Celebrity Cruise Internet Package Speed Test & Review

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Celebrity Cruises has made it easier than ever to stay connected at sea.

When you cruise with Celebrity’s “All Included” fare, you’ll receive Basic WiFi, gratuities, and the Classic Drinks Package with your base fare.

Celebrity Cruises uses Starlink internet service for some of the fastest internet speeds at sea.

But how fast is the Celebrity Cruises internet package? And should you upgrade to Premium?

Keep reading to find out more about Celebrity’s WiFi Packages.

Celebrity Cruise Internet Package

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Celebrity offers two internet packages for passengers: Basic WiFi or Premium WiFi.

Beginning November 17, 2020, the cruise line began including Basic WiFi with every cruise ticket as part of Celebrity Cruises All Included fare. With the new ticket pricing, all guests on Celebrity will receive WiFi, the Celebrity’s Classic Drinks Package, and gratuities included with your cruise fare.

Every cruise ship in Celebrity Cruises fleet uses Starlink internet service to provide guests with high-speed internet access. The fast and reliable Starlink WiFi is a massive improvement over the traditional cruise ship internet.

Celebrity Cruises offers two intent packages, Basic and Premium WiFi.

What’s IncludedPremium WiFiBasic WiFi
Web BrowsingYesYes
Social MediaYesNo
Video ChattingYesNo

Basic Wi-Fi

Celebrity Cruises Basic WiFi package provides access to web browsing, email, and messaging apps. It’s an excellent option for staying connected if you don’t need video calling, social media, or streaming.

It’s important to remember that the Basic internet package limits your internet usage. While you can browse for unlimited time, the cruise line throttles internet speeds and blocks access to several websites, including social media and streaming services.

Basic WiFi on Celebrity Cruises costs $20 per person per day but is free when you book through the Always included fare.

Passengers who require access to streaming services, social media, or video calls should consider upgrading to Premium.

Premium Wi-Fi

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Upgrading to the Premium WiFi Package allows you to access the same web functions included with the Basic WiFi with video chat, social media, and streaming.

In August 2023, we sailed to Alaska on Celebrity Equinox. Alaska is known to have slower internet speeds, as satellite internet providers provide less service. But, thanks to Starlink internet service, we could stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify without issue.

The Premium WiFi package costs $35 per person per day. If you purchase the Always included fare, you can upgrade to the Premium package at a discounted rate.

You can upgrade from basic to Premium, which costs $9.99 per person per day.

How Fast is Celebrity Cruises WiFi?

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While on Celebrity Equinox, I tested the internet speeds of the Premium WiFi to compare them to those of other cruise lines.

I conducted several speed tests throughout the cruise, using SpeedTest.net on my laptop and Android phone. I ran tests at different times of day to account for the time of day and the ship’s position.

I consistently found download speeds of 10-15 Mbps, similar to sister cruise line Royal Caribbean’s Voom internet at sea. Remember that I tested the internet speeds in Alaska, which has slower internet connections than the Caribbean, Bahamas, or Mediterranean.

Passengers sailing in the Caribbean have reported speeds as high as 50 to 100 Mbps.

Thanks to Starlink’s internet service, the WiFi speeds on Celebrity Cruises are exceptionally fast. We could stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus from our balcony in Alaska.

We did notice that some videos and movies took slightly longer to buffer than we are used to. However, the internet service was better than expected for a moving cruise ship sailing in the middle of the ocean receiving internet from a satellite.

How to Upgrade to Premium WiFi?

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If you’ve booked your cruise with the Always Included package and want to upgrade from Basic WiFi to Premium, you can do so from the Cruise Planner.

The upgrade charge is $9.99 per person per day. It’s important to note that you can only upgrade from your cruise planner once you have paid in full.

Alternatively, you can upgrade the internet package once onboard the cruise ship. Simply visit Guest Services, and they will help get you set up.

If you have any issues connecting to the onboard WiFi, Guest Services will help you connect your device.

Is It Worth Upgrading to Premium WiFi?

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Suppose you already have the basic internet package through the Always Included cruise fare. In that case, you may wonder if upgrading to Premium WiFi is worth upgrading at $9.99 per person per day when purchased before the cruise.

Upgrading to Premium costs $69.93 per person for a 7-day cruise.

You can upgrade your internet package by Celebrity Cruises Contact Center before your cruise or visit the iLounge when on the cruise ship.

If you plan to video chat, use social media, or stream videos, music, and audio, you’ll want to consider upgrading to the premium package. If you want faster internet speeds, upgrading before sailing is best to get the cheaper rate.

Cruise lines, like Celebrity, throttle internet speeds on the lower tier packages. Further, the cruise line blocks social media sites and streaming services for Basic WiFi users. If you want full internet service, you should upgrade to Premium.

We always upgrade to the Premium package. The premium internet plan has faster internet speeds and makes it more enjoyable to browse the web.

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  1. We just got off the Celebrity Edge (Auckland-Sydney). The premium Internet service was fast enough to let me send ALL of my photos home in a couple of hours (usually about 200 23MB RAW files). You can only be connected on one device at a time; I brought a travel router with me and that let me share the connection with my computer, two iPads, and one iPhone. I switched the connection to the phone when I left the cabin and went back to the router when I came back; it was easy to do (if you bookmark the “switch my device” page, it’s two clicks).

    • Last time I sailed Celebrity Cruises offered a one device package and a four device package. If you want to save money, you can use the WiFi on different devices, but only one device can be logged in at a time. So you can switch between a laptop and a smartphone, as long as only one device is logged into the Celebrity Cruises WiFi. If you try to log in while another device is using the internet package, the previous device is kicked off the internet service.

  2. Cannot get per day price. Celebrity app 29.99 per day this site 20.00 per day other ads 29.99 less basic of 16.99 or 13.00 per day. I only need streaming on Friday for a meeting How much is it for separate days?

    • Hi Michelle. According to the Celebrity Cruises website, the Premium internet package is $35 per person per day. If you purchased your cruise fare through the Always Included pricing, you’d have the Basic internet package included for free. You can upgrade from Basic to Premium at a cost of $13 per person per day. If you have questions about the pricing, your best bet is to contact Celebrity Cruises as the pricing may change.

  3. Thank you for this. I’m looking into booking my first Celebrity cruise, and it’s not easy to find this info. This article is very helpful!

  4. I am booked on a cruise in the Celebrity Suite which includes the Premium Wi-Fi. Does the package include 1 or 2 devices per person? I cannot seem to find that on the web site.

    • In December 2020 Celebrity updated its policy so that each guest receives wi-fi for one device. If you need to use the wi-fi on multiple devices you can disconnect one device and connect to another.
      You are able to switch back and forth between multiple devices, but only one device can be connected to the internet at a time.