Celebrity Cruises Always Included (Drinks, WiFi, and Tips)

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Celebrity Cruises has made planning a cruise more effortless, luxurious, and fun.

The Celebrity Cruises Always Included cruise fare guarantees the following three amenities: a drink package, wifi, and daily gratuities for the duration of the cruise.

Upgrading to a better amenity package is easy and can be done at the final payment stage for an increased daily rate.

Let us look at what’s included in the Celebrity Cruises Always Included Cruise fare and what it means for your next Celebrity cruise.

What is Celebrity Cruises Always Included?

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Beginning in November 2020, Celebrity Cruises began offering a new pricing structure for their cruise fare.

With the Celebrity Cruises Always Included, your cruise fare now includes:

  • The Classic Beverage Package
  • Basic wifi
  • Daily Gratuities

This change creates a more “all-inclusive” approach to sailing, which guests love.

The change to their pricing applies for all Celebrity cruise sailings except for the Galapagos cruises.

Classic Beverage Package

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The Always Included fare includes Celebrity Cruises Classic Beverage Package. This drink package includes unlimited wine, beer, and classic cocktails for up to $9 per drink.

Non-alcoholic beverages included non-premium bottled water, specialty coffee, premium teas, juices, and soda.

If you want more than basic drinks, you can upgrade from the classic package to the premium package. When you upgrade, there is an extra charge of $12 per person per day. Alternatively, guests can upgrade from Always Included pricing to Elevate, which includes the Premium Beverage Package.

Basic Surf wifi

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The basic Surf wifi package includes basic internet access for web browsing, email, and social media.

The basic internet packages are great for connecting back home and browsing the web.

While the basic internet plan is excellent for most passengers, you won’t be able to stream or use video chat unless you upgrade to Surf & Stream wifi.

You can upgrade through the Cruise Planner after you’ve made the final payment or onboard the ship at Guest Services.

And, just like the drink package, you can also purchase an upgraded cruise fare to receive the Surf and Stream internet package.

Daily Gratuities

Celebrity Cruises Always Included pricing includes the cost of the daily gratuities. The inclusion of gratuities means you won’t find the gratuities added to your onboard account at the end of the voyage – because they were paid in advance.

Most cruise lines don’t include gratuities as part of their base fare. The tips go towards the hardworking crew members that help make your vacation enjoyable.

Many first-time cruisers are shocked at the unexpected gratuity charge they receive at the end of their cruise. The inclusion of gratuities makes budgeting for your cruise a straightforward process.

How Much is Always Included Worth?

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With this new fare pricing, you get a drink package, basic wifi, and gratuities included in your fare – rather than an added expense.

Before Celebrity Cruises introduced the new pricing, the cruise line added tips at $15.50 per person per day for most cabins. However, guests staying in suites paid slightly more.

The Classic Drink Package has a price of $70.80 per person per day, with an additional 20% gratuity charge added to the purchase.

The Basic wifi package was $15 per person per day.

You’ll save $115 per person per day when you add it all up. So, a couple sailing on a 7-day cruise will save over $1610 for the duration of the vacation.

Of course, the calculations above assume that you would have purchased the Basic Beverage Package and Basic wifi.

Upgraded Packages: Elevate and Indulge

While the Always Included pricing includes almost everything you could want during your cruise vacation, some guests may wish to upgrade for even more perks.

Celebrity Cruises provides two fare upgrades that provide even more perks than Always Included – Elevate and Indulge

Celebrity Cruises Elevate Package

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In addition to everything included with Always Included, the Elevate Package consists of the Premium Beverage Package and a shore excursions credit of up to $200 per person.

With the Celebrity Cruises Elevate Package, you’ll receive:

  • Premium Drink Package
  • Shore Excursion Credit of up to $200 per person
  • Basic wifi
  • Daily Gratuities

The cost to upgrade from Always Included pricing to the Elevate package is $30 per person per day.

Premium Drink Package

The Premium Beverage Package Includes access to the best drinks such as premium spirits, craft beer, selected coffees, champagne, and top-shelf liquor priced at $15 or less.

If you prefer top-shelf liquor or a martini drinker, that alone might be worth the upgrade.

Shore Excursion Credit

With the Elevate package, you’ll receive a shore excursion credit of up to $200 per person.

The shore excursions credit varies based on the length of the cruise. With the credit, you’ll receive:

  • $100 per person on sailings of 1 to 5 nights
  • $150 per person on sailings of 6 to 9 nights
  • $200 per person on sailings of 10 or more nights

What’s Included In The Celebrity Cruises Indulge Package?

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The Indulge package includes even more than Elevate.

When you upgrade to Indulge, you’ll receive everything in Always Included and Elevate, plus an additional onboard credit of up to $400 per person per day and the Surf & Stream internet package.

With the Celebrity Cruises Indulge Package, you’ll receive:

  • Premium Beverage Package
  • Shore excursion credit of up to $200 per person
  • Onboard credit of up to $400 per person
  • Basic wifi
  • Daily gratuities

The cost to upgrade from Always Included pricing to the Elevate package is $60 per person per day.

Onboard Credit

Like the shore excursions credit, the onboard credit varies based on the duration of the cruise. The onboard credit can be used for specialty dining, spa treatments, and shopping.

With the onboard credit, you’ll receive:

  • $200 per person on sailings of 1 to 5 nights
  • $300 per person on sailings of 6 to 9 nights
  • $400 per person on sailings of 10 or more nights

Premium Surf & Stream wifi

Indulge package guests have access to the Premium wifi package.

With Surf & Stream, you’ll be able to browse the web, make video calls, access emails, and stream music and movies.

Additionally, we’ve found that the internet speeds are much faster when you purchase Surf & Stream.

What Is The Upgrade Cost From Always Included To Elevate Or Indulge?

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It is easy to upgrade between packages on Celebrity Cruises.

We recommend upgrading before your sail date. You can upgrade from your Cruise Planner after paying in full. Or visit guest services onboard the vessel.

The cost to upgrade to Elevate is:

  • From the Always Included to the Elevate package – $30 per person per day
  • From the Always Included to the Indulge package – $60 per person per day

If you sail on a 7-day cruise, the total extra fee from Always Included to the Elevate package is $210.

And the total extra fee from Always Included to the Indulge package is $420 per person per day for a 7-night cruise.

Is Always Included a Good Deal?

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Although Celebrity Cruises has not stated the price impact of Always Included, it’s almost a guarantee that cruise fares are higher due to the program.

The prices are likely higher to cover the cost of the program benefits.

So, while you might be paying more, you’ll be getting more as a result.

You would have to pay gratuities with or without the Always Included pricing. Having it included in the base fare makes it easier to

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Whether or not the new pricing is a good deal depends on whether or not you would have purchased the beverage package and wifi package.

If you’re not a big drinker, you might be spending more for Always Included than you would otherwise. However, you can still benefit from the drink package with sodas, juices, specialty coffee, and premium teas without worrying about the added cost.

The same goes for the wifi. But, it is nice to be able to message home from the ship. And, the included package means you can avoid roaming charges on your cruise.

Overall, we think the Always Included program is a good deal for most passengers. While we don’t know how much Always Included adds to the cost of the cruise, it’s likely less than the packages cost separately. The “all-inclusive” approach to cruise fares is a welcome change for the industry.


We suggest you consider the Always Included package on Celebrity Cruises for the best value for money and guaranteed reliable amenities.

If it is more luxury you are after, upgrading is inexpensive and worth it.


Do All Guests In The Same Stateroom Receive WiFi Packages?

All guests staying in the same stateroom on the Always Included package will receive wifi. This change came into effect in December 2020.

Do All Guests In A Stateroom Have To Upgrade To Elevate Or Indulge?

All guests that stay in a stateroom under the Always Included Price will receive all the listed perks and do not have to upgrade to a higher package.

However, should one guest decide to upgrade to the Indulge or Elevate package, all the other guests in the stateroom must also upgrade to the same package.

Does the Cruise Fare Change When You Upgrade?

If you upgrade from the Always Included package to the higher Elevate or Indulge packages, you may be worried that the original cruise rates will change.

The rates on the day of upgrading will apply to the prevailing Always Included pricing.

Is Always Included Combinable With The Move Up Program?

Yes. If you participate in the Move Up Program, you’ll receive the listed perks with the stateroom category of the upgraded room. So, if the upgraded room comes with the Elevate package, you’ll receive all of the Elevate perks.

Is Always Included Available For All Future Itineraries?

The Always Included Package pricing is a long-term change to Celebrity Cruises pricing.

Unlike a special deal that expires, the Always Included program is here to stay. When you sail with Celebrity Cruises, you no longer need to worry about drink packages, wifi, or daily gratuities.

Does Always Included Extend to Charter Sailings?

Charter sailings do not qualify for Always Included pricing.

You will have to check with the charter company for specifics regarding what they include with the cruise fare.

Can I Opt-Out of Always Included?

You cannot opt-out of the Always Included program. The Always Included program is automatically part of your base fare when you book a Celebrity Cruise.

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