Virgin Voyages Dress Code and What to Wear on Your Cruise

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Virgin Scarlet Lady docked in PortMiami Terminal V cruise port

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When it comes to cruising, Virgin Voyages has shaken up the industry with its fresh approach to style. The cruise line offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere, encouraging passengers to embrace their style and comfort while sailing the high seas.

Virgin Voyages’ dress code is very inclusive of celebrating passengers’ freedom of expression and personality. According to the cruise line, “We always want all of our Sailors to feel comfortable. We encourage you to wear more than a bathing suit if you go to a restaurant and kindly consider shoes, but your style is yours. Who are we to judge?”

The cruise line’s onboard policies emphasize comfort and self-expression, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy a more laid-back and relaxed vacation experience.

Virgin Voyages Dress Code

Virgin Scarlet Lady docked in PortMiami Terminal V cruise portPin

The Virgin Voyages dress code is very relaxed. The cruise lines want sailors (their name for guests) to feel comfortable expressing their personal style. Guests are encouraged to wear more than a bathing suit in a Virgin Voyages restaurant and consider wearing shoes, but there are no formal attire requirements.

Virgin Voyages website sums up the dress code as “Dress Up. Dress Down. Just Dress.”

Virgin Voyages is about creating a unique and relaxed atmosphere for its sailors. They encourage everyone to feel comfortable and let their personal style shine.

Virgin Voyages has no strict dress code, so feel free to dress up or down as you please.

On Scarlet Lady, we found a wide range of passenger styles and attire. Some passengers wore formal wear, while others opted for bathing suits and tank tops.

However, we found that most passengers dressed casually during the day and semi-casual or business-casual in the evening.

Of course, you’ll want to bring your best party clothing when you visit the ship’s nightclub, The Manor. But feel free to dress how you feel most comfortable.

Special Events

During your Virgin Voyages cruise, there are two special events; Scarlet Night and the Pajama Party.

There’s no requirement to dress up for the events. And you can attend without the suggested clothing.

But late-night parties are much more fun when you dress the part.

Scarlet Night Dress Code

A photo of Marcello and Victoria dressed in red on Virgin Voyages dress code for Scarlet nightPin
Here’s a photo of us on Scarlet Night

Scarlet Night is the signature event on Virgin Voyages, where passengers dress in red and participate in a pool deck dance party under the stars. Scarlet Night is a dynamic and unconventional party that celebrates individuality and encourages everyone to enjoy the fun.

The dress code for Scarlet Night is centered around the theme of “wear something red.” Sailors can interpret this as they wish – be it a red outfit, a red accessory, or even just a touch of red makeup.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and show off your personality!

There’s no requirement to dress in red. But in our experience, around 95% of people dress in red for Scarlet Night.

Pajama Party

The Pajama Party is another exciting event on Virgin Voyages, where sailors are encouraged to embrace their inner child and enjoy a night of fun and comfort.

For this event, the dress code is simple – wear your favorite pajamas!

Whether you prefer a cozy onesie, a classic nightshirt, or a chic silk set, the key is to feel relaxed and at ease. So grab your comfy sleepwear and join in the festivities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Wear On Virgin Voyages Scarlet Night?

On Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Night, you are encouraged to dress in red. That could be a red shirt, dress, accessory, or a touch of red makeup.

Are There Formal Nights On Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages does not have traditional formal nights like some other cruise lines. Instead, they encourage you to dress up or down according to your preference. There’s no strict dress code, but clothing is mandatory.

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