Celebrity Cruise Internet Package: Ultimate Guide

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Celebrity Cruises has made it easier than ever to stay connected at sea.

When you cruise with Celebrity’s “Always Included” fare, you’ll receive Basic WiFi, gratuities, and the Classic Drinks Package with your base fare.

If the Basic internet service isn’t enough, passengers can upgrade to Premium for faster internet speeds and access to more social media, streaming, and more.

But, how fast is the Celebrity cruise internet package? And, should you upgrade to Premium?

Keep reading to find out more about Celebrity’s WiFi Packages.

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Celebrity Cruises Internet at a Glance

Celebrity offers two internet packages for passengers, Basic WiFi or Premium WiFi.

Beginning November 17, 2020, Celebrity Cruises began including Basic WiFi with every cruise ticket as part of their Always Included fare. With the new ticket pricing, all guests on Celebrity will receive WiFi, the Celebrity’s Classic Drinks Package, and gratuities included with your cruise fare.

Celebrity Cruise WiFi Packages

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As the name suggests, the Basic WiFi package provides you with basic web access. You can use this internet service for web browsing, email, and messaging apps.

It’s important to remember that the Basic internet package limits your internet usage. While you can browse for unlimited time, the cruise line throttles internet speeds and blocks access to several websites, including social media and streaming services.

Passengers who require access to streaming services, social media, or video calls should consider upgrading to Premium.

By upgrading to the Premium WiFi Package, you can access the same web functions included with the Basic WiFi in addition to video chat social media. Additionally, the Premium WiFi package allows you to stream videos, music, movies, and shows.

How Fast is Celebrity Cruises WiFi?

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While onboard Celebrity Apex, I tested the internet speeds of the Premium WiFi to see how it compares to other cruise lines.

I conducted several speed tests throughout the cruise, using SpeedTest.net on my laptop and Android phone. I ran tests at different times of day to account for the time of day and ship’s position.

I consistently found download speeds of 3 to 5 Mbps, similar to sister cruise line Royal Caribbean’s Voom internet at sea.

What surprised me most about the tests was that the upload speeds were the same as the download speeds. I expected the upload speeds from our speed tests on Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise internet service to be about half the download speeds.

Regardless, the internet speeds on Celebrity are in line with what you can expect from most major cruise lines.

The internet service will be significantly slower than you might be used to back home, but it will still be fast enough for basic web browsing, emails, and video chatting. And the internet lived up to its promise allowing us to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus from our balcony.

We did have some hiccups and stuttering when we tried video chatting back home. However, for a moving cruise ship sailing in the middle of the ocean receiving internet from a satellite, the internet service wasn’t at all bad.

How to Upgrade to Premium WiFi?

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If you’ve booked your cruise with the Always Included package and want to upgrade from Basic WiFi to Premium, you can do so from the Cruise Planner.

The upgrade charge is $20 per person per day. It’s important to note that you will only be able to make the upgrade from your cruise planner once you have paid in full.

Alternatively, you can upgrade the internet package once you are on the ship. Simply visit Guest Services, and they will help get you set up.

If you have any issues connecting to the onboard WiFi, Guest Services is more than happy to help you connect your device.

Is It Worth Upgrading to Premium WiFi?

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You may be wondering if it is worth upgrading to Premium WiFi. At $20 per person per day, upgrading to Premium costs more than $140 for a 7-day cruise.

If you plan to video chat, use social media, or stream videos, music, and audio, you’ll want to consider upgrading to the premium package.

Cruise lines, like Celebrity, throttle internet speeds on the lower tier packages. Further, the cruise line blocks social media sites and streaming services for Basic WiFi users. If you want the full internet service, you should upgrade to Premium.

But, if you only require basic web browsing, email, and messaging, the included internet package is good enough for your needs.

Bottom Line: Celebrity Cruise Internet Package

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If you’re new to cruising, you might be surprised at the steep pricing for internet access. Further, the internet speeds won’t be as fast as you are used to getting back home.

Web pages take longer to load, and videos are not always crystal clear HD. But we could access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. We were even able to video chat with friends and family back home.

That said, Celebrity Cruises’ internet speeds are on par for the cruise industry. And the addition of Basic WiFi with the Always Included fare makes it cheaper than ever to stay connected at sea.


Is WiFi Free on Celebrity Cruise?

Eligible guests who choose the “Always Included” fare receive the Basic WiFi package free of charge.

The Basic WiFi package provides unlimited internet use for basic web browsing, email, and messaging.

How Much is Premium WiFi on Celebrity?

Passengers can upgrade from the Basic internet service to Premium WiFi for $20 per person per day.

Passengers can upgrade before their cruise through the online Cruise Planner or in person at guest services.

Can I Use My Cell Phone on a Celebrity Cruise?

Yes. You can use your cell phone on a cruise ship, just as you would on land.

However, you may be charged roaming rates by your internet provider. Some wireless carriers offer cruise packages to help you avoid roaming fees on cruise ships.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’m looking into booking my first Celebrity cruise, and it’s not easy to find this info. This article is very helpful!

    • Hi Bill. I’m glad you found our article helpful. Our goal is to help cruisers travel smarter and share our love for cruising.

  2. I am booked on a cruise in the Celebrity Suite which includes the Premium Wi-Fi. Does the package include 1 or 2 devices per person? I cannot seem to find that on the web site.

    • In December 2020 Celebrity updated its policy so that each guest receives wi-fi for one device. If you need to use the wi-fi on multiple devices you can disconnect one device and connect to another.
      You are able to switch back and forth between multiple devices, but only one device can be connected to the internet at a time.


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