Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society: Ultimate Guide


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Royal Caribbean rewards loyal passengers with a point-based membership system known as the Crown and Anchor Society. After your first Royal Caribbean cruise, you will be automatically enrolled in the program, where you will earn points for each night’s stay on one of their cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean International is one of the world’s most popular cruise lines with a fleet consisting of some of the largest and most innovative cruise ships in the world.

For each night you spend on board, you’ll earn cruise points that determine your status level. With each new level, the benefits get bigger and better until you achieve the coveted Pinnacle Status.

Today we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Crown and Anchor Society so you can make the most of your vacation on one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships.

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Crown and Anchor Society Basics

The Crown and Anchor Society is Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program packed with exclusive perks for Royal Caribbean passengers. Becoming a Crown and Anchor Society member is easy; all you need is to take your first cruise. After completing your first cruise, you are automatically enrolled in the program and on your way to earning points and climbing the tiers.

How to Earn Points in Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society

Crown and Anchor Society levels
(Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean International)

Your membership level is based on a points system, where you earn points for every cruise you take. You’ll earn

  • 1 cruise point for each night’s stay in an interior, oceanview, or balcony stateroom
  • 2 cruise points for each night spent in a suite

If you want to accumulate points quickly, Royal Caribbean will occasionally run a promotion where you earn double points for booking.

It is important to remember that you only earn these points after the completion of the cruise. Therefore, if you reach enough points to bump up to the next level while mid-way through a cruise, the change won’t take effect until your next cruise.

Further, you’ll only earn points for the cabin category you pay for. Therefore, you won’t earn extra points if the cabin is complimentary or a reduced rate upgrade.

Crown and Anchor members can receive equivalent tier statues when they sail with a family member. The added family members will not receive an adjustment to their points, but they will be able to take advantage of the perks of the highest tier family member. This perk allows children who are at a lower tier to experience the same benefits as their parents. However, on their 18th birthday, children will be removed from this dependency.

Children under the family relationship can not achieve Pinnacle Club status, which you can only reach by accumulating 700 points or more.

How to Keep Track of Your Crown and Anchor Society Points

Once you are a part of the Crown and Anchor Society, you’ll be able to keep track of your points in your online Royal Caribbean Account

In your Royal Caribbean Account, you will also be able to view upcoming cruises as well as past voyages. When you view your past cruises, you can see how many points were earned on each sailing. If you notice any discrepancies, you can always contact their support team to resolve them.

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Points Tracking
You’ll be able to keep track of your points as well as upcoming and past cruises straight from your Royal Caribbean account.

Crown and Anchor Society Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Crown and Anchor Society has some great benefits broken down into three groups: Onboard Benefits, Benefits and Savings on Land, and Youth Benefits.

The benefits you receive are dependent on your Crown and Anchor Society tier but range from onboard discounts to private events, exclusive onboard bars and lounges, and discounts on booking. And, the more points you earn, the better the rewards.

There are six levels of membership in the Crown and Anchor Society.

  • Gold: 3-29 Cruise Points
  • Platinum: 30-54 Cruise Points
  • Emerald: 55-79 Cruise Points
  • Diamond: 80-174 Cruise Points
  • Diamond Plus: 175-699 Cruise Points
  • Pinnacle Club: 700+ Cruise Points
Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Tier Levels and Points
The Crown and Anchor Society has six membership levels based on accumulated points.

Gold: 3-29 Cruise Points

You can become a gold member in as little as one cruise. After accumulating 3 points, you’ll reach the first level of the program. While there aren’t many rewards, gold members can take advantage of priority check-in and reduced rate upgrades.

Onboard Benefits

  • Special onboard offers
  • Membership recognition on SeaPass Card
  • Priority check-in
  • Private departure lounge with continental breakfast
  • Exclusive trivia
  • Extra cruise point per night when you pay a single pricing type in a double occupancy stateroom

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Crown and Anchor Society exclusive rates on select ships and sail dates
  • Priority notice on Royal Caribbean news including new ships, new itineraries, and special offers
  • Member newsletter: Crown and Anchor Society Exclusive
  • Reduced rate upgrades (when available)
  • Members-only area of the website
  • Email offers

Youth Benefits

  • Onboard offers on SeaPass Card
  • Same member status as the parent after the child’s first cruise (except for Pinnacle Club status)

Platinum: 30-54 Cruise Points

After accumulating 30 points, you’ll reach the second level of Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society. This is the Emerald Tier where, unfortunately, the benefits are not much different from the previous tier.

Onboard Benefits

  • Exclusive top tier event
  • Robes for onboard use
  • Signature Crown and Anchor Society lapel pin

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Discounts on balcony and suite staterooms
  • Status match to Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club and Azamara Club Cruises Le Club Voyage

Youth Benefits

  • Same as Gold level membership

Emerald: 55-79 Cruise Points

The third tier of the Crown and Anchor Society is achieved once you accumulate 55 points. Emerald members won’t find many more exciting benefits, but it is another step closer to unlocking the excellent perks that come with higher levels.

Onboard Benefits

  • Welcome waters and a snack on embarkation day plus a drink of choice that must be selected ahead of time online

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Same as Platinum level membership

Youth Benefits

  • Same as Gold level membership

Diamond: 80-174 Cruise Points

Once you accumulate 80 points, you will reach the Diamond Tier of the Crown and Anchor Society. The Diamond Tier is where you will begin to take advantage of the benefits aboard Royal Caribbean including access to the exclusive Diamond Lounge and free nightly drinks.

Onboard Benefits

  • Milestone recognition gift on the cruise where you reach 140 cruise points and on each additional 70 nights (gifts at 140 nights, 210 nights, 280 nights, etc.)
  • Chef’s choice gift or amenity
  • Priority waitlist for shore excursions and spa reservations
  • Diamond club access on select ships
  • Priority departure
  • Exclusive nightly Diamond event which includes 3 nightly drink vouchers (on ships without a Diamond Club)
  • Complimentary specialty coffees with breakfast in either the Diamond Club or dining room
  • Behind the scenes entertainment tour
  • Priority waitlist seating in the main dining room

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Same as Platinum level membership

Youth Benefits

  • Commemorative gift

Diamond Plus: 175-699 Cruise Points

Not many people make it to Diamond Plus. The lucky few receive incredible perks that include behind-the-scenes tours, priority venue seating, and more. Due to the large point range, Diamond Plus members receive a special bonus gift at 340 and 525 points.

Onboard Benefits

  • Priority access for stateroom upgrades
  • Choice of additional gifts (must be ordered pre-cruise)
  • Behind the scenes tours of galley and bridge and enhanced entertainment tour with VIP theater experience on cruises of 5 nights or more
  • Personalized gift or amenity (1 per household)
  • Concierge Club access
  • Priority seating in the theater, ice show, and AquaTheater events
  • Meal with an officer for members with over 340 cruise points
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities for members with over 340 cruise points
  • Bonus gift for members with over 340 cruise points or over 525 cruise points

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Exclusive Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club call center staff members
  • Single supplement cruise fare reduction for members who have over 340 cruise points

Youth Benefits

  • Same as Diamond level membership
Crown and Anchor Society pinnacle club level

Pinnacle Club: 700+ Cruise Points

It’s every Royal Caribbean cruiser’s dream to reach the Pinnacle tier. In order to reach this coveted level, cruisers need to accumulate a mind-boggling 700 points.

Seven hundred points are the equivalent of about two full years of cruising or 100 week-long cruises in a standard room! Of course, you will receive many incredible perks once you reach this goal, including… FREE CRUISES!

Onboard Benefits

  • Personalized Pinnacle Club lapel pin
  • Pinnacle Club SeaPass Card loaded with exclusive benefits

Benefits and Savings on Land

  • Complimentary cruise (per household) once a member hits 700 cruise points and every additional 350 cruise points thereafter (see below for details)

Youth Benefits

  • Onboard offers on SeaPass Card
  • Commemorative gift

Reciprocity With Other Royal Caribbean International Brands

Crown and Anchor Society members receive reciprocity when sailing with Royal Caribbean’s sister brand, Celebrity Cruises. Thanks to the reciprocity, members can receive member benefits at a matching tier status when sailing with Celebrity Cruises.

Although crossover benefits will equal a matching tier status, you’ll only accumulate points for the cruise line you sail with.

Credits earned on one cruise line are not compatible with credits earned on another brand.

Only points obtained through sailing on Royal Caribbean ships can be used to achieve the Pinnacle Club membership tier level. Similarly, there are no crossover points to Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club Elite Plus or Zenith levels. In order to reach these coveted tiers, you’ll need to accumulate points sailing with the respective cruise line.

Crown and Anchor Society crossover benefits with Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club
(Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean International)

Crown and Anchor Society Partners

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor members also receive exclusive benefits and perks at partner companies, including Hertz and MGM Resorts International’s M life rewards.

MGM Resorts International

As a Crown and Anchor Society member, you are eligible for a complimentary tier status match to MGM Resorts International’s M life rewards.

CROWN & ANCHOR SOCIETY MEMBERS m life rewards and benefits
Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society members M life rewards and benefits

HERTZ Gold Plus

Crown and Anchor Society members receive Hertz Gold Plus member benefits, including:

  • Counter-free pickup at select locations
  • Choice of any car from the Gold Plus area at select locations
  • Earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points with every rental
  • Mobile alert confirmations when your car is ready
  • Fast returns and e-receipts

Final Thoughts

Royal Caribbean is one of the largest and most popular cruise lines. The Royal Caribbean fleet consists of some of the largest cruise ships in the world that continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

The Crown and Anchor Society offers loyal passengers access to exclusive perks and benefits. In our opinion, Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program is one of the best in the industry.

The program offers many valuable perks, even at the lower tiers.

Further, reaching status levels isn’t impossible. If you’re wondering who cruises enough to be a Diamond Plus or Pinnacle Club member, I can tell you I’ve seen plenty of cruisers walking around the ships with their lapel pins on.


What are the benefits of becoming a Crown and Anchor Society member?

Crown and Anchor members receive tons of perks and benefits based on their membership level. These benefits can include lapel pins, cruise discounts, priority boarding, behind-the-scenes tours, and even a free cruise!

You can receive perks as soon as your second Royal Caribbean Cruise. And enrollment is free and automatic.

How do I find my Crown and Anchor number?

You can find your Crown and Anchor number at the top right of the screen when you log in to Royal Caribbean. Your number will also be printed on your seapass card.

If you’re unable to access your account or don’t have one, you can contact Royal Caribbean’s support for additional help.

What are the membership levels of Royal Caribbean?

There are 6 membership levels in Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society:
– Gold: 3-29 cruise points
– Platinum: 30-54 cruise points
– Emerald: 55-79 cruise points
– Diamond: 80-174 cruise points
– Diamond Plus: 175-699 cruise points
– Pinnacle Club: 700+ cruise points

How many points do you get for each cruise on Royal Caribbean?

Crown and Anchor Society points are determined by the length of your cruise, and your choice of stateroom category.

You will earn 1 point per night for each cruise in an interior, oceanview, or balcony stateroom and 2 points per night in a suite.

For example, if you take a 7-night cruise in an interior stateroom, you’ll earn 7 points. If you take the same 7-night cruise but book a suite, you’ll earn 14 points.

Royal Caribbean will occasionally run a promotion where you will earn double points for booking a cruise. These promotions are the best time to book if you want to quickly climb the membership tiers.

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