What to Know Before Having Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony

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Champagne and caviar on balcony of cruise ship

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Cruise ships are a perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

The ocean breeze, drinks by the pool, and romantic accommodations with a balcony are enough to get anyone in the mood.

While at sea, you’re surrounded by nothing but the ocean. And with love in the air, you might feel adventurous enough to have sex on a cruise ship balcony.

Before you do, here’s what you need to know.

Can You Have Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony?

Champagne and caviar on balcony of cruise ship

It’s generally not ok to have sex on a cruise ship balcony. The balconies are not private, and other passengers might be able to see or hear you. There are also 24/7 security cameras.

If caught, the cruise line may kick you off the ship, especially on family-friendly cruise lines.

Here are five things you need to know before having sex on a cruise ship balcony.

It’s Not as Private as You Think

Champagne and caviar on balcony of cruise ship

Despite all appearances, a cruise ship balcony isn’t private.

The privacy screens have gaps on the bottom and where the screen meets the wall to allow wind to flow without putting strain on the divider.

And neighbors can easily peak around the side of the divider with a glance over the railing.

The dividers on most ships aren’t fully opaque, either. It is possible to see through them on some vessels.

And if worrying about neighboring cabins isn’t enough, some cruise ship designs mean balconies on the floors above you might have a full view of your “private veranda.”

For this reason, sunbathing naked might not be a good idea.

Other Passengers Will Hear You

Even if you’re entirely out of eyesight, sound travels farther than you might think.

People tend to make some noise while having sex. If you or your partner have a tough time keeping quiet, you should know that sound travels.

If it’s a nice day, other passengers will be out on their balconies. Or out on the pool deck to soak up the sun.

Sounds travel in all directions, meaning anyone on their balconies or outdoor decks might hear your lovemaking.

If you want to have sex on a cruise ship without judgment, you might want to try a lifestyle cruise.

There are Cameras

CCTV security camera on a cruise ship

Cruise ships have 24/7 surveillance systems that monitor most areas of the cruise ship. While individual balconies don’t have security cameras, security cameras monitor the vessel’s exterior.

Even if other passengers can’t see you, there’s a good chance your balcony is on camera.

If security catches you in the act, you will get an uncomfortable visit. It’s unlikely you’ll receive anything more than a verbal warning, but it’s embarrassing nonetheless.

You Could Get Kicked Off the Ship

While it’s fun to joke about, cruise ship balcony sex could be a serious matter. If caught, cruise lines reserve the right to disembark you at the next port.

You might be wondering why.

Well, public indecency is a crime. And cruise lines must enforce the law – even at sea.

Passengers caught breaking the law may be held in the ship’s jail and kicked off at the next port. Cruise ships may alert local authorities, depending on the severity of the offense and if the act breaks any local laws.

It’s not just speculation.

In 2019, a couple was kicked off a TUI cruise ship for, as they put it, “having sex too loudly.” And the kicker, the couple were doing it in their cabin.

But, by leaving the cabin balcony door open, other passengers heard the passionate sounds and alerted the crew to a disturbance. Cruise ship security disembarked the loving couple at the captain’s orders.

The couple believes they were removed for being too loud. However, it could also be because they were caught smoking on the balcony.

Either way, it may not be worth the risk to have sex on a cruise balcony.

You Could Go Overboard

A loving couple enjoying a cruise ship vacation from their balcony cabin overlooking the ocean horizon at sunset

While in the middle of lovemaking, things can get passionate. And depending on your position of choice, it may put you in danger of falling overboard.

In 2007, a man and woman fell into the ocean while having sex on the balcony.

Allegedly the 22-year-old man jumped into the water after accidentally knocking his 20-year-old partner overboard.

The incident occurred in the middle of the night. And miraculously, both passengers survived. The man was found naked, and the cruise ship rescued his female companion thirty minutes later.

Incredibly, neither passenger suffered life-threatening injuries.

Final Thoughts

If you book a balcony cabin, you may want to spend some time outdoors enjoying the company of your partner.

But if you choose to have sex on your cruise balcony, it’s best to stay quiet and avoid hanging off the railing. Other passengers may witness you doing the deed, and you might be caught on cruise ship security cameras.

Despite the risk of early disembarkation or other passengers catching you in the act, past cruisers on social media are more than willing to share stories of their balcony adventures.

If you take advantage of your balcony for adult activities, do so safely.

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