Virgin Voyages Sailing Club Loyalty Program (Ultimate Guide)

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Scarlet Lady moored in the Ligurian port in Genoa Italy

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Virgin Voyages’ long-awaited loyalty program is finally here.

Well… almost.

Ahead of the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club official debut in 2023, Virgin Voyages provided a temporary loyalty program with exclusive benefits for guests. The brief program offers a glimpse of what we can expect when the program officially arrives.

For now, sailors, the name given to Virgin’s cruise guests, receive several perks based on three status tiers. The highest tier rewards the brand’s early adopters who sailed with Virgin in 2019.

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club Basics

Virgin Voyages cruise ship named  Valiant Lady  moored in the Cagliari harbor in the morning

Virgin Voyages has announced the first details of its upcoming Sailing Club loyalty program set to debut in 2023.

The program rewards frequent sailors with exclusive perks and benefits.

In the announcement, Nirmal Saverimuttu, President and Chief Experience Officer, said, “we are thrilled to introduce The Sailing Club and offer our loyal Sea-Blazers and Sea-Rovers our 2022 Perks Program as a thank you for being our biggest fans.”

The cruise line is still working on the long-term program, but guests are now eligible for two temporary perks on the next few months of sailings.

Scarlet Lady moored in the Ligurian port in Genoa Italy

The first perk is Deep Blue Extras, a collection of free perks available for qualifying sailors on sailings from September through December 2022.

To qualify for Deep Blue Extras, sailors must be either a Sea-Blazer, Sea-Rover, or Match & Sea More Sailors (more on that later).

Deep Blue Extras provides guests with perks that include:

  • One free Shake for Champagne
  • Anytime boarding
  • Complimentary premium Wi-Fi package (when available)
  • Access to exclusive cocktail parties
  • Free laundry service

The second perk introduces Red Hot Booking Bonus Months. From August 30, 2022, to November 15, 2022, qualifying bookings are eligible for $200 in Sailor Loot (onboard credit).

As an additional bonus, qualifying bookings provide guests with chances to win free vacations, Virgin Points, and more.

Virgin Voyages provided a sneak peek at one of the prizes, which includes a trip to Ulusaba, Richard Branson’s private game reserve in South Africa.

Bookings using existing voyage credits are not eligible for the promotion.

Rewarding Past and Present Guests with Tokens

Close up of virgin voyages signature Red funnel on Valiant Lady cruise ship

Virgin Voyages has taken a welcome step by providing perks to past guests.

In other words, you will be eligible for the rewards program if you sailed on Virgin Voyages in the past two years, all the way back to the line’s inception.

But, here’s where it gets complicated.

Leading up to the 2023 launch of the Sailing Club, Virgin introduced Tokens to track past and present passenger spending.

Any money spent with Virgin Voyages since its inception is counted as tokens.

Virgin Voyages passengers receive credit for past and current purchases in the form of tokens. Purchases made during Virgin’s Red Hot Booking Bonus Months promotion are also eligible for tokens.

According to Virgin Voyages, Tokens are used to level up loyalty status and provide a fast track to higher tiers when the new program officially debuts in 2023.

Token counts will factor into guests’ benefits and rewards.

The number of tokens you receive depends on your loyalty status.

Loyalty Program Tiers

Initially, the program divides guests into three program tiers. In addition to the perks listed above, program members are eligible for additional perks.

The three temporary program tiers are:

  • Sea-Blazers: In Virgin’s words, Sea-Blazers are the cruise line’s “pioneers.” These guests sailed with the cruise line in 2021. In addition to the above perks, Sea-Blazers receive a $125 Bar Tab Bonus every time they sail with the cruise line for the rest of their lives. This perk fulfills Virgin’s promise in 2021 and rewards the line’s first passengers for their support. Guests at the Sea-Blazer status level receive four tokens for every dollar spent during the Red Hot Booking Months promotion.
  • Sea-Rovers: These are sailors who sailed with Virgin Voyages at least twice in 2022. Sea-Rovers receive the above two perks plus a $100 Bar Tab bonus on sailings now through 2024. Guests at the Sea-Rover tier receive four tokens for every dollar spent during the Red Hot Booking Months promotion.
  • Match & Sea More Sailors: Travellers enrolled in other cruise line loyalty programs (and select airline loyalty programs). The Match & Sea More Sailors receive a $100 Bar Tab Bonus for two years through 2024. Guests at this status tier will get one token for every dollar spent. To redeem your Match & Sea More status, simply submit your proof of membership here, and book a Virgin Voyage sailing.

Guests not in Sea-Blazer or Sea-Rover status will receive one token for every dollar spent.

On behalf of Virgin Voyages, Nirmal Saverimuttu, President and Chief Experience Officer, said, “we look forward to welcoming our future Match & Sea More Sailors to experience setting sail the Virgin Way. And to those who aren’t Sea-Rovers yet, there is plenty of time to treat yourself to an award-winning, exclusively adult, kid-free vacation twice in 2022 and unlock a world of benefits with Virgin Voyages.”

The Future of The Sailing Club

Virgin Voyages cruise ship Scarlet Lady leaves the Port of Miami at sunset for a cruise out on the Atlantic Ocean under a blue sky with a few clouds

Virgin Voyages is looking for passenger feedback as they fine-tune their loyalty program.

The cruise line asks guests and fans for input on the perks they want to see most when the program officially debuts in 2023.

The cruise line is taking suggestions at

Virgin Voyages also asks for volunteers to participate in surveys and focus groups. If you’re interested, you can find the details at

The Sailing Club will launch in 2023 with exclusive perks and rewards for loyalty club members.

The new program is separate from the Virgin Red and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club programs connected to other Virgin Group brands.

Loyalty program members of other Virgin Group brands can redeem Virgin Points on sailings on Virgin Voyages cruise ships, Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady. Capital One cardholders receive the same offers through Virgin Red’s partnership with Capital One.

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