Celebrity Cruises All Included (Drinks, WiFi, and Tips)

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Celebrity Cruises has made planning a cruise more effortless, luxurious, and fun.

The Celebrity Cruises All Included cruise fare includes the Classic Beverage Package, Basic WiFi, and daily gratuities for the duration of the cruise.

Upgrading to a better amenity package is easy and can be done at the final payment stage for an increased daily rate.

Let us look at what’s included in the Celebrity Cruises All Included Cruise fare and what it means for your next Celebrity cruise.

Note: In July 2023, Celebrity Cruises updated their fare packages and changed the name of the Always Included package to “All Included.”

What is Celebrity Cruises All Included?

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Celebrity Cruises All Included cruise fare bundles the base price of the cruise with drinks, WiFi, and Gratuities. The inclusive pricing package creates a more all-inclusive approach.

With the Celebrity Cruises All Included, your cruise fare now includes:

  • The Classic Drinks Package
  • Basic WiFi
  • Daily Gratuities

The pricing structure change creates a more “all-inclusive” approach to your cruise vacation, which we love. The inclusive pricing model is a great way to remove hidden costs by bundling the drink package, WiFi, and gratuities into your cruise fare.

According to the cruise line, you can save up to $800 by purchasing the All Included cruise fare.

And it’s not a promotion.

The All Included fare is available year round. It’s available for all Celebrity cruise sailings except for the Galapagos cruises.

Classic Drinks Package

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(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

The All Included fare includes Celebrity Cruises Classic Drinks Package. This drink package includes unlimited wine by the glass, beer, and classic cocktails for up to $10 per drink.

Non-alcoholic beverages included non-premium bottled water, sports drinks, specialty coffee, premium teas, juices, and soda.

You also receive a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

If you want more than basic drinks, you can upgrade from the classic package to the premium drinks package. When you upgrade the drink package, there is an upgrade charge of $12 per person per day.

Upgrading to the Premium Beverage Package gives you a greater selection of beverages for up to $17 per drink.

Basic Surf WiFi

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(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity Cruises’ Basic WiFi package includes basic internet access for web browsing, email, messaging, and social media.

The basic internet packages are great for connecting back home and browsing the web.

While the basic internet plan is excellent for most passengers, you can only stream or video chat if you upgrade to Surf & Stream WiFi.

You can upgrade through the Cruise Planner after you’ve made the final payment or onboard the ship at Guest Services.

Daily Gratuities

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(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity Cruises All Included pricing includes the cost of the daily gratuities. Including gratuities means you won’t find the service charges added to your onboard account at the end of the voyage.

Most cruise lines don’t include gratuities as part of their base fare. Many first-time cruisers receive an unwelcome surprise when they see their onboard spending account on the last day of the cruise.

The tips go towards the hardworking crew members who help make your vacation enjoyable.

The service charge is a kind gesture. But if you don’t know about the extra cost of gratuities, it can blow a hole in your cruise vacation budget.

The inclusion of gratuities makes budgeting for your cruise a straightforward process.

How Much is Always Included?

(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

Our research found that Alway’s Included costs around $75-$90 per person per day.

How did we find that?

Celebrity Cruises doesn’t share the exact price of the All Include fare. So we did some research.

We looked at over 25 different itineraries and compared the base cruise fare to the always-included rate. In almost every case, the All-Included pricing was around $75-$90 per day above the base cruise fare.

Is Celebrity Cruises All Included Worth It?

(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity Cruises All Included cruise fare is worth it, but only if you plan on purchasing a drink package.

Here’s why.

When booking the new fare pricing, you get a drink package, basic WiFi, and gratuities included in your fare – rather than an added expense.

Before Celebrity Cruises introduced the new pricing, the cruise line added tips at $18 per person per day for most cabins. However, guests staying in suites paid slightly more.

The Classic Drink Package starts at $89 per person per day, with an additional 20% gratuity charge added to the purchase for a total of $106.80 per day.

Celebrity’s Basic WiFi package was $20 per person per day.

When you add up the cost of the perks, they’re worth $144.80.

Compared to the All Included price premium of $75-$90, you’ll save almost $55 by purchasing the All Included fare instead of the base price.

But that’s only if you use the drink package.

Without the drink package, the value of the perks is only $38, much less than the All Included price.

An Update on Elevate and Indulge

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(Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity Cruises used to offer two additional packages: Elevate and Indulge.
The upgraded packages included Celebrity’s Premium Beverage Package, Premium WiFi, shore excursion credit, and other perks.
The cruise line ended Elevate and Indulge on July 14, 2022, and the upgraded packages are no longer available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Guests In The Same Stateroom Receive WiFi Packages?

All guests staying in the same stateroom on the Always Included package will receive WiFi. This change came into effect in December 2020.

Is Always Included Available For All Future Itineraries?

The Always Included Package pricing is a long-term change to Celebrity Cruises pricing.

Unlike a special deal that expires, the Always Included program is here to stay. When you sail with Celebrity Cruises, you no longer need to worry about drink packages, WiFi, or daily gratuities.

Does Always Included Extend to Charter Sailings?

Charter sailings do not qualify for Always Included pricing.

You will have to check with the charter company for specifics regarding what they include with the cruise fare.

Can I Opt-Out of Always Included?

You cannot opt out of the Always Included program. The Always Included program is automatically part of your base fare when you book a Celebrity Cruise.

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