Upside Down Pineapple Meaning on Cruise Ships

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Pineapple on a beach with sunglasses

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Observant passengers might notice several pineapples on the doors of cruise ships… and it’s more than just a trendy design.

Let’s explore the secret upside-down pineapple meaning on cruise sips.

On a cruise ship and sometimes on land, the upside-down pineapple is used by swingers to secretly identify themselves to other swingers in public. They may use real pineapples or clothing accessories such as pins and badges at their doorstep.

If you notice an upside-down pineapple on a stateroom door the occupants might be searching for a swinger party.

The Secret Upside Down Pineapple Meaning?

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Upside-down pineapples are commonly used by swingers to secretly identify themselves to other swingers. Seeing someone wearing an upside-down pineapple pin or displaying the upside-down fruit on their door means they are searching for a swinger party.

Swinging, also called partner swapping or wife swapping is when a couple in a committed relationship seeks out another person or couple to engage in certain ‘bedroom’ activities.

Swingers commonly use pineapples to discretely announce their intentions and find like-minded people without arousing suspicion from non-swingers.

On land, an actual pineapple placed on a front porch or mailbox by swingers signifies that a swinger party is going on inside. The pineapple on the porch might be an invitation for adult fun.

Before diving deeper into the hidden meaning of upside-down pineapples, I’d like to clarify that it’s not a lifestyle I am into. But we’re all adults here, and there’s no judgment to those who take part in the swinging lifestyle.

How Do Swingers Identify Themselves on Cruise Ships?

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The most common way swingers identify themselves on a cruise ship is to decorate their stateroom door with a pineapple magnet or a pineapple sticker.

As we discussed earlier, the upside-down pineapple means the cabin’s occupants are actively looking for a swinging party.

If you see a stateroom door decorated with an upside-down pineapple, it either means they are swingers or someone has played a prank on them.

One problem with using a pineapple on the cabin door is that unless you go searching, you’ll only see the doors in the corridor of your own cabin. Swingers using this method alone would never be able to find swingers who are in other halls.

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Some swingers wear pineapple badges or pins while on deck to identify themselves while walking around the ship.

Some swingers plan their get-togethers before sailing with the help of social media.

If you are a part of any online cruise groups or Facebook groups and see a message asking if anyone is sailing on a specific cruise, you can be pretty confident that they are looking for a swinging party. Especially if the post contains a pineapple emoji or if they include a photo of themselves.

There are even cruises dedicated to swingers!

Upside Down Pineapple Origin

Unfortunately, no one knows the origin of using an upside-down pineapple as a secret symbol for swingers.

Still, we can give you a brief history of pineapples and how they are used in pop culture and swinger parties.

The pineapple is a symbol that’s been around for centuries.

It’s most commonly known as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Some people believe that the upside-down pineapple symbol originated in Hawaii.

According to some people, the symbol represents the local’s friendly hospitality.

Another theory states that the upside-down pineapple gets its origin in Europe.

It’s thought that people used it as a symbol of welcome during the Renaissance period.

Regardless of its true origin, the upside-down pineapple has a place in history as a symbol of warmth, welcome, and hospitality.

More recently, Swingers would place a pineapple upside-down on their mailbox to secretly display they are looking for a swinging party.

As time went on, the symbol made its way to cruise ships. Swingers would decorate their cabin doors or wear a pin to display their secret code.

With gaining popularity on social media, upside-down pineapples have become an unofficial symbol of swinging.

Is Swinging Common on Cruise Ships?

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Couples looking specifically for “cruise ship swinging” can opt for special swingers cruises, where everyone onboard is looking for the same thing.

If that’s what you are looking for, Bliss Cruises and Couples Cruise are among the most popular choices. In addition, swinger-specialized travel agents can help guide you on a dream vacation.

Specialized travel agents include;, Topless Travel (affiliated with the dating site Swing LifeStyle), and Dream Pleasure Tours.

Apart from the “lifestyle cruises,” as they are called, plenty of swingers travel on regular cruises.

On a regular cruise, you won’t ever notice any swinging.

It’s rare for someone to announce their intentions for everyone to hear openly. And even rarer for someone to introduce themselves as a swinger.

While swingers are discrete, there are a few ways to identify them.

They may include:

  • A pineapple tattoo
  • Wearing a pineapple pin upside down
  • Upside-down pineapple door decorations
  • A thumb ring
  • A toe ring

What About Wearing Pineapple Clothing?


With pineapple frequently popping in and out of fashion and home decor trends, you likely have a piece of clothing or two with pineapple print.

What if you wear pineapple clothing on a cruise? Will other passengers think you are a swinger?

One woman shared her experience on social media after she and her husband wore matching pineapple swimsuits on vacation.

TikTok user Linda went viral, racking up more than 2.4 million views. While she didn’t say if any swingers approached them, she did say that other guests “were a little extra nice.”

When it comes to wearing a pineapple print on a cruise ship, it’s your choice to wear it or leave it at home. Most of the other passengers won’t know the secret code behind the tropical fruit. But, it might put you in some awkward encounters.

But, as more people learn the hidden meaning of the pineapple secret code on cruise ships, you may notice fellow cruisers glancing your way.

What Do Pink Flamingos Mean?

Flock of pink plastic flamingos in green grass lawn used as a secret code by swingers to identify themselves in publicPin

Pink flamingos might be a sign that someone is a swinger. In sexual terms, swingers discretely use pink flamingos to identify themselves to other swingers.

But they are not a common symbol. And they’re less commonly used than upside-down pineapples.

If you pass by a house with pink flamingos on the lawn, there’s a good chance they’re just innocent lawn decorations.

Other Symbols Used by Swingers

It’s common knowledge in cruising forums that the upside-down pineapple has a secret meaning.

But, it’s not the only symbol used by swingers.

Another common symbol used by men and women is wearing their wedding ring on their right hand rather than the left. The switch allows swingers to identify themselves as married and interested in finding a swinging party.

According to several cruisers, a black ring worn on any finger on the right hand, except the middle finger, suggests the wearer is a swinger. Black rings worn on the middle are reserved for people who are asexual.

Other less common symbols women wear include anklets, toe rings, and thumb rings.

Final Thoughts

Upside down pineapple on a blue background with sunglassesPin

Although the humble pineapple is sometimes used as a symbol for swingers to identify themselves, it’s not a universal symbol.

Pineapples are always popping in and out of trend as home decor items or fashion statements. And the pineapple itself doesn’t necessarily mean that owner is a swinger.

As with all else, context is key.

For example, someone eating pineapple at the buffet is most likely enjoying a healthy snack – and nothing more.

But an individual who wears an upside-down pineapple pin while wearing their wedding ring on the right hand is most likely a swinger.

To learn more about decorating your cruise ship cabin door, check out our article: Ultimate guide to decorating your cabin door.

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