51 Perfect Day at Cococay Tips, Tricks, and Things to Do

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An aerialdrone view of Royal Caribbeans Perfect Day at Cococay private island after the renovation with the helium air balloon ride and daredevil’s peak are visible

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If you sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean or the Bahamas, you’ll likely visit the cruise line’s private island CocoCay.

Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay is a private island oasis located in the Bahamas. The island delivers an exceptional experience with something for everyone.

CocoCay has always been a top destination for cruise passengers. And it’s even bigger and better after Royal’s $250 million renovation in 2019.

Before you visit, here’s 51 Perfect Day at Cococay Tips, Tricks, and Things to Do.

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About Perfect Day at CocoCay

1. What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

An aerialdrone view of Royal Caribbeans Perfect Day at Cococay private island after the renovation with the helium air balloon ride and daredevil’s peak are visiblePin

 CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas. The island is exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests.

In other words, only Royal Caribbean cruise ships can visit.

The island functions like any other port your cruise ship visits. After your ship docks, you can get off and explore the island at no cost.

Around the 125 acres of the island, you’ll find plenty of attractions, restaurants, beaches, and pools.

There’s so much on the island that you can’t do everything in one visit.

You might be wondering what makes CocoCay so special.

In a way, the island is an extension of Royal Caribbean’s ships. You can use your drink package, Voom internet service, and SeaPass card at various attractions, restaurants, and pools.

The island is run by Royal Caribbean staff. That means you can expect the same great level of service you’re used to on their ships.

And after a $250 million renovation, the island features several exclusive attractions and thrills that make it one of Royal’s most popular stops.

2. What’s New at CocoCay

Wide view of Perfect Day at CocoCay after Royal Caribbean’s $250 million renovationPin

In 2019, Royal Caribbean completed a $250 million island renovation.

The expanded and refurbished islanding includes several new activities and thrills.

Here’s what’s new at CocoCay:

  • Thrill Waterpark
  • Helium balloon ride
  • Multiple new beaches
  • Freshwater pool
  • A 1,600-foot Zipline
  • The private Coco Beach Club
  • Several new dining options

3. What Should You Bring to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Because Royal Caribbean operates CocoCay, you don’t need to bring many things off the boat.

The island functions like a private resort, with many essential amenities you’ll need throughout the day.

Here’s what you should bring to Perfect Day at CocoCay:

  • Seapass card
  • Beach towels
  • Cash (for tips and the artisan market)
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed-toed shoes (required for the zip line)
  • Bug repellant
  • Baby supplies

4. Perfect Day at CocoCay Fun Facts

  • Royal Caribbean spent $250 million renovating the island in 2019.
  • Daredevil’s Peak is the tallest waterslide in North America at 135 feet.
  • Thrill Waterpark boasts the biggest wave pool in the Caribbean.
  • Perfect day at CocoCay was initially named “Little Stirrup Cay.”
  • The island is located in the Bahamas, approximately 55 miles north of Nassau.
  • Oasis Lagoon is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean
  • Oasis Lagoon holds 800,000 gallons of freshwater and took eight days to fill.

5. You Can Use the Royal Caribbean Drink Package at CocoCay

Guests at Royal Caribbean’s private island enjoying alcoholic beverages purcahsed with the Deluxe drink pacakgePin

One of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing a drink package is that they don’t work in the port. Fortunately, you can use the Royal Caribbean beverage package at CocoCay.

The drink package works the same at CocoCay as on the cruise ship.

Simply swipe your card when you purchase a drink, and your drink plan pays for the beverage.

6. You Can Access Voom Internet at CocoCay

If you purchase a Wi-Fi plan, you can use Royal Caribbean’s Voom internet at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

With all the amenities on the island, you might be too busy to check your emails or browse social media. But the Internet service is there if you need to connect.

7. Perfect Day at CocoCay Shore Excursions


If you want to try something more adventurous, CocoCay offers several fun shore excursions, including:

  • Zip lining
  • Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Rides
  • Jet ski rental
  • Kayak rentals
  • Beach bed rental
  • Overwater cabana rental
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Glass bottom boat tour

Shore excursion prices vary throughout the year. It’s better to check with the cruise line for exact pricing on your upcoming cruise.

8. Perfect Day at CocoCay Restaurants


One of the most significant improvements in the updated CocoCay is the expanded selection of restaurants and food options.

In the past, you wouldn’t find much more than hot dogs and hamburgers.

Chill Grill, Skipper’s Grill, and Snack Shacks offer complimentary dining for all guests, while The Coco Beach Club has its restaurant included with the Beach Club fare.

For an exclusive dining experience, visit Captain Jack’s. The restaurant features à la carte menu at additional cost.

Chill Grill and Skippers Grille are famous for their complementary BBQ chicken and Caribbean-style food. They also serve salads, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, tacos, desserts, and soft-serve ice cream.

They are often considered an extension of the Windjammer, with a great food selection.

There are several Snack Shaks located around the island. Their menu features finger foods, primarily hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, desserts, and salads.

We always visit at least one Snack Shack for excellent funnel cake.

The Coco Beach Club has a private restaurant included in the admission fare. The restaurant features a higher-end food selection to compliment the club’s exclusivity. The menu features Filet mignon, grilled lobster, garlic tiger prawns, and chocolate brownies for dessert.

Head over to Captain Jack’s for a more secluded and quieter experience. Captain Jack’s is more of a bar than a restaurant with traditional bar foods. Think chicken wings and steak fries.

The restaurant has an à la carte menu. In other words, the food at Captain Jack’s has an added fee.

9. Free Things to Do at Perfect Day at CocoCay

If you don’t want to spend your day feeling nickeled and dimed at Perfect Day, there are plenty of free activities around the island.

Free things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay include:

  • Tram around the island and back to the ship
  • Sun loungers, umbrellas, and hammocks (excluding The Coco Beach Club)
  • Umbrellas
  • Oasis Lagoon pool
  • Chill Island, South Beach, and Harbor Bay beaches
  • Beach access wheelchairs
  • Splashaway Bay (children’s water park)
  • Captain Jill’s Galleon (children’s water park at Arrival’s Plaza)
  • South Beach Sports Court
  • Some fitness classes on the beach
  • Food and drinks at Chill Grill, Skipper’s Grill, and the Snack Shacks
  • Airbrush tattoos

Things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay

10. Thrill Waterpark

Thrill Waterpark splashpad with buckets sprinklers cannons waterslides daredevils peak splash mountain and morePin
(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

CocoCay’s Thrill Waterpark is a massive attraction boasting 13 waterslides, the largest Wave Pool in the Caribbean, Adventure Pool, and a Snack Shack.

Entry to the waterpark is paid, with admission priced between $50 to $100 per person. Half-day admission is available from $39 to $74, and kids under three go free.

The entrance fee constantly fluctuates, making it possible to save money if you keep an eye on prices. If you’re looking for a deal, it’s best to keep an eye on the costs and purchase your admission before your cruise begins.

When you pre-book admission to the Thrill Waterpark, you simply swipe your card for entry. Once you enter, you’re provided a wristband so you may leave and re-enter as often as you like.

With the admission fee, you get unlimited access to the waterpark and free use of beach chairs. Private cabanas are available for rent at $299 to $569.

In our opinion, the cabanas are not worth the price unless you are visiting with a large group.

If you want to experience more of Perfect Day, you can pay the addon fee for the Zip Line and Helium Balloon ride.

11. Daredevil’s Peak Waterslide

The 35 foot tall Daredevils Peak the tallest waterslide in North AmericaPin
(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

You can spot the bright red tower from the ship that holds Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America.

Daredevil’s peak is 135 feet high. That’s ten feet taller than Universal’s Volcano Bay in Orlando and 15 feet taller than Disney World’s Blizzard Beach.

The ride should be on every adrenaline junkie’s bucket list. You feel the excitement build as you climb 200 steps before descending the ultimate white-knuckle ride.

The ride isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you visit Thrill Waterpark, it’s an experience you can’t miss.

Daredevil’s Peak has a minimum height of 48 inches and a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

12. Wave Pool

Thrill Waterpark boasts the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. When the countdown hits zero, simulated waves sweep through the pool.

The turbulent surf provides fun for all ages.

13. Zip Line

Guests on the 1,600 foot long zip line coursethat crisscrosses Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The BahamasPin
(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

The Zip Line excursion at CocoCay consists of three zip lines totaling 1600 feet. The ride provides quite the adventure as you soar around the island and over Harbor Beach.

Riders must weigh between 50 and 300 pounds to participate in the excursion. And there’s a cost of $79 to $139 to ride.

The price of the zip line is high, but we recommend trying it at least once for the adrenaline rush and unparalleled views of the island.

14. Adventure Pool


Adventure Pool provides a more laid-back obstacle course with ropes and bounces pads. The pool is a fun stop for kids to bounce, hop, and swing as they make their way to the other side.

15. Up, Up and Away Helium Balloon


The helium balloon ride provides an incredible view of the island and the surrounding blue ocean. The tethered ride gently rises 450 feet in the air before descending back down.

The basket carries 30 passengers and is a highly recommended activity. The ride is so peaceful and gentle that even those afraid of heights feel an overwhelming sense of calm at the top.

Tickets for Up, Up and Away are between $39 to $99 for those aged 13+ and $24 to $64 for children aged 4-12.

You can’t pre-register a time slot. It’s best to arrive early to guarantee your spot and avoid long lineups.

Additionally, the ride only runs when the weather conditions are favorable. The ride may close for guest safety if high winds or storms are approaching.

16. Splash Summit

Splash Summit in Thrill Waterpark with six multi rider slides including The Slingshot The Twister and the four lane Splash Speedway racing slidesPin
(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

Splash Summit offers six twisting waterslides at various heights and steepness. The water slides include The Twister, The Slingshot, and four splash Speedway Racers.

It’s one of the most popular attractions at CocoCay, so be sure to arrive early for the shortest lines.

17. The Twister

The Twister is a 60-foot tall waterslide navigated on a two-person raft. Grab your best friend and do the climb before plunging down the winding tube slide

Restrictions: 42 inches minimum height.

Maximum Weight: 300 pounds.

18. The Slingshot Waterslide

The Slingshot is a four-person raft waterslide that rides up a wall to give riders a zero gravity sensation.

The four-person raft allows sharing the experience with other group members.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companion.

Weight: 300 pounds per person or 550 pounds total raft weight.

19. Splash Speedway Racers

Race your friends down the 40-foot-high Splash Speedway Racers.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companion

Maximum Weight: 300 pounds per person or 550 pounds total raft weight.

20. Dueling Demons Waterslides

Dueling Demons are two drop slides that launch riders from a height of 75 ft. Standing in a verticle position, get ready for an exhilarating ride as a trap door releases you down the twists and turns.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height

Weight: 300 pounds maximum

21. Screeching Serpent Waterslide

Screeching Serpent is another trap door slide with a platform height of 50 ft.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height

Weight: 300 pounds maximum

22. Green Mamba Waterslide

Green Mamba is full of twists and turns. It’s not as steep as the verticle slides, but it provides quite a rush.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height

Weight: 300 pounds maximum

23. Manta Raycers Waterslides

Two side-by-side Manta Raycers provide a race to the bottom. These twin slides have a platform height of 25 ft.

Restrictions: 48 inches minimum height

Weight: 300 pounds maximum

24. Splashaway Bay

Splashaway Bay is the kid’s splash pad located near the island entrance. The splash park is similar to the ones found on Royal Caribbean ships and is free for guests.

The splash pad features sprayers, dumping buckets, slides, fountains, and more.

It’s best suited for younger childer, as older kids and teens would much prefer to spend the day at Thrill Waterpark.

25. Captain Jill’s Galleon


Next to Splashaway Bay is the pirate ship named Captain Jill’s Galleon. Kids can climb and explore the mock pirate ship, using water cannons to return cannon fire and the slides for a quick escape.

26. Oasis Lagoon

Perfect Day at CocoCay Oasis Lagoon is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean complete with three distinct coves private cabanas and a swim up barPin
(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

Ocean Lagoon is the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool. It’s located at the heart of CocoCay and covers 33,175 square feet.

It’s difficult to overstate the size of this massive pool.

But to give you an idea, the pool holds 800,000 gallons of freshwater and took eight days to fill. The pool has an official capacity of 1,750 people.

Throughout the pool are palm tree-covered islands and a swim-up bar.

The islands minimize crowding by creating smaller sections for people to gather.

Seats by the swim-up bar go fast, but you can swim up and order a drink without finding a chair.

The pool is surrounded by umbrellas, hammocks, and loungers that are free to use.

27. Chill Island


Chill Island is another complimentary area at Perfect Day. You’ll find a watersports marina, private cabanas, and a beautiful white sand beach.

You can rent snorkel and diving equipment from the Snorkel Shack or bring your equipment to explore coral reefs off the shore.

Jet skis and paddle boards are also available for rent.

Nearby is the Chill Grill, offering complimentary Caribbean-style food. We highly recommend the BBQ chicken!

As the sun reaches its peak, you can relax in the shade of a private cabana or rented beach lounger for two. With the rentals, you’ll have access to a personal assistant.

Insider Tip

Chill Island and South Beach are the two most popular beaches on the island. But Chill Beach is located closer to the ship. You should visit Chill Island over South Beach if mobility is an issue.

28. South Beach

Visitors enjoying a day at South Beach CocoCay with beach chairs and colorful umbrellasPin

South Beach is another white sand beach for cruisers to relax and soak up the sun.

There’s a more significant focus on sports and active living with volleyball, basketball courts, paddleboarding, zorbing, and fitness classes (some are free).

If you prefer to relax in the Caribbean sun, there are plenty of complimentary loungers, umbrellas, and beach chairs.

Guests enjoying a drink at the floating bar at South Beach on CocoCayPin

And don’t miss the floating bar.

It’s more of a walk-up bar than a swim-up bar. Climb up the ladder and enjoy drinks on the floating tiki bar.

The bar is relatively small, and they don’t have much selection. You can expect beers and basic mixed drinks.

You can also rent a glass bottom kayak and explore the ocean around CocoCay.

Insider Tip

South Beach is one of the least crowded spots on the island. It’s a long walk from the pier and nestled away behind trees. If you’re looking for a quiet place to spend the day, visit South Beach.

29. Coco Beach Club


Coco Beach Club is an exclusive beach area on the island. There’s an additional fee to access the club.

Admission to the club is between $50 – $99 per adult and $34 – $70 per child aged 4 to 11. Children three years old receive free admission.

The admission fee includes access to the beach, clubhouse, loungers, umbrellas, infinity pool, and the Coco Beach Club restaurant.

The club is on the island’s far side, opposite Arrivals plaza.

But you don’t need to worry about the long walk.

CocoCay has a dedicated tram to carry visitors to Coco Beach Club.

Private floating overwater cabanas available for rent at the Coco Beach ClubPin

Private floating cabanas are available for rent if you’re looking for a more exclusive space. Floating cabana rentals start at $999 to $1599.

Up to 8 people can rent an overwater cabana. The cabanas come with an overwater hammock, shower, and a slide that drops you into the sea.

30. Artisan Market

The Artisan Market is the perfect stop to pick up a souvenir and do a little shopping.

Make sure you bring cash, as your sea pass card won’t work at the market. The Artisan Market is the only spot at CocoCay that is cash-only.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Tips and Tricks

31. Free Things to do at CocoCay

While you can pay for several exciting shore excursions, there’s plenty to do for free around the island, including:

  • Splashaway Bay
  • Captain Jill Galleon
  • Skipper’s Grill
  • Chill Grill
  • Snack Shack
  • Oasis Lagoon
  • Beach chairs, loungers, hammocks, and umbrellas
  • Chill Island
  • South Beach
  • Sport’s courts
  • Freshwater showers
  • Lockers
  • Tram service
  • Airbrush tattoos
  • Beach access wheelchairs
  • Water and juices

32. The Best Times for Low Crowds at Thrill Waterpark

(Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International)

Thrill waterpark is one of the most popular attractions at CocoCay. You can expect it to be a bit busy with wait times for the water slides.

Though the lines are manageable and move pretty quickly, you may not want to spend your day waiting for your turn down the slide.

The best times for low crowds at Thrill Waterpark are:

  • Before 11:00 am
  • After 2:30 pm

33. There are Two Free Splash Pads

Thrill Waterpark provides heartstopping fun for the whole family. But if you want to save money, there are two free splash pads for kids.

Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill’s Galleon are located near the entrance, next to Arrival’s Plaza.

The complementary splash pads are great for families with younger kids. Both attractions feature water cannons, small slides, rope climbs, and more.

And there’s plenty of seating within eyesight for adults to supervise.

34. Save Money by Purchasing the Thrill Waterpark in Advance

If you want to visit Thrill Waterpark, you will save money by purchasing your admission before the cruise.

You can purchase tickets to the water park from your Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner. The tickets frequently go on sale before the cruise.

Once you’re on the ship or the island, be prepared to pay inflated prices for those same tickets.

If you want to save money, purchase your tickets before embarking on your cruise.

35. There is a Free Tram Service Around the Island

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a massive private island. If you’re not keen on walking under the hot Caribbean sun, keep an eye out for the complimentary tram service.

Walking down the pier, you’ll find a complimentary tram service that travels around the entire island.

The solar-powered trams make it easy to navigate the large island paradise.

Tram runs every 15 minutes with stops at:

  • Arrivals Plaza near Thrill Waterpark
  • Chill Island
  • Oasis Lagoon
  • South Beach
  • Coco Beach Club (there’s also a dedicated tram to the club during peak hours)

36. Create Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

The complimentary restaurants offer soft service ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

You can make your own DIY cookie ice cream sandwiches by dispensing soft serve between two cookies.

37. The Island is Home to Wildlife

Perfect Day at CocoCay is home to more than just white sand beaches and cruise passengers.

Keep your eye out for wild chickens, iguanas, and seagulls that inhabit the private island.

38. The Chairs and Umbrellas are Free to Use

Complimentary umbrella and chairs on Chill IslandPin

There are thousands of beach chairs and umbrellas around the island.

And they’re all free to use.

One of the best improvements from Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay renovation is a large amount of seating and umbrellas to provide shade.

You no longer need to hurry to the beach to save a spot. You’ll always be able to find a beach chair or lounger, even during the busiest times of the day.

39. You can Use Your SeaPass Card Almost Everywhere

Perhaps the biggest benefit to visiting a private island is that it acts as an extension of the cruise line. You can expect the same service, food, atmosphere, and amenities you’d find on the ship.

And just like on the ship, you can use your seapass card to make purchases around the island.

Guests can use their seapass cards to purchase Thrill Waterpark and Coco Beach Club admission, book shore excursions, and buy souvenirs and drinks.

The Artisan Market is the one place where they won’t accept your seapass card. So bring cash if you’re planning to shop there.

40. There’s No Breakfast on CocoCay

I recommend getting off the ship early in the morning to experience the island before it gets crowded.

But make sure you grab breakfast on the ship, as you won’t find breakfast on CocoCay.

The restaurants on the island don’t open until lunchtime. However, you will find coffee and pastries at the Coco Beach Club.

41. Book a Thrill Waterpark Cabana if Your Family is Going

Booking a cabana is not worth the high cost to most people.

However, booking a cabana can make sense if you’re a family of four to six visiting Thrill Waterpark.

Cabana purchases come with free admission to the waterpark for up to six guests. The free admission alone makes it worth the cost. It’s usually cheaper to purchase a cabana than six admission passes.

But there are other reasons to book a cabana.

A cabana makes for a great meeting spot if you’re traveling with small kids. The bright-colored cabana is easier for your kids to see among the sea of beach chairs, so they’re less likely to get lost.

And the cabana canopy provides excellent shade under the Caribbean sun.

It also makes for a great napping spot (something my dad can attest to.)

42. The Island Has a Year-Round Warm Climate

People having fun with colorful kayaks on the island Cococay, the private island post that’s owned by the Royal Caribbean cruise linePin

Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay is sunny year-round, with temperatures ranging between 72°F in January to 90°F in July.

The cool ocean breeze makes it comfortable for guests, even in the summer heat. And the overnight lows rarely drop below 70°F, allowing the water temperature to remain at a comfortable 72-84°F, depending on the season.

There’s not much rainfall on the island. However, rainfall is heavier during the summer months, particularly if there’s a nearby tropical storm.

Hurricanes rarely affect the Bahamas. And it’s unlikely a Hurricane would impact your cruise vacation. Though hurricane season runs June through November, cruise lines provide advance notice on itinerary changes.

43. You Can Get Towels if You Forget to Bring Your Own

It’s a common strategy to get towels on the boat and bring them with you to CocoCay. Following this strategy, you’ll need to bring the towels back to the ship. Otherwise, the cruise line may charge a fee.

If you prefer to avoid the hassle or don’t want to stay with the same towel all day, you can get fresh beach towels from towel stations around the island.

The towel stations are my preferred choice. If I swim multiple times during the day, I prefer to use a fresh towel.

And if you bought admission to Coco Beach Club, they have their own branded towels for guests.

44. You Can Snorkel at CocoCay

Woman snorkeling at CocoCays artificial reefPin

CocoCay offers snorkeling at an artificial reef located near Chill Island. The manmade reefs consist of an artificial plane crash and shipwrecks.

You can bring your own snorkeling gear or rent free from the Snorkle Shack.

The reef is close to the shore (only 20 or 30 yards out), and lifeguards are on hand for safety. The reef is home to fish, stingrays, jellyfish, and sea turtles.

Insider Tip

For clear waters and the best viewing conditions, it’s best to snorkel in the morning as the water can get cloudy during the afternoon.

45. You Can’t Wear a Rash Guard on the Slides

You might be surprised that the lifeguards at Thrill Waterpark have a strict policy against rash guards while going down the slides.

That’s because rash guards or shirts create drag that could bring you to a stop on the slide.

If you get to the platform with a rash guard, you’ll have to hold onto it while on the ride and put it back on at the bottom.

46. Thrill Waterpark Height and Weight Restrictions

Before you purchase your admission passes, it’s a good idea to look at the height and weight restrictions of the rides.

AttractionPlatform HeightHeight RequirementMaximum Weight Limit
Daredevil’s Peak® waterslide135 feet48 inches minimum300 lbs
Dueling Demons waterslides75 feet48 inches minimum300 lbs
Screeching Serpent waterslide50 feet48 inches minimum300 lbs
Green Mamba waterslide50 feet48 inches minimum300 lbs
Manta Raycers waterslides25 feet40 inches minimum300 lbs.
The Slingshot waterslide60 feet48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companionMax single person: 300 lbs.
Total raft weight limit: 550 lbs.
The Twister waterslide60 feet48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companionMax single person: 300 lbs.
Total raft weight limit: 550 lbs.
Splash Speedway waterslides40 feet 42 inches minimum300 lbs.
Adventure PoolN/AGuests under 42 inches  must wear a swim vest at all timesN/A
Wave PoolN/AGuests under 42 inches  must wear a swim vest at all timesN/A
Splashaway Bay slidesN/A36 inches minimum200 lbs

47. There are Free Lockers to Store Your Belongings

One of the biggest worries about visiting the beach or waterpark is the safety of your belongings. Fortunately, Royal Caribbean provides free lockers to store your valuables.

Lockers are located around the island at:

  • The entrance of Thrill Waterpark
  • By the Zip Lines
  • Chill Island
  • Near the Helium Ballon ride

48. Do the Balloon Ride Early in the Day

Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Ride is one of the most popular attractions at CocoCay. With no option to pre-book time slots, it’s common to find long lineups.

For the shortest lineups, visit the Balloon Ride early in the morning.

Additionally, the winds are calmest during the morning hours. If you wait until the afternoon, the ride may close if winds pick up.

Our strategy is to get off the boat early in the morning and make our way to the balloon ride. It’s our favorite attraction, so we ensure we can do it immediately. Afterward, we can head off to explore the rest of the island.

49. Try the Coco Loco

Skippers Grill Complimentary restaurant with Up, Up and Away Helium Balloon ride in the backgroundPin

Coco Loco is the official drink of Perfect Day at CocoCay.

The fruity frozen drink is perfect for staying cool during the afternoon. The beverage comes with rum, but there’s a non-alcoholic version for kids.

And as the name suggests, the drink is fantastic!

50. CocoCay Provides Complimentary Life Jackets

CocoCay provides complimentary life jackets for use around the island. If your child doesn’t know how to swim or isn’t a strong swimmer, you can borrow a life jacket from the pool attendant for free.

51. Drones are NOT Allowed

If you’re looking to capture an aerial view of the island, you’ll have to think again. Drones are not allowed at CocoCay.

Royal Caribbean prohibits the use of drones on the island. You can bring a drone on the ship to use another port of call. But, Royal Caribbean does not allow drones to be used on the vessel or at their private destinations, CocoCay and Labadee, Haiti.

Perfect Day at Cococay FAQs

Is Perfect Day at CocoCay Free?

Admission to CocoCay is free, with several free beaches, restaurants, and attractions. However, some activities have an added cost, such as Thrill Waterpark, Zip Lining, Coco Beach Club, and the hot air balloon ride.

Where is CocoCay?

CocoCay, also known as Little Stirrup Cay, is located in the Bahamas. The island is located approximately 55 miles north of Nassau and is part of the Berry Islands of Bahamas Cays. The island is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Group.

Is Food Included at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Skipper’s Grill, Chill Grill, and Snack Shack offer complimentary food and drink for passengers at CocoCay. The restaurants serve comfort foods like burgers, hot dogs, salads, and soft-serve ice cream.

How Much are Private Cabanas at CocoCay?

At Chill Island, Oasis Lagoon, and South Beach, eight-person cabanas are between $299 to $569. Private cabanas at Thrrill waterpark run $499 to $869. At CocoCay Beach Club, the floating cabanas are $949 to $1,599.

Is Perfect Day at CocoCay Accessible?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is accessible, but not at all attractions. Beach wheelchairs are available at no charge, and the Oasis Lagoon pool and infinity pool at Coco Beach Club have pool lifts. Additionally, the Wave Pool in Thrill Waterpark is wheelchair accessible.

Is CocoCay a Manmade Island?

CocoCay is a naturally occurring island discovered over 500 years ago by explorers. Royal Caribbean has renovated the island into a private cruise resort. Manmade enhancements include an artificial reef and pier for ships to dock.

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