Virgin Voyages Cabins Guide

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The sea terrace cabin on Scarlet lady with curtains bed and tv

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Embarking on a journey with Virgin Voyages promises a luxurious and unique experience, and their cabins are no exception. The designs of superyachts inspire Virgin’s cruise ships, and each cabin has been thoughtfully crafted to provide not just a place to sleep but a remarkable space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Virgin Voyages cabins offer comfort and style without compromise.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, these versatile cabins can easily accommodate one to four guests. Each space is equipped with roomy rain showers and innovative mood lighting to create the perfect retreat after a day of exploring diverse destinations or indulging in onboard activities.

Virgin Voyages’ cabins certainly play their part in making the ultimate cruise experience and crafting lifelong memories.

Virgin Voyages Cabins and Categories

The sea terrace cabin on Scarlet lady with curtains bed and tvPin

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Brilliant Lady, and Radiant Lady offer 1408 passenger cabins and suites with accommodations for 2,770 guests.

The 1,408 passenger cabins include 78 suites, 1,030 Sea Terrace, 95 Sea View, and 105 Insider cabins. It is worth noting that 86% of the cabins have balconies, and 93% of the cabins offer an outside view.

Virgin Voyages offers four cabin categories to cater to different preferences and budgets. These well-designed cabins ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, enhancing your cruise vacation.

  • Insider cabins are perfect for travelers seeking a cozy space with all the essentials. These cabins are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, featuring space-saving and innovative touches like foldable sea beds. There’s no ocean view, but Insider cabins are the cheapest accommodations on the ship.
  • Sea View cabins offer guests a beautiful porthole view of the ocean. These rooms come in two sizes: Solo Sea View, accommodating one guest with 130 square feet of space, and the standard Sea View, accommodating up to three guests with 190 square feet.
  • Sea Terrace cabins provide extra space and boast balconies, allowing you to enjoy a private outdoor area with a fantastic ocean view. These rooms are perfect for those who appreciate the tranquility of the sea or want to indulge in some sunbathing.
  • Rockstar Quarters are luxurious suites offering exclusive benefits and unparalleled amenities, including access to a private outdoor living area, a stocked bar, and priority reservations.
  • Mega Rockstar Quarters are the ultimate accommodations. They provide the ultimate experience as if you are a rockstar.


Virgin Voyages Insider cabins offer stylish and cozy accommodations. The staterooms don’t feature any exterior views, but they are cheap, making them great options for cruising on a budget.

There are three types of insider cabins.

  • Solo Insider offers solo accommodations without charging a solo supplement. They are ideal if you plan on cruising along. The 130-square-foot cabin includes a bed, wardrobe, desk, TV, bathroom, and rainshower.
  • The Insider provides space for two to three sailors. The 177-square-foot cabins offer everything you need to enjoy a comfortable cruise vacation.
  • Social Insider is a 177-square-foot cabin with two Pullman-style bunk beds accommodating up to four passengers.

Though small, Insider cabins feature a well-thought-out layout that maximizes space. The intelligent design promises a comfortable and relaxing stay.

But don’t let the small size scare you away.

There’s so much to do on the cruise ship that you won’t spend much time in your Insider cabin. Insider cabins are great choices because they are so cheap. Although you don’t have any views of the exterior, it’s only a short elevator ride to the top decks for the best ocean views.

Sea View

The Sea View cabins perfectly blend style, comfort, and functionality. These

Virgin Voyages offers two types of Ocean View cabins:

  • Solo Sea View is perfect for solo travelers. The 130-square-foot cruise ship cabin waives the solo supplement and provides excellent accommodations with a porthole for ocean views.
  • Sea View cabins are 190 square feet and sleep up to three passengers.

The Sea View cabin category offers two variations: Solo Sea View and Standard Sea View. The Solo Sea View is perfect for a single guest, offering 130 square feet of personal space, while the Standard Sea View can accommodate up to 3 guests, providing them with a more spacious 190 square feet to enjoy.

In addition to the mesmerizing ocean view, these cabins are equipped with clever cabin technology like ambient mood lighting and motion sensors to enhance your experience.

Sea Terrace

Virgin Voyages balcony cabins, called Sea Terrace cabins, make up the majority of cabins on Virgin Voyages ships.

There are four categories of sea terrace cabins on Virgin Voyages:

  • Limited View Sea Terrace offers balcony accommodations but with one major difference. Your view may be blocked by a lifeboat or a structure of the ship. This stateroom is commonly called an obstructed view cabin on other cruise lines.
  • Sea Terrace is the standard balcony cabin. This category tends to be located forward or aft of the ship.
  • Central Sea Terrace, as the name suggests, this Sea Terrace accommodation offers a central location on the ship. The central location is the best cabin location because you’ll feel less motion-preventing seasickness on your cruise. Its central location also means you are closer to the ship’s facilities.
  • XL Sea Terrace offers more spacious accommodations and a split bathroom and shower. The XL Sea Terrace is 265 square feet, or around 18% larger than the standard Sea Terrace cabin.

The Sea Terrace cabins feature European queen-sized transitional Seabeds that are both cozy and functional. The upgraded bathroom experiences are equipped with Roomy Rainshowers, providing a touch of luxury for guests.

The cabins have spacious closet storage, but we did find a lack of storage aside from the closet.

My favorite feature is the signature red hammock on the terrace. There’s a red hammock on every balcony of the cruise ship. It provides a great aesthetic for the vessel but is also incredibly relaxing.

After sailing on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, I can’t believe more cruise ships don’t offer hammocks.

Rockstar Quarters

Rockstar Quarters give you a taste of luxury with premium suite accommodations and prestigious perks to match.

Virgin’s RockStar Quarters are designed by Tom Dixon and feature fully stocked bars. Of course, every suite features Virgin’s signature terrace hammock.

  • Suite Aft Suite provides an Instagram-worthy wake view, peek-a-boo shower, record deck, curated bar, and a bar set to unleash your inner mixologist. The suites range from 416 to 661 square feet and sleep two.
    • Pretty Big Terrace sleeps up to two guests with 416 to 418 square feet.
    • Even Bigger Terrace sleeps up to two sailors with 459 to 504 square feet.
    • Biggest Terrace sleeps up to two guests with 557 to 661 square feet.
  • Seriously Suite is the most popular suite category according to Virgin Voyages. The 352 square foot space sleeps 2, with a prime location at the midship deck 12. The Rockstar suite features a large marble bathroom, a peek-a-boo shower window, and an outdoor Champagne table.
  • Cheeky Corner Suite is a 615 to 857 square foot suite with an expansive terrace overlooking the ship’s wake. The Cheeky Corner Suite also features a large wardrobe and corner sofa.
  • Brilliant Suite is a 482-square-foot cabin with an open floor plan and space for up to four passengers thanks to the convertible sofa.

Rockstars receive the following perks:

  • Access to Richard’s Rooftop. A private members-only sundeck with lavish cocktail hours, ocean views, and late-night parties.
  • A stocked bar with curated drinks to enjoy in your suite or on the terrace.
  • Priority access and early booking for restaurants, events, shore excursions, and experiences.
  • Rockstar Agents are available 24/7 to help you maximize your voyage.

Mega Rockstar Quarters

The Mega Rockstar Quarters offer the top accommodations for guests who want to experience the best of what the cruise line has to offer. These exclusive suites embody the spirit of a true rockstar and cater to guests who appreciate top-tier luxury, prime access, and personalized service.

There are several types of Mega Rockstar Quarters available on Virgin Voyages, including:

  • Massive Suite: Spanning an impressive 2,147 square feet, this is the largest and most incredible suite on board. Featuring a bottomless in-room bar, a hot tub perfect for stargazing, and access to Richard’s Rooftop, a members-only sundeck, the Massive Suite leaves no detail unattended.
  • Fab Suite: This 950-square-foot suite offers a stylish space for guests to relax and unwind. With chic furnishings and modern touches, the Fab Suite provides a cozy yet glamorous retreat.
  • Posh Suite: Slightly smaller in size at 833 square feet, the Posh Suite still packs a luxurious punch. This suite boasts access to Richard’s Rooftop and other exclusive amenities available to Rockstar Quarters guests.
  • Gorgeous Suite: At 570 square feet, the Gorgeous Suite is a sophisticated space to indulge in the rockstar lifestyle. With elegantly designed interiors and access to Richard’s Rooftop, guests will feel pampered and well cared for.

Booking the Rockstar Quarters is more than just top-notch accommodation.

Staying in the Rockstar Quarters grants guests prime access to various onboard experiences, such as lavish cocktail hours and late-night parties under the stars at Richard’s Rooftop. Additionally, guests in these suites receive 24/7 attention from Rockstar Agents who cater to their every need.

Rockstar sailors also receive additional perks to match their rockstar status.

  • Access to Richard’s Rooftop. A private members-only sundeck with lavish cocktail hours, ocean views, and late-night parties.
  • Priority access and early booking for restaurants, events, shore excursions, and experiences.
  • A daily Bar Tab with complimentary drinks and bottles of wine around the ship. (Subject to limits.)
  • Complimentary access to the Thermal Suite in the Redemption Spa.
  • Complimentary parking and private transfers to and from the ship (where available).
  • A Mega Rockstar Agent personally dedicated to your needs and services.
  • Fully-stocked in-cabin mini bar.
  • Premium Virgin Voyages WiFi on Caribbean sailings.

In summary, Virgin Voyages’ Rockstar Quarters are perfect for travelers who desire a high-end, personalized experience with exclusive access to some of the best amenities on the cruise line. These suites offer a taste of the rockstar lifestyle, ensuring guests have a truly unforgettable cruise vacation.

Cabin Features and Amenities

Virgin Voyages cabins boast a modern and sophisticated design, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the cruising experience. The modern and bright color scheme is a nice change from the warm and dark cabins on other cruise lines.

One of the key features of Virgin’s cabins is the clever technology hidden throughout the stateroom. The ambient lighting, automatic opening and closing blinds, iPad room controls, and motion sensors elevate the cabin experience in a subtle way.

Some of the amenities included in Virgin Voyages cabins are:

  • Roomy rainshower: Beautiful spa-like rainfall showers. Perfect for taller passengers.
  • Mood lighting: Set the perfect ambiance with fully adjustable lighting.
  • Clever cabin control: Manage all in-room functionalities using an in-cabin iPad.
  • Large flat-screen TV: Enjoy a variety of entertainment options, including TV shows and new movie releases.
  • In-room mini-bar: Keep your drinks cold and satisfy your thirst with a mini-bar.
  • Bathroom necessities: complimentary products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand wash.
  • Hairdryer: Have a salon-quality hairdryer available for your convenience.
  • In-room safe: Protect your valuables in a secure safe that accommodates a 17″ laptop.
  • PIR motion sensors: Motion sensors activate the terrace curtains when you enter the room. The curtains close when you leave, keeping your room cool and conserving energy.
  • Plenty of outlets and USB chargers: You won’t need a power bar to charge your devices.

Virgin Voyages Sea Bed

Virgin Voyages offers a unique sleeping experience for its passengers. One of the key features of the Virgin Voyages sea bed is its transformable nature.

The versatile sea bed found is an L-shaped sofa during the day and converts to a Queen bed or two twin beds at night.

During the day, the bed can be converted into a comfortable L-shaped seating area. It’s great to lounge and watch tv while providing more floor space in the cabin.

At night, the sea bed transforms into a Queen size bed or two singles at the press of a button.

The elegant design of the bed seamlessly integrates into the room’s overall aesthetic.

The bed was a bit firmer than I’d liked, but we quickly got used to it. And after a long day of exploration and a night of partying, I had no issue falling asleep.


Virgin Voyages cabins offer beautiful, modern bathrooms. The bathrooms are smaller than on other cruise lines, but their layout makes them feel a bit less awkward.

Large mirrors and ample lighting make getting ready for a night out on the ship enjoyable. Additionally, the bathrooms offer complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap.

The showers in the Virgin Voyages bathrooms feature rainfall showerheads, which we instantly loved. The showers also use a sliding door, a step up from the traditional shower curtain.


The closets are fairly standard for a cruise ship.

You’ll find shelves, drawers, a shoe rack, and a clothes bar with hangers. One of the shelves holds the in-cabin safe for storing your valuables.

The clothes bar uses a curtain instead of doors. The curtain wasn’t an issue, but it did hide the light switches and the “do not disturb” button.

I’m not sure why Virgin placed the switches behind the curtain. It seems more logical to place them on the bathroom wall, which is easier to access.

While the closet is a standard size, it was pretty much the only storage we had in our cabin. The desk was more of a floating shelf without any drawers. So most of our belongings were stored under the bed.

Design and Collaboration

Virgin Voyages cabins are known for their innovative and stylish design, evoking a sense of luxury and comfort for their passengers. They have collaborated with renowned designer Tom Dixon, who played a pivotal role in creating the unique and modern look of Virgin Voyages cabins.

When discussing his creative process for the cabins, Dixon said, “I quite like coming at something from a completely different angle and presumably there is a method to that madness.” He added, “If you’re going to be disruptive then maybe you shouldn’t know that much about how a cruise line is currently operated.”

The staterooms offer an elegant, comfortable environment. The bright colors are a major improvement over other cruise lines’ warm and darker cabins.

Cabin technology is a key aspect of Virgin’s cruise ship cabins. From mood lighting to innovative cabin layouts and the transformative seabed to the digital do not disturb buttons, the technology ensures a one-of-a-kind experience for all passengers.

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