Princess Cruises Princess Plus: Is it Worth it?

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You’ve probably seen the Princess Plus offering if you’re planning a Princess cruise vacation.

And you’re probably wondering, what is it? How much does it cost? And, is it worth it?

Princess Cruises Princess Plus cruise fare creates a more “all-inclusive” approach to sailing with a drinks package, wifi plan, and gratuities included in the price.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about Princess Cruises Princess Plus to help you decide if it’s worth it.

What is the Princess Cruises Princess Plus?

Majestic Prinsess vessel approaches the Port of Tauranga
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Princess Cruises Princess Plus package is an upgraded cruise fare that provides passengers with a more “all-inclusive” approach. The package includes drinks, wifi, and gratuities at a special fare and is popular among cruisers.

The Princess Plus cruise fare replaces the previous “Best Sale Ever.”

While the Best Sale Ever was a limited-time promotion offered by Princess Cruises, the new Princess Plus package is available year-round on all Princess sailings.

While the promotion is available all the time, there are capacity-controlled limits on each sailing. While Princess Cruises doesn’t state the number of available packages, the cruise line implies that it is only available in limited quantity.

Due to its popularity, the Princess Plus fare might sell out on individual sailings.

But don’t worry.

If Princess Plus is sold out, you will still be able to book at the Princess Savers rate. Princess Savers is the standard cruise fare available on most cruise lines. It is cheaper than the Princess Plus fare but doesn’t come with the added perks.

What’s Included With Princess Plus?

Royal Princess ship in Grenada

The Princess Plus package is a popular choice among cruisers as it creates a more “all-inclusive” style of cruising. Further, guests who purchase the special cruise fare receive the drink package and wifi plan at a substantial discount.

With Princess Plus, passengers receive:

  • Premier Beverage Package
  • Unlimited wifi
  • Free Gratuities

Princess Cruises Premier Beverage Package


Princess Cruises Premier Beverage Package includes wines by the glass, beer, liquor, and cocktails up to $12 per drink. However, there is a limit of 15 alcoholic beverages per day.

The package also includes a variety of nonalcoholic drinks such as sodas, fresh-squeezed juices, specialty coffee, premium tea, milkshakes, and energy drinks. The package doesn’t include room service, mini bar items, tastings, or wine bottles.

However, guests receive a 25% discount on purchases of bottled wine, one-liter bottles of water, bottled juices, and canned soda.

The drink package has a regular price of $59.00 per person per day, plus an 18% gratuity. Therefore, the total cost of the package with the service charge is $70.79 per person per day.

Guests under the legal drinking age will receive the Coffee and Soda Package as a substitution. This package provides unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, including sodas, fresh juices, premium coffee, and specialty teas.

Unlimited Wifi

Man on the balcony of a cruise ship using his red laptop

Princess Cruises is popular for its technology-focused MedallionClass program. MedallionClass is a wearable device to enhance passengers’ experiences onboard the ship.

In fact, the program is so popular that Princess Cruises updated its entire fleet to Medallion Class.

The Medallion Class technology runs on Princess Cruises MedallionNet wifi.

The internet plan has a regular price of $9.99 per person per day. The wifi onboard Princess Cruises ships are fast enough for basic web browsing, emails, messaging, video chatting, and streaming.

Free Gratuities

Princess Plus includes gratuities in the cost of the cruise fare.

Typically, your shipboard account accumulates gratuities each day on the ship and which you receive at the end of the cruise.

The amount of the service charge varies depending on the stateroom category:

  • $14.50 per person per day for inside, oceanview, and balcony cabins
  • $15.50 per person per day for mini-suites or club class staterooms
  • $16.50 per person per day for passengers booked in a suite

Including gratuities with the cruise fare makes it easier to budget in advance of your sailing. It’s all too common to forget about the daily service charge until the last day of the cruise when you receive your account balance.

How Much Does it Cost?

Majestic Princess sailing at sunset

When you book a Princess cruise, you can choose between two price options: Princess Savers and Princess Plus.

Princess Savers is the cheaper of the two options but doesn’t include the extra perks available with Princess Plus.

The price of Princess Plus is an additional $40 per person per day.

So, a 7-day cruise priced at $1,000 per person at the Princess Savers rate will cost $1,280 per person with the Princess Plus pricing.

While it sounds like a steep cost to pay, the upgraded fare might be worth it for you. As you’ll see below, the price of the upgraded package provides an incredible discount on the drinks package and wi-fi plan.

How Much is it Worth?

Crown Princess ship departs from Charlotte Amalie on Saint Thomas

With Princess Plus, passengers receive the following perks:

  • Premier Beverage Package is regularly $59.99 per person per day or $70.79 after the 18% gratuity
  • Unlimited wifi is regularly at $9.99 per person per day
  • Daily gratuities between $14.50 per person per day up to $16.50 per person per day

Added together, the total value of the perks is between $95.28 for those staying in an interior, oceanview, or balcony cabin, $96.48 per person per day for guests booked in a mini-suite or club class stateroom, and $67.48 per person per day for passengers with suite accommodations.

For a couple sailing on a 7-night itinerary, the price of the three perks is about $1,337 when purchased individually.

Is Princess Plus Worth it?

Caribbean princess aerial view from the rear of the cruise ship

At $40 per person per day, the Princess Plus pricing offers a 58% discount if you purchase the perks individually.

It’s important to remember that you will need to pay the gratuities regardless of your choice of cruise fare.

Since you’ll have to pay the service charge anyways, you’re really paying $25.50 for the program ($40 per day minus daily gratuities of $14.50 per day).

When we remove the daily gratuities, you now receive the wifi plan and beverage package for only $25.50 per day.

At this price, if you plan on purchasing the wifi plan and consuming two beverages per day, the Princess Plus program is definitely worth it.

And the best part, Princess Plus is combinable with other cruise deals and promotions. So, it’s possible to combine this offer with other promotions, including discounted fares and onboard credit offers.

Alternatively, if you won’t be drinking alcohol and don’t plan on purchasing the drinks package, Princess Plus might not be worth it.

In all, we think that Princess Plus is the best option for most cruisers. When we sail with Princess Cruises, we always book with the Princess Plus pricing.


Do I Have to Buy the Princess Plus Package?

You don’t need to purchase the Princess Plus package when you book a Princess cruise.

If you don’t want the included drink package, wifi, and gratuities, you can opt for the Princess Savers fare instead.

Princess Savers is simply the traditional cruise fare offered without the added perks. This lower-priced fare only includes your standard cruise ticket and is an excellent choice if you won’t use the drink package or wifi plan.

Does Everyone Sharing a Cabin Have to Buy the Deal?

If you upgrade to Princess Cruises Princess Plus, everyone sharing the stateroom will pay the higher-priced fare and receive all perks.

Princess Cruises offers the third and fourth guests the choice to opt-out of the deal. If you want to exclude the third and fourth guests from Princess Plus, you can opt out by calling the cruise line.

The offer applies to both passengers if you are traveling as a couple, and one guest books Princess Plus.

What If a Passenger is Underage or Doesn’t Drink Alcohol?

If a passenger is under the drinking age but upgrades to the Princess Plus package, they will receive the non-alcoholic Premier Coffee and Soda Package as a substitute. This package includes unlimited non-alcoholic drinks around the ship, including soda, specialty coffees, mocktails, and energy drinks.

If a passenger is of drinking age but doesn’t want to consume alcoholic drinks, they will still receive the Premier Beverage Package. However, the premier drink package includes a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. So they can still enjoy the drink package without ordering alcoholic drinks.

Which Sailings Offer the Princess Plus Fares?

At the time of this writing, the Princess Plus package is available on all Princess Cruises itineraries and is available for purchase for all stateroom categories. There are only a limited number of Princess Plus Fares available on each sailing, so you may find that the deal will be sold-out on some voyages.

Can You Upgrade to Princess Plus After You Book?

You can choose the Princess Plus fare at the time of booking. If you wish to upgrade to Princess Plus after you book, call customer support at 1-800-774-6237.

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