Royal Caribbean Internet Packages: Our Review of Voom WiFi

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Man on the Balcony of a cruise ship using his laptop

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Royal Caribbean’s internet packages make using the internet on a ship faster, cheaper, and more dependable than before.

They say they have the “fastest internet at sea.” With Starlink internet service, their Voom WiFi package gives fast internet speeds.

If you’re considering staying connected on your Royal Caribbean cruise, we can share our experience to help you know what to expect.

Royal Caribbean Internet Packages

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Royal Caribbean used to offer two internet packages but has since streamlined its WiFi offering to one plan, Voom Surf & Stream.

Voom Surf & Stream offers fast internet speeds thanks to the Starlink internet service on every ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet.

With the Voom Surf & Stream WiFi Package, you can:

  • Browse the web
  • Send and receive emails
  • Chat on messenger apps (e.x. Whatsapp, Signal)
  • Video chat
  • Stream movies, music, videos, TV shows
  • Post on social media

Royal Caribbean used to offer a cheaper Voom Surf Voyage package with slower speeds. However, since the introduction of Starlink, they’ve removed the cheaper WiFi package.

Royal Caribbean WiFi Cost

Royal Caribbean’s costs between $20 to $26 per device per day. Like Royal Caribbean’s drink package, the prices for high-speed internet vary by itinerary, cruise ship, and destination.

There are also 24-hour internet access passes at a higher price. On my Serenade of the Seas cruise in 2022, I paid $33 for a 24-hour pass.

You can purchase multi-device packages, which reduce the per-device cost of the onboard internet on Royal Caribbean.

Although prices vary by sailing, you’ll always get the best deal when you book in advance. Once you’re on the ship, prices are always higher.

Purchase your internet package in advance to save money.

How Fast is Royal Caribbean’s WiFi?

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Thanks to Royal Caribbean’s partnership with Starlink, Voom Internet is incredibly fast.

I bought the Surf & Stream package for our 2023 cruise on Symphony of the Seas in the Mediterranean. The internet was fast. I discovered that the download speed was 83 Mbps and the upload speed was 17 Mbps.

I did many speed tests during our cruise. I recorded speed tests at different times of the day to see how the satellite positions and where our ship was could change the internet speed.

I noticed that the internet speed went up and down a bit depending on how many satellites were above us. But overall, the internet worked well during our week-long cruise. The speed changes were minor. I wouldn’t have seen them if I wasn’t checking the WiFi speed on purpose.

The WiFi speeds are slower in the cabin and in some areas of the ship’s interior where the WiFi signal is weaker. But even in my interior stateroom, I could stream movies and video chat without problems.

Discounts on Voom Internet

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Royal Caribbean offers significant discounts if you purchase the internet package before your cruise – which we always recommend to save money.

The internet packages are cheaper when you buy before sailing to encourage more purchases. So, if you need internet access on your cruise, you’ll definitely want to pre-purchase the internet package.

After you embark on your Royal Caribbean cruise, you’ll find higher prices for internet access.

To pre-purchase internet service, simply log into your Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and navigate to Internet & More to order Royal Caribbean Voom internet service.

You also receive a discount when you purchase internet service for more than one device or bundle the WiFi package with a Royal Caribbean drink package.

The price of the cruise ship WiFi package fluctuates throughout the year. So check back often to see if there is a price drop. If the price drops below what you paid, call the cruise line and ask for a discount. Or cancel and re-buy the package.

On our Symphony of the Seas sailing, we purchased the Voom Surf & Stream package for $19.99. The lower-priced Surf package was on sale for $14.99.

Diamond Discount

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society members who are Diamond or above also get a special discount.

You can’t use your Crown & Anchor discount before sailing. You’ll have to wait until you’re onboard the Royal Caribbean ship to purchase the Voom internet on Royal Caribbean.

The discount for Diamond and higher Society members varies between 9.6% to 28.8% depending on the duration of the cruise:

  • 4-night itineraries: 28.8%
  • 5-night itineraries: 23%
  • 6-night itineraries: 19.2%
  • 7-night itineraries: 16.4%
  • 8-night itineraries: 14.4%
  • 9-night itineraries: 12.8%
  • 10-night itineraries: 11.5%
  • 11-night itineraries: 10.5%
  • 12-night itineraries: 9.6%

Can You Get Free WiFi on Royal Caribbean

The only way to get free WiFi on Royal Caribbean is to book a suite.

Guests booked in Sky Class and Star Class suites receive a free WiFi package for one device. 

Suites on Royal Caribbean are very pricey, and I don’t recommend booking a suite for free WiFi. But you’ll receive several exclusive perks when you book a Royal Caribbean suite.

How to Save Money on Royal Caribbean Internet Plans

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I found an easy trick to save money on the WiFi plan, so you don’t need to purchase packages for every device.

Here’s how it works.

Royal Caribbean’s internet packages are priced on a per-device basis. But the WiFi login doesn’t limit you to one device.

Using one login, you can log into Royal Caribbean’s WiFi on multiple devices. But here’s the catch: the high-speed internet only works on one device at a time.

This means you can purchase one package and use the WiFi across multiple devices, but only one device can connect to Royal Caribbean internet at a time.

For example, let’s say you want to connect your laptop to the internet to check your emails. You can’t use the internet on other devices while your computer is connected.

After you finish on your laptop, you can connect your phone to the WiFi service. When you log in, you’ll receive a warning that your previously connected device will be disconnected if you proceed. Simply accept the notification, and your phone will connect to the WiFi while your laptop disconnects.

This trick is a great way to save money if you don’t require multiple devices to connect simultaneously.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase multiple packages to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

How to Access the Internet on Royal Caribbean

Connecting your device to the Voom internet package is relatively simple. First, enable the WiFi on your device and select the ship’s WiFi service from the list.

When your device connects to the ship’s internet, your device will open a new web browser. If your device doesn’t automatically open the browser, you can open it yourself.

At this point, you should see the login prompt. If not, visit “,” where you can sign in using the provided password.

You should have an internet connection throughout the ship, but if you lose the connection, check that your WiFi is turned on, then visit “” again to sign in.

It’s important to note that the internet might not be available throughout the ship. If you have issues with your internet connection, visit the help desk.

Using the Royal Caribbean App Without a WiFi Package

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Yes. The Royal Caribbean app works without purchasing an internet package. You must connect to the ship’s WiFi for free to access the Royal Caribbean app features.

But you don’t need to purchase an internet package to use the app.

The app connects to the ship’s WiFi network, allowing you to access services like daily schedules, dining options, and ship maps, check account statements, and make My Time Dining reservations.

Simply connect to the ship’s WiFi to use the app. The WiFi name follows the same format: Guest-(ship name)-WiFi. On our Symphony of the Seas cruise, the WiFi was named Guest-SymphonyoftheSeas-WiFi.

Can You Use the Internet Package at CocoCay?

Yes, you can use the Royal Caribbean Internet package at CocoCay. Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas, CocoCay, offers WiFi, enabling guests to remain connected while enjoying the island’s attractions. If you’ve purchased an internet package for your cruise, you can connect to the WiFi at CocoCay.

Is Royal Caribbean’s WiFi Worth It?

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Royal Caribbean WiFi is worth it for those needing reliable and fast connectivity at sea. Enhanced by the integration of Starlink, VOOM offers improved speed and stability, making it suitable for a wide range of online activities, including streaming, video chatting, and web browsing.

Royal Caribbean’s WiFi is worth it if you need a fast and reliable internet connection on a cruise ship. Royal Caribbean now uses Starlink internet service. The Starlink internet makes Voom faster and more stable.

Royal Caribbean’s Voom WiFi is fast enough for various online activities, including streaming, video chatting, and web browsing.

The internet service isn’t cheap. But if you need internet at sea, Royal Caribbean’s fast internet is worth the price.

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  1. Are all Messengers are working with Voom?
    Such as WhatApp, Line, Wechat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc?

    • Yes. You might need to upgrade to the surf + stream package to use video chatting features. But all of the messaging apps you mentioned should work with Voom internet.

  2. If I was to purchase the voom for 2 devices, it sounds like I could only access the internet using one device at a time, is that correct? Is it managed with a password?

    My husband I and would both like to utilize this, but we are not heavy users, so if it was shared this would be ideal (his tablet/my phone). What if you have four devices? Can you still utilize all four, just only one active one at a time?

  3. Hi… thanks for all the information. I was wondering ATT has a cruise package. Would this be better than Voom?

    • Hi Karen,

      If you will need traditional calling and texting you will be better off choosing AT&T, as you won’t get that with the cruise line. Otherwise, it depends on how much internet you will be using. Currently, AT&T offers 200 MB for $100. On a five-night cruise or less, Royal Caribbean’s VOOM internet is cheaper. But on six-night sailings or longer AT&T is cheaper, if you are using less than 200 MB.