Celebrity Cruises Drink Package: Ultimate Guide

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A orange cocktail ordered at a bar on the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse

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When you sail with Celebrity Cruises, you no longer need to consider purchasing a drinks package. Every Celebrity cruise includes a drink package, gratuities, and basic Wi-Fi with the “Always Included” cruise fare.

Including the Celebrity Cruises drink package with the standard fare provides a more all-inclusive approach to cruising.

If the Classic package isn’t enough, you can always upgrade to the Premium drinks package, which includes higher-priced beverages, large martinis, and Champagne.

But is the drink package worth it on Celebrity Cruises?

We’ve got all the details and a simple calculator to help you decide if Celebrity Cruises drink packages are right for you.

Keep reading to learn all about the beverage packages, or click the link to visit the drink package calculator.

Celebrity Cruises Drink Package

Celebrity Cruises offers four drink packages:

  • Classic Package: Starting at $89 per day
  • Premium Package: Starting at $109 per day
  • Zero Proof Drink Package: Starting at $30 per day

Classic Package

A orange cocktail ordered at a bar on the cruise ship Celebrity EclipsePin

Celebrity Cruises’ Classic Beverage Package is popular among Celebrity guests.

The Classic package starts at $89 per person per day and includes the following up to $10 per drink:

  • Beers
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • Liqueurs
  • Frozen drinks
  • Non-premium bottled water
  • Specialty coffees and teas
  • Juices
  • Soda
  • Vitamin Water
  • Red Bull

You receive a complimentary Classic drink package when you purchase the Celebrity Cruises “Always Included” cruise fare. The “all-inclusive” cruise fare includes the beverage package bundled with your cruise fare, among other extras.

The selection of beverages covered by the drinks package covers most of the beers and wines on the ship.

You also receive a 15% discount on bottles of wine.

What if you want to purchase a drink over $10?

It’s simple. If you want to purchase a drink that costs more than $10, you will only be charged the difference plus a 20% gratuity on the difference.

Premium Package

Celebrity cruise drink packages martini barPin
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

The Premium Package is a good option if you want higher-priced drinks.

Premium Package starts at $109 per person per day and includes the following up to $15 per drink:

  • Beers
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • Liqueurs
  • Frozen drinks
  • Non-premium bottled water
  • Specialty coffees and teas
  • Juices
  • Soda
  • Vitamin Water
  • Red Bull

The premium package covers most drinks offered at the onboard bars and restaurants.

With the premium package, you also get a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

The normal price for the package is $109 per person per day. But, when you receive the Classic package as part of the Always Included fare, you can upgrade to the premium package for only $12 per person per day.

The premium drinks package is your best option for a truly all-inclusive experience on your Celebrity cruise.

Zero Proof Drink Package

Celebrity Cruises Drink Package kids beveragePin
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

The Zero Proof Drink Package is Celebrity Cruises’ non-alcoholic drink package.

The Zero Proof Drink Package starts at $30 per person per day and includes the following:

  • Zero-proof cocktails (Frozen & Non-Frozen)
  • Sodas
  • Fresh squeezed juices
  • Premium coffees and teas
  • Bottled water
  • Vitamin Water
  • Red Bull

Is it Worth Upgrading to the Premium Beverage Package?

Passengers enjoying the Celebrity Cruises beverage package on the magic carpet barPin
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

If you have the Classic drink package in your Always Included fare, you might wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the Premium beverage package.

Remember, if you have the Classic package, you can upgrade to the Premium drink package for $12 per person per day.

For most beer and wine drinkers, the upgrade to the premium package isn’t worth it because many of the included drinks are already included in the Classic Beverage Package.

There’s no benefit to upgrading unless you want to purchase higher-priced cocktails, beers, and fine wine.

I would only suggest upgrading if you want a particular brand or prefer to drink higher-priced beverages such as cocktails or gluten-free beer.

How to Upgrade to the Premium Beverage Packages

Bartender on a Celebrity Cruise ShipPin
(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

So, you’ve received the Classic drink package with your Always Included fare but want to upgrade to the premium package. Now, how do you upgrade?

Celebrity Cruises allows guests to upgrade their drink package costs $12 per person per day.

The first way to upgrade your beverage packages is to upgrade only your drink packages from the Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Package.

After you upgrade, you will receive all of the benefits of the premium package.

But there is another way to upgrade that may save you more money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to the Premium Drinks Package?

Guests can upgrade from the Classic Beverage Packages to the Premium Beverage Packages for an additional $12 per person per day.

What is the Drinking Age on Celebrity Cruises?

The minimum drinking age on Celebrity Cruises that sail in North America is 21. The minimum drinking age for Celebrity cruises in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand is 18.

Do Guests Under the Drinking Age Get the Classic Beverage Package?

Guests under the legal drinking age at the time of sailing will get the full benefits of the drinks package when purchasing the Always Included fare, except non-alcoholic beverages.

Can You Use Your Celebrity Drinks Package In The Restaurants?

Yes. You can use your Celebrity Cruises drink packages at the onboard restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Do Celebrity Cruises Drink Packages Limit the Number of Drinks You Can Order?

Unlike some cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises does not limit the number of drinks you can order daily. However, a bartender or staff member can refuse to serve anyone they deem intoxicated. Additionally, you can only purchase one drink at a time.

Can You Take Wine On A Celebrity Cruise Ship?

Yes. Celebrity Cruises allows passengers to bring up to two bottles of wine onboard the cruise ship per cabin on embarkation day. These bottles will be subject to a corkage fee. However, the corkage fee is cheaper than purchasing a bottle of wine on the ship.

This is only applicable to embarkation day. The cruise line will hold any alcohol brought on the ship during port days until the end of the voyage, when it is returned to you.

Many cruisers are surprised that you can bring alcohol on a cruise ship.

Does The Celebrity Drink Package Include Gratuities?

When you purchase the drink package, you need to pay gratuities. But, the gratuities are already included if you buy the Always Included cruise fare.

Does Every Person in the Stateroom Have to Purchase the Package?

If one person purchases a drink package, every guest of the legal drinking age must buy the same package.

If an adult purchases an alcoholic drink plan, guests between the ages of 13 and 20 must buy the Zero Proof Drink Package, while guests under 12 are not required to purchase any package.

Of course, purchasing a drink package is optional, but it is required that all adults sharing a cabin purchase the same beverage package.

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  1. Celebrity no longer offers the Elevate or Indulge Packages. These packages ended July 14, 2022. While they were a spectacular deal, it seems the cruise line would rather you spend your money piecemeal instead of on packages…

  2. I have just booked through Cruise Nation to sail with Celebrity. They say that the drinks package is not included. I telephoned Celebrity and was told it was and to call back cruise nation. We did this and were told after contacting Celebrity the drinks package isn’t included. Most websites say it is, so how do I get this sorted? Thanks in advance.

    • The cruise fare you are referring to is Celebrity’s Always included fare. This price package includes the drink package, wifi, and gratuities in the base cost of the cruise. It appears that you might have booked the regular cruise fare that doesn’t include these extras.

      Your best course of action is to contact Cruise Nation to get it sorted.