What to Know Before Having Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony

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Champagne and caviar on balcony of cruise ship

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Imagine the endless ocean as your backdrop and the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. You’re on a cruise ship, and the thrill of an intimate encounter on your private balcony is a fantasy for many. For some, it’s a daring escapade too tempting to resist.

In this article, we’ll dive into the risqué topic of whether you can have sex on your cruise ship balcony. You’ll discover why it’s a bucket list item for adventurous couples and how to get away with it.

So, let’s set sail on this titillating journey and explore what makes balcony rendezvous on the high seas so alluring.

Can You Have Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony?

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In general, you cannot have sex on a cruise ship balcony. Cruise balconies are not as private as you might think, and other passengers might be able to see or hear you. There are also 24/7 security cameras.

If caught, the cruise line may kick you off the ship, especially on family-friendly cruise lines.

Here are five things you need to know before having sex on a cruise ship balcony.

People Will See You

You might think you’ve got all the privacy in the world, secluded on your balcony, but don’t be fooled. A cruise ship balcony isn’t private.

Other passengers and possibly crew members can often see right onto your balcony, primarily from higher decks, neighboring verandas, or even the bridge. No matter how secluded you feel, there’s always a risk of being in someone else’s line of sight.

The privacy screens have gaps on the bottom and sides where the screen meets the floors and walls. The gaps allow wind to flow without strain on the divider, allowing your neighbors to see into your balcony.

Your cabin neighbors can quickly peek through the gaps in the dividers or glance over the railing.

The dividers on most ships aren’t fully opaque, either. While you won’t see everything, sometimes you can make out the silhouette of the passengers beside you.

For these reasons, topless sunbathing on a cruise ship isn’t a good idea.

Other Passengers Will Hear You

Even if you’re entirely out of eyesight, sound travels farther than you think.

People tend to make some noise while having sex. You should know that sound travels if you or your partner have difficulty keeping quiet.

Other passengers will be out on their balconies if it’s a nice day. Or out on the pool deck to soak up the sun.

Sounds travel in all directions, especially on the open ocean. Anyone on their balconies or outdoor decks might hear your lovemaking if you’re making noise.

If you want to have sex on a cruise ship without judgment, you might want to try a lifestyle or swingers cruise.

There are Cameras

CCTV security camera on a cruise shipPin

Security is tight on cruise ships, and surveillance systems are in place to ensure passenger safety. While your private veranda isn’t under surveillance, cameras monitoring the ship’s exterior have a wide view and could capture activity on your balcony.

Be aware that cruise ship security cameras are there to detect safety concerns, but they can also pick up other kinds of deck activities.

Even if other passengers can’t see you, there’s a good chance your balcony is on camera.

If security catches you in the act, you will get an uncomfortable visit. You’re unlikely to receive anything more than a verbal warning, but it’s embarrassing.

You Could Get Kicked Off the Ship

It’s not just about getting caught in the act; the consequences could extend further. If the ship’s staff deems your balcony activities a violation of cruise policy, you could be subject to disciplinary action. 

Cruise lines reserve the right to disembark you at the next port if caught.

You might be wondering why.

Well, public indecency is a crime. And cruise lines must enforce the law – even at sea.

Passengers caught breaking the law may be held in the cruise ship’s jail and kicked off at the next port. Cruise ships may alert local authorities, depending on the severity of the offense and if the act breaks any local laws.

It’s not just speculation.

In 2019, a couple was kicked off a TUI cruise ship for, as they put it, “having sex too loudly.” The kicker is that the couple was doing it in their cabin.

But, by leaving the cabin balcony cabin door open, other passengers heard the passionate sounds and alerted the crew to a disturbance. Cruise ship security disembarked the loving couple at the captain’s orders.

The couple believes the cruise line removed them for being too loud. However, it could also be because cruise ship security caught them smoking on the balcony.

Either way, cruise ship balcony sex might not be worth the risk.

You Could Go Overboard

While in the middle of lovemaking, things can get passionate. Depending on your position of choice, it may put you in danger of falling overboard.

Taking risks can be thrilling, but they can be downright dangerous on a cruise ship balcony. Balconies are designed for safety under everyday use, not for the unpredictable movements that come with sex.

In 2007, a man and woman fell into the ocean while having sex on the balcony.

Allegedly, the 22-year-old man jumped into the water after accidentally knocking his 20-year-old partner overboard.

The incident occurred in the middle of the night. Miraculously, both passengers survived. The man was found naked, and the cruise ship rescued his female companion thirty minutes later.

Incredibly, neither passenger suffered life-threatening injuries.

How to Get Away With It

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Getting intimate on a cruise ship balcony can land you in hot water. But hey, I get it, you’re curious!

So, if you’re considering sneaking in a bit of romance, here are some friendly tips to stay under the radar.

Remember, it’s all about being smart and discreet!

Book a Cove Balcony or Infinite Veranda

Choosing the correct type of balcony is crucial when planning a romantic getaway on a cruise ship to maintain privacy, especially for intimate moments.

A cove balcony is an excellent choice for those seeking discretion. These balconies are typically located on lower decks and are more enclosed than traditional balconies, offering a greater sense of seclusion.

Cove balconies have higher walls and limited sightlines from above, and the sides provide a cocoon-like atmosphere. A cove balcony cabin is ideal for intimate moments without attracting attention.

You’ll find Cove Balconies on the lower decks of Carnival’s Excel, Vista, and Dream classes. Cove balconies are also available on P&O Iona and Arvia and some Cunard Line and Disney cruise ships.

The infinite veranda on Celebrity Edge-class ships offers similar privacy as they feature full floor-to-ceiling walls without gaps.

However, it’s important to remember that cove balconies offer more privacy but are not completely secluded. It’s essential to remain aware of your surroundings and respect fellow passengers.

Discretion and quick judgment are key in ensuring your private moments stay private.

Wait Until You’re at Sea

A loving couple enjoying a cruise ship vacation from their balcony cabin overlooking the ocean horizon at sunset The couple is waiting until the vessel is at sea to have sex on a cruise ship balcony.Pin

Timing is everything when discreetly enjoying intimate moments on your balcony. You may not want to wait to do the act, but always wait until the ship is moving at sea and away from the port. When docked or near land, the vessel and its balconies are often visible to people outside the cruise ship, increasing the likelihood of being seen.

However, the open waters, once at sea, provide a natural barrier to prying eyes, offering greater privacy.

Furthermore, consider the time of day. Nighttime, especially late hours, is typically quieter and ensures fewer people are around. The cover of darkness can also provide an additional layer of privacy from cameras and onlookers.

But remember, just because it’s dark doesn’t mean you’re invisible. It’s essential to keep noise levels down and remain vigilant of your surroundings.

Book a Balcony with a Hot Tub

Booking a balcony with a hot tub can be a game-changer for those looking to add an extra touch of luxury and privacy to their cruise experience. Hot tub balconies are not just about the luxury they offer but also privacy. The structure of the hot tub itself creates a natural screen, making it more challenging for others to see into your balcony. 

Enjoying a hot tub under the stars at sea can be a romantic and intimate experience.

The following cruise lines offer balconies with private hot tubs:

  • Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suite
  • Pinnacle Suites on Holland America Lines Eurodam
  • Some suites on MSC cruise ships, including the MSC Seaside Suite with Whirlpool Bath
  • Haven and Spa Suites on Norwegian Escape
  • Owner’s Suites on Norwegian Sky

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