Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package: Before You Buy

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The Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package allows you to dine at multiple specialty restaurants at one set price. The inclusive restaurant package is perfect for guests searching for upscale dining choices on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Our guide to Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Dining Package covers everything you need to know to decide if it’s worth the price.

What is Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package?

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Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package turns your cruise into a culinary journey, allowing you to indulge in multiple specialty dining options for one set price. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi at Izumi, Chops Grille steaks, or Hooked Seafood, the Unlimited Dining Package opens the door to various high-quality dining experiences.

Guests can use the package for lunch on sea days or embarkation days. 

You also receive discounts on bottles of wine when dining in specialty restaurants. The Ultimate Dining Package gives you 40% off bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles over $100.

So, while other cruisers head to the buffet, you’ll savor a three-course meal at one of the top-tier restaurants. It’s the perfect way to add an extra touch of luxury and enjoyment to your cruise days.

Royal Caribbean offers two versions of the dining plan: a three-restaurant package and the unlimited dining package.

The three-restaurant package allows you to dine at three specialty restaurants.

But the Unlimited Dining Package is truly unlimited.

And there’s no limit when using the Unlimited Dining Package, except for some à la carte restaurants, which we’ll cover later. You can dine at multiple specialty restaurants each night, in theory, at least.

Ultimate Dining Package Cost

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The cost of this package varies depending on the Royal Caribbean ship class and destination, but here’s a general idea of what to expect:

  • 3-night cruise: $125 per guest
  • 4-night cruise: $150 per guest
  • 7-night cruise: $275 per guest

Like Royal Caribbean’s beverage packages, an 18% gratuity is added at checkout when you purchase the Unlimited Dining Package.

In addition to dining at the ship’s specialty restaurants, you receive a 40% discount on bottles of wine under $100 and a 20% discount on more expensive vintages.

Remember to secure these packages early for the best possible price

For the best price, you should always purchase the dining package before your cruise.

While it’s tempting to wait and see if rates drop, Royal Caribbean allows pre-cruise dining package cancellations and rebookings up to 48 hours before sailing, offering a fair amount of flexibility.

Should You Purchase the Dining Package for Kids?

It isn’t all that necessary to purchase a dining package for kids under 12. That’s because children under 5 eat free at specialty venues, and children between the ages of 6-12 are only charged $10 per meal.

You can purchase a discounted package for kids.

However, the low cost for children to dine at specialty restaurants means most kids don’t need an Unlimited Restaurant Package.

How Does the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package Work?

Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Dining Package works differently depending on whether the restaurant has a cover charge or à la carte pricing.

À la Carte Restaurants


À la carte restaurants have a traditional menu where you pay for items. Each menu item has a price.

Depending on the restaurant, you’ll receive a $20 or $35 food credit that you can use to purchase appetizers, main courses, or desserts.

The following specialty restaurants have à la carte menus.

  • Izumi Sushi
  • Portside BBQ
  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade
  • Johnny Rockets Express
  • Fish & Ships

But there’s a twist: you can only visit these restaurants once per day.

That means the daily credit can’t be split across multiple visits on the same day. Strategize your meals to get the most out of your credit, and savor every bite without worrying about the cost stacking up.

Cover Charge Restaurants

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Cover-charge restaurants within Royal Caribbean’s cruise fleet are your ticket to all-you-can-eat bliss. A single payment grants you access to multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

You can order as many appetizers, main courses, and desserts as you like. All for one flat cost.

The cover charge, usually $35 to $65 per person, is included in the Ultimate Dining Package.

Here’s where you can feast without limitations:

  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Giovanni’s Table
  • Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen
  • Chops Grille
  • 150 Central Park
  • Wonderland
  • Izumi Hibachi/Teppanyaki
  • The Mason Jar
  • Hooked Seafood
  • Samba Grill
  • Sabor
  • Johnny Rockets

Which Restaurants Are Not Included?

Firstly, the Unlimited Dining Package typically excludes Royal Caribbean room service, mini-bar items, and vending machines scattered throughout the cruise ship. These convenient options are great for a quick snack or a meal in the privacy of your cabin, but remember, they come with an additional charge to your account.

Exclusive experiences, such as the Chef’s Table, Mystery Dinner Theater, wine pairing dinners, or culinary classes, are excluded from the Royal Caribbean Dining Package. These unique experiences often require a separate reservation and fee, as they provide entertainment and a meal.

Smaller venues like Café Promenade, Sugar Beach, Vintages, The Bamboo Room, La Patisserie, and Starbucks are not included in any dining package.

How Do I Make Dining Reservations with the Unlimited Dining Package?

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When you purchase an Unlimited Dining Package with Royal Caribbean, it’s important to know that you can only make your specialty dining reservations after boarding the ship. To get the most out of your dining experience, we recommend you make your dining reservations as soon as possible upon boarding.

Booking early, preferably on embarkation day, ensures you secure the restaurants and dining times that best suit your schedule.

You don’t need to visit each restaurant to make a reservation. Simply visit the nearest restaurant, and the crew member can book your reservation at every restaurant.

The exception to this centralized reservation process is Izumi Hibachi. You must visit Izumi Hibachi directly to make a reservation.

Is it Worth It?

Deciding on Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package boils down to your tastes and how you like to experience your cruise with Royal Caribbean. The Unlimited Dining Plan is worth the money if you prefer diverse culinary choices and upscale dining experiences.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more straightforward dining routine or want to save money, skip the extra expense.

I rarely purchase the dining package on my Royal Caribbean cruises. I find that the complimentary dining options are more than enough to suit my needs.

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