, and the connection might fade in and out depending on the ship’s location. Overall, the internet connection is reliable and fast enough for basic internet browsing.

How to Get a Discount on the Internet Packages

If you purchase an internet package on your cruise, you can get a discount by booking in advance. When you buy the internet package before your cruise sailing date, you can save up to 15% on the wifi plan.

Once you get on board, you will be paying full price, so do yourself a favor and purchase it in advance.

Overall Impressions of the Internet on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Escape Sailing in open ocean
Photo Credit (Norwegian Cruise Line)

The internet on Norwegian Cruise Line is what you would expect from at sea internet. The speed is fast enough for basic web browsing, but pages will take longer to load than if you were on land.

Since the internet is delivered via satellite, you may lose connection at various times, depending on the ship’s location. But, we found the connection to be very reliable through the cruise.

We were able to post articles to High Seas Cruising and message friends and family back home.

We were positively surprised by the internet coverage around the ship. We could access the Wi-Fi everywhere we went, from the cabins to the pool deck in our time onboard.

If you’re using the internet for basic web browsing or email access, the Unlimited Internet Package works great. But, if you need to work on data-intensive applications, time-sensitive projects, or the ability to stream movies and music, you should opt for the higher tier Unlimited Premium Plan.


Can I Stream on NCL?

Yes, you can stream movies, music, and audiobooks using the internet on NCL. However, you will need to purchase the Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi package.

The Unlimited Premium Plan promises fast enough internet speeds to stream YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Audible, Hulu, and Tik Tok.

Can I Make Phone Calls Using NCL WiFi?

Yes. With the WiFi packages, you can use WhatsApp, iMessage, and Signal to make phone calls and send messages back home.

How Much Does Internet Cost On Norwegian Cruise Line?

Norwegian Internet Package Prices:
– Unlimited Wi-Fi Package: $29.99 per day
– Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package: $39.99 per day
– 250 Minutes of Anytime Internet: $125
*Prices are for onboard purchases for 1 device

Can I Use One Internet Package for Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can use one internet package for multiple devices, but you can connect only one device at a time to the Wi-Fi.

On our Norwegian Bliss cruise, we could use one internet package on our phone and laptop. Once I finished surfing the web on my laptop, Victoria connected her phone to the Wi-Fi. It’s important to remember that you can connect only one device at a time per internet plan. So, when you connect a new device, it will disconnect the previous device.

This is a great trick to save money if you don’t need a constant internet connection throughout the cruise.

How do I Purchase the Internet Package?

You can purchase the internet package from your online NCL account or on the cruise ship.

When you purchase an internet plan before you embark, you can save up to 15%. That’s why we recommend purchasing the internet package before your cruise.

Which Norwegian Cruise Ships Have Wi-Fi?

All of NCL’s cruise ships are Wi-Fi enabled. No matter which NCL ship you choose, you will be able to stay connected at sea.

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  1. I am sailing on the Bliss next week and the website doesn’t show the premium internet. Do you know if that only can be booked onboard? Just to text family on board to get together for supper etc what is required if anything

    • Hi Monique,

      You should be able to book it in advance, which I recommend. We were able to use the premium internet on our Norwegian Bliss voyage so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be available on your sailing. I don’t have any insider knowledge so I won’t be able to help much. But, you can call Norwegian support (1.866.234.7350) for specific information or visit


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