Princess Cruises Captain’s Circle Loyalty Program

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Princess Cruises rewards guests through its loyalty program, Captain’s Circle.

Princess Cruises Captain’s Circle rewards cruisers with exclusive perks and benefits. The more you cruise with Princess, the more points you earn until you reach the coveted Elite status.

The Captain’s Circle loyalty program offers fewer perks than other cruise line reward programs. However, I’ve come to appreciate the value of Princess Cruises’s reward program.

It’s designed to reward those of us who choose Princess for our cruise vacations. If you’re about to embark on your first voyage or are considering making Princess Cruises your go-to cruise line, let me guide you through the essentials of the Captain’s Circle program and share some insider tips to help you maximize its benefits.

Princess Cruises Captain’s Circle Basics

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Princess Cruises’ loyalty program, Captain’s Circle, rewards loyal guests with perks and benefits for sailing with the cruise line.

After your first sailing with Princess Cruises, you’re automatically welcomed into the Captain’s Circle. This initiation into the family of seasoned sailors doesn’t come with many perks, but it’s a welcome introduction to the benefits that come at higher levels.

There are four levels to the program:

  • Gold: After completing your first cruise
  • Ruby: After 3 cruises or 30 cruise days
  • Platinum: After 5 cruises or 50 cruise days
  • Elite: After 15 cruises or 150 cruise days

Captain’s Circle is a tiered system where you earn points the more you cruise. You unlock new benefits at each tier designed to enhance your cruising experience.

It’s a straightforward path: the more you cruise, the more points you gather, and the more benefits you receive.

Unlike some cruise line loyalty programs, Princess Cruises’ highest tier doesn’t include a free cruise. However, there are several perks to be excited about, like priority boarding and discounts on internet packages.

Ways to Earn Points

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The Captain’s Circle differs from other cruise reward programs with its dual-track system for earning status.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cruise Credits: Every cruise you complete adds a credit to your account. Opt for a full suite or sail solo to earn double the credits and fast-track your journey up the tiers.
  • Cruise Days: Each night spent aboard a Princess vessel counts towards your tally of cruise days.

Princess Cruises loyalty program counts the cruises you take and the days you spend at sea. You move to the next tier when you reach the required cruise credits or spend the minimum number of days on a Princess cruise ship.

Consider a seven-night cruise: a standard cabin earns you seven cruise days and one cruise credit. If you stay in a full suite, you’ll earn two credits while accruing those seven nights.

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I find the dual-track system a bit odd. It’s nice that the program rewards long and short cruise itineraries, but the system is a bit confusing. You can quickly move up the tiers by booking several short cruises or taking two 100-day world cruises.

Making it more confusing, Princess doubles the cruise credits you earn when you sail in a solo cabin or full suite. But they don’t double your cruise day count.

For example, if you book sixteen 5-night sailings, you’ll qualify for the Elite tier based on the number of cruises you’ve taken. However, you’ve only spent 80 days at sea, only half of the cruise days you’d need to reach Elite status.

Editor’s Tip

Your Captain’s Circle membership level is determined by either cruise credits or cruise days. You don’t have to fulfill both requirements to advance to the next membership level.

Keep Track of Your Points

You can easily keep track of your Captain’s Circle status and points through your My Princess account.

Sign in and go to “My Profile.” There, “Cruise History” lets you review your previous cruises and the cruise credits and days you’ve accumulated.

Captain’s Circle Tiers and Benefits


Your dedication to Princess Cruises is rewarded with various benefits as you sail across the globe. Let’s explore the tiers within the Captain’s Circle, detailing the perks and privileges that come with each level.

Captain’s Circle has four membership levels:

  • Gold: After completing your first cruise
  • Ruby: After 3 cruises or 30 cruise days
  • Platinum: After 5 cruises or 50 cruise days
  • Elite: After 15 cruises or 150 cruise days

Gold: After completing your first cruise

Upon returning from your first Princess cruise, you are welcomed into the Captain’s Circle as a Gold Member. This initial tier is designed to give a taste of the privileges of being part of the Princess family. As a Gold Member, you’re on the path to discovery, with a few perks to make your cruising experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Our favorite gold-level benefit is preferential pricing, which provides exclusive discounts and savings.

Gold perks include:

  • Captain’s Circle Launch Savings and Reduced Deposits
  • Preferential Pricing Offers
  • Exclusive Access to Member-Only Onboard Events
  • Access to a Captain’s Circle Host on every ship
  • Quarterly Issues of Circle Magazine
  • Gold Member Recognition Pin

Gold membership is the first step in your loyalty journey, offering foundational perks that enhance your cruising experience and welcome you to the Captain’s Circle.

Ruby: After 3 cruises or 30 cruise days

Achievement of the Ruby tier is a milestone in your Princess Cruises journey, signifying your growing commitment. You’ll receive a few more perks. But there isn’t much that gets me too excited.

In addition to the new recognition pin and Captain’s Circle helpline, Ruby members receive a Princess Platinum Vacation Protection upgrade when they purchase travel insurance through the cruise line.

Although the upgraded travel protection is a nice benefit, we prefer policies purchased through third-party insurers. These travel insurance providers often provide better coverage and cover a broader range of mishaps.

Ruby perks include:

  • All Gold Rewards (except Gold recognition pin)
  • Princess Platinum Protection Upgrade (Platinum-level coverage at standard-coverage price)
  • Access to the Captain’s Circle Phone Line
  • Ruby Member Recognition Pin

Ruby Members recieve a few additional perks signifying Princess Cruises’ gratitued to your loyalty..

Platinum: After 5 cruises or 50 cruise days

The Platinum tier is where you’ll start to earn meaningful rewards. After your fifth cruise or 50 cruise days, you ascend to Platinum status, unlocking a suite of benefits and discounts.

My favorite perk is the discount on internet packages. However, I often purchase Princess Plus, which bundles MedallionNet WiFi, drinks, and gratuities with my cruise fare.

Platinum perks include:

  • All Gold and Ruby Rewards (except Gold and Ruby recognition pins)
  • 50% Off MedallionNet Internet Package
  • 10% Off Spa Treatments
  • 10% Off Photos and Photo Packages
  • Early Access to Dine My Way Reservations
  • Priority Boarding
  • Exclusive Access to the Platinum and Elite Lounge

Platinum Members enjoy conveniences that smooth out the logistical aspects of cruising and discounts on WiFi, photos, and spa treatments.

Elite: After 15 cruises or 150 cruise days

The pinnacle of the Captain’s Circle is the Elite tier, reserved for the most devoted cruisers. After your 15th or 150 cruise days, you are elevated to Elite status, offering the highest level of recognition and the most comprehensive package of perks.

However, the program’s biggest drawback is the lack of exciting perks, even at the highest level. Princess Cruises’ loyalty program is one of the few in the cruise industry that doesn’t include a free cruise upon reaching the highest tier.

Still, elite-status members receive a few good perks.

My favorite perk is the complimentary mini-bar setup. I like to unwind at the end of the day with a soda. This perk allows me to do that from the comfort of my cabin.

Elite perks include:

  • All Gold, Ruby, and Platinum Rewards (except Gold, Ruby, and Platinum recognition pins)
  • Exclusive Access to View and Book New Itineraries
  • Priority Tendering (where available)
  • 10% Discount in The Shops of Princess
  • 10% Discount on Shore Excursions
  • Complimentary Shoe Polishing
  • Complimentary Laundry Service
  • Complimentary Grapevine Wine Tasting Event
  • Complimentary Mini-Bar Setup (including liquor, soft drinks, beer, and water)
  • Complimentary In-Stateroom Afternoon Tea
  • Deluxe Canape Selection on Formal Nights
  • Upgraded Bathroom Amenities
  • Elite Member Recognition Pin

Elite membership is the ultimate expression of Princess Cruises’ appreciation. It provides an unparalleled level of service and luxury that makes every cruise unforgettable.

Final Thoughts

Discovery Princess docked in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on a seven night Alaskan CruisePin

Princess Cruises Captain’s Club offers cruisers rewards that enhance the cruise experience. While Princess’s loyalty program provides fewer benefits than some competitors, you don’t need as many cruises to reach the highest tier.

From the initial Gold level to the pinnacle Elite status, every tier offers something unique.

Ultimately, you won’t see much benefit until you reach the Platinum tier, receiving discounted internet packages, priority boarding, and early dining reservations.

Despite the shortcomings, Princess Criuses’ reward program stands out for its benefits and the sense of belonging it fosters among cruisers.

As you consider your next voyage, or if you’re pondering which cruise line to commit to, remember that the Captain’s Circle program is designed to make every journey with Princess Cruises more rewarding. Whether it’s the allure of priority services, the convenience of onboard discounts, or the exclusive events, Captain’s Circle elevates your cruising experience.

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