Nude Cruises: Setting Sail with Freedom, Clothing Optional

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A nude cruise presents an unconventional vacationing style that allows you to unpack your bags and shed any concerns about what to wear. Clothing-optional cruises foster an atmosphere of body acceptance and personal freedom.

They provide a safe space that deviates from traditional cruise norms, offering an optional clothing experience that focuses on enjoying the sun, sea, and the company of like-minded individuals in the most natural state.

Opting for a nude cruise means joining a community that celebrates body positivity, free from the constraints of clothing.

What Is a Nude Cruise?

The Naked Truth: What Really Happens on a NUDE CRUISE? 🍑 🔍

A nude cruise is a cruise vacation where clothing is optional in most public spaces, catering to those interested in a naked lifestyle.

These cruise experiences offer a safe, respectful environment for adults to enjoy nudity in a communal setting, emphasizing respect for personal space and comfort.

Nude cruises offer several unique features to enhance the experience for cruisers:

  • Clothing-Optional Areas: It is not mandatory to be nude everywhere, but most public spaces on the ship allow guests to be nude.
  • Body Positivity: These cruises emphasize an atmosphere of body positivity, encouraging passengers to feel comfortable and confident in their natural state, regardless of body shape or size.
  • Adults-Only Cruise Policy: Nude cruises are restricted to adults, ensuring a mature setting where guests can relax and enjoy the clothing-optional lifestyle without concern for underage passengers.
  • Privacy and Respect: A strong emphasis is placed on privacy, respect, and the comfort of all passengers. Rules are in place to ensure that personal space is respected and that the environment remains safe and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Safety and Discretion: Operators of nude cruises prioritize the safety and discretion of their guests, with policies in place to protect privacy and ensure a respectful atmosphere.
  • Themed Nights and Events: Many nude cruises feature themed nights, parties, and social events, allowing guests to engage in fun and interactive experiences with others who share their lifestyle preferences.
  • Activities and Entertainment: Just like traditional cruises, nude cruises offer a range of activities and entertainment options, including swimming, sunbathing, dining, dancing, and special events, all of which can be enjoyed without the necessity of clothing.

Who Offers Nude Cruises?

View of a royal caribbean cruise ship from the back of another cruise shipPin

When you’re looking to book a vacation that’s a bit out of the ordinary, a nude cruise might be just the thing for you. Several travel companies and tour operators offer clothing-optional cruises where you can enjoy the freedom of being in your own skin, but none are more prominent than Bare Necessities.

Bare Necessities is the largest and most popular nude cruise provider. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and pioneered clothing-optional cruises with its inception in 1990.

As a pioneer in nude cruising, Bliss Cruises company specializes in organizing clothing-optional ship charters, offering an expansive selection of cruises to diverse destinations across the globe. The tour operator is known for their commitment to creating a comfortable, respectful, and liberating environment.

According to the cruise tour operator, around 70% of passengers are repeat customers.

Many mainstream cruise lines like Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean have had their ships chartered for nude cruises. The mainstream cruise lines don’t offer nude cruises directly but can be chartered by organizations offering optional clothing salings.

What to Expect

Rear view of a topless woman on a nude cruisePin

When embarking on a nude cruise with Bare Necessities, anticipate a liberating atmosphere blended with traditional cruise amenities.

Nude cruises are a safe, adults-only atmosphere where clothing becomes optional in most areas of the ship, such as pools, sun decks, and entertainment venues. However, some places or events may require attire, including dining areas at certain times.

Nude cruises are all about body positivity, encouraging guests to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, irrespective of body shape, size, or age. This environment demands a high level of respect for privacy, with strict guidelines on photography and interactions to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

Your days are filled with various cruise activities without the restraint of clothing. The onboard experience offers everything you’d expect on a regular (vanilla) cruise. From shows and games to workshops and themed nights, the offerings are designed to cater to a wide range of interests, all enjoyed within a community of like-minded individuals.

Women's leg sticking out of the hot tub on a cruise shipPin

This sense of community is one of the highlights, providing ample opportunities for socializing and forging new connections.

Wellness and relaxation also play a significant role, with facilities such as spas, pools, and fitness centers available for guests seeking tranquility and rejuvenation, often without the confines of clothing. The itinerary includes various destinations, allowing passengers to explore local cultures and landscapes.

Most shore excursions require clothing.

However, there are often nude shore excursions available.

Just check whether clothing is optional before you get off the ship. And you are required to wear clothing until you reach the land tour.

Dress codes may vary for indoor areas, so it’s wise to check with staff regarding attire expectations.

The dress code varies by the ship and charter, but the typical dress code is:

  • Dining Areas: Clothing is required in dining areas, but casual clothes are acceptable.
  • Parties & Events: Themed parties may have specific dress codes, ranging from fully clothed to creative costume options.
  • Formal Dinners: Some cruise ships offer formal nights where guests are encouraged to look their best. Make sure you pack formal wear for a formal night.
  • Bathrobes: Bathrobes are only permitted in the spa or outside decks.
  • Lingerie: Lingerie, fetish-ear, and excessive jewelry are not permitted.

It’s important to note that all passengers must sit on a towel or clothing item when nude.

Remember, your comfort is key.

The environment is friendly and non-judgmental, making it a unique opportunity to connect with others and perhaps leave with a fresh perspective on freedom and confidence. The social atmosphere allows you to meet new people, relax, and have fun.

What to Pack

A suitcase packed for a nude cruisePin

When booking your nude cruise, packing might seem counterintuitive—after all, how much do you need if you’re planning to spend your days with as little clothing as possible?

But here are a few essentials to ensure your experience is comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Travel Documents: Passport, boarding pass, travel insurance, and any required visas.
  • Money: Credit cards, cash (for tips and onshore expenses), and a small wallet or waterproof pouch. (Read our article to find out how much money you need on a cruise ship)
  • Sun Protection: High SPF sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, and after-sun lotion to prevent sunburn in sensitive areas not usually exposed to the sun.
  • Personal Hygiene Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
  • Medications: Prescription medications, pain relievers, motion sickness remedies, and other personal health items.


Even on a nude cruise, you’ll need some clothing for shore excursions, dining venues, and themed parties:

  • Casual Wear: For areas or times when clothing is required, such as dining rooms or specific events. Include lightweight and comfortable options.
  • Evening Attire: Some cruises may have formal nights or themed parties requiring specific types of clothing.
  • Footwear: Sandals for the deck, comfortable walking shoes for excursions, and dress shoes if needed for formal events.
  • Swimwear: Optional, as pools and decks are clothing-optional, but some might prefer to have swimwear for certain activities or off-ship excursions.
  • Workout Clothes: If you plan to use the gym or participate in fitness classes.
  • Accessories: Hats, sunglasses, and a durable day bag for excursions.


  • Beach Towel: Extra towels for lounging on deck chairs or for shore excursions, although towels are often provided.
  • Cover-ups: Sarongs or lightweight robes for quick transitions in public areas.
  • Entertainment: Books, e-readers, portable games, and journaling supplies for leisure time.
  • Electronics: Smartphone, camera (be mindful of privacy rules regarding photography), chargers, and international adapters.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: To stay hydrated without constantly purchasing bottled water.
  • Snacks: Non-perishable snacks for your room or excursions.
  • Binoculars: For wildlife or scenic viewing.

Remember, the key to packing for a nude cruise is to balance the freedom of minimal clothing with being prepared for the activities you wish to participate in, both on the ship and during shore excursions. Always check your specific cruise’s guidelines and itinerary for themed nights or special events requiring specific attire.

Do Mainstream Cruise Lines Have Topless Sunbathing Decks?

Mainstream cruise lines no longer offer topless sunbathing areas, reflecting a shift towards family-friendly environments and accommodating diverse cultural sensibilities.

Historically, many cruise lines offered topless sunbathing, catering to adults and European preferences for sunbathing practices. However, in recent years, companies like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line have banned topless sunbathing to ensure comfort and inclusivity for all passengers.

While the trend among mainstream lines is towards more conservative sunbathing policies, travelers interested in topless or clothing-optional sunbathing may need to look into specialized adult-focused or themed cruises.

What About Swinging?

You’ll come across lifestyle cruises while exploring the world of nude cruises. Swingers cruises are charted adult-only sailings that cater to individuals and couples interested in the swinging lifestyle.

Lifestyle cruises offer a mix of traditional cruise amenities with activities and spaces designed for consensual adult experiences. Like nudist cruises, they feature clothing-optional areas, emphasizing an adults-only atmosphere, body positivity, and respect for all guests.

However, swingers cruises distinguish themselves with unique offerings such as themed nights, workshops on swinging and sexual health, and private areas for adult activities, fostering a sense of community among like-minded passengers.

These cruises provide a safe and discreet environment for exploring non-monogamous relationships, making them a distinct subset of adult-oriented vacations.

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