Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages: Before You Buy

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If you’ve booked a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line, you might wonder what you can expect from their WiFi packages. How fast is the internet? And is it worth it?

We’ll share our firsthand experience using the Norwegian Cruise Line internet packages and answer your questions. We even conducted several speed tests to see how fast are Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages.

Here’s everything you need to know about Norwegian Cruise Line’s WiFi packages.

Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages

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Norwegian Cruise Line offers two ways to purchase and use the internet.

NCL offers two unlimited internet packages, the basic Unlimited WiFi and an upgrade plan with faster speeds called Unlimited Premium WiFi.

Here’s what’s included with each package:

What’s IncludedUnlimited WiFiUnlimited WiFi
Web BrowsingYesYes
Social MediaYesYes
Messaging & CallingYesYes
Enhanced Web Browsing (VPNs, Tiktok, and News Websites)NoYes
Audio & Video StreamingNoYes

In addition to the packages above, you can purchase 250 minutes of internet, which can be used on your device or at the internet cafe on the cruise ship.

Unlimited WiFi Package

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Unlimited WiFi package provides internet access for web browsing, email, and social media. It’s designed for guests who need to stay connected but don’t require high bandwidth for streaming or downloading large files.

The chart below outlines the cost of the NCL Unlimited internet package. You’ll save money on the internet plan when you purchase the Unlimited WiFi plan in advance, as prices are higher once onboard the cruise ship.

PackageOnboard PricePurchased In Advance
Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device$29.99$25.50
Unlimited WiFi Package – 1 Device$52.99$44.99
Unlimited WiFi Package – 2 Devices$99.99$84.99

*Prices in USD

Unlimited Premium WiFi Package

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Unlimited Premium WiFi package is a step up from their basic offering, catering to guests who need more robust internet connectivity during their cruise. The premium internet plan offers more bandwidth, allowing you to stream video and music, make video calls, and handle large file downloads or uploads.

The faster internet speeds also make it more pleasurable to surf the web.

The package is also designed to provide a more consistent and reliable internet connection, though this can vary with the ship’s location and other factors.

The chart below outlines the cost of the NCL Unlimited Premium Internet package. Like the basic WiFi plan, you’ll save money on the package when you purchase it in advance, as prices are higher once onboard the cruise ship.

PackageOnboard PricePurchased In Advance
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device$39.99$34.99
Unlimited Premium WiFi Package – 1 Device$67.99$57.99
Unlimited Premium WiFi Package – 2 Devices$129.99$109.99

*Prices in USD

How Fast is WiFi on NCL

Norwegian Prima Cruise ship docked at the Passenger Terminal AmsterdamPin

I recently tested the Unlimited WiFi package onboard Norwegian Bliss. The WiFi plan does not allow for streaming, but we were comfortable with the unlimited web browsing and email service.

So, how fast is Norwegian Cruise Line’s WiFi?

I conducted speed tests throughout the cruise to get an accurate measure of the internet speed at different times of the day and in different locations.

Norwegian’s Unlimited WiFI averages 3-5 Mbps download speed and upload speeds between 0.1-0.25 Mbps. These speeds are slower than you might be used to but fast enough for basic web surfing and on par for similar cruise ship internet packages.

We noticed a few days on the cruise where the WiFi continually went in and out. And speaking with other passengers, many mentioned the same issue. However, the internet connection was consistent and reliable on most days on the ship.

It should be noted that we were using the basic WiFi plan. You should expect faster speeds if you purchase the Unlimited Premium Internet Package.

Users who purchased the Premium WiFi reported internet speeds between 5 to 10 Mbps.

The most significant benefit of upgrading to Premium Internet is the ability to stream and video call. I’ll definitely purchase Premium WiFi on my next Norwegian cruise to take advantage of the faster speeds.

Bottom line: Web pages may take a little longer to load than you are used to, and the connection might fade in and out depending on the ship’s location. The internet connection is reliable and fast enough for basic internet browsing.

How to Get a Discount on the Internet Packages

The starboard side of Norwegian Encore while docked in Nassau BahamasPin

If you purchase an internet package on your cruise, you can get a discount by booking in advance. Buying the internet package before your cruise sailing date saves you up to 15% on the WiFi plan.

You will pay full price once you get on board, so do yourself a favor and purchase it in advance.

You can also get a discount on internet packages as part of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Free at Sea Promotion

The Free at Sea promotion offers several perks to customize your cruise experience. The popular promotion includes several benefits as part of the cruise fare, such as an NCL drinks package, shore excursion credits, and specialty dining options.

You can select “Free WiFi” as your Free at Sea perk, but you don’t get the full internet package. 

The Free WiFi perk gives you 250 minutes of basic internet access to use anytime during your voyage. The number of free minutes you get depends on the length of your cruise:

  • For 3-6 day cruises, you’ll receive 75 minutes of WiFi.
  • For 7-12-day cruises, 150 minutes are included.
  • For cruises 13 days or longer, 300 minutes of WiFi is offered.

But you can upgrade to Free at Sea Plus for unlimited internet access.

What if you run out of minutes?

If you run out of minutes, you’ll have to purchase another internet package to continue accessing the cruise ship’s WiFi.

I recommend keeping your WiFi off when not in use, as many mobile apps periodically connect to the internet to receive updates, eating away at your precious minutes.

Tip: If you get an NCL’s Drink Package, I recommend choosing Free Drinks instead of the free WiFi. That’s because the drink package is more expensive, and you’ll save a lot more money than if you were to purchase the drink package and take the Free WiFi. 

Using Multiple Devices With One Package

A woman standing infront of two cruise ships on her phonePin

Cruise ship internet is expensive. Fortunately, you can save money using one internet package with multiple devices.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s internet packages aren’t tied to one device, allowing you to switch between devices with a single-device plan. This means that even though the package is for one device at a time, it’s possible to alternate between different devices as needed.

For example, you can switch the connection between a laptop and a mobile phone as long as only one device is connected at a time. If you try to connect with a different device, the previously connected device loses internet connection.

Switching between devices is a great way to save money on your cruise if you don’t need a constant internet connection.

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  1. I am sailing on the Bliss next week and the website doesn’t show the premium internet. Do you know if that only can be booked onboard? Just to text family on board to get together for supper etc what is required if anything